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Chapter 157: I Don’t Accept Your Apology

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Yun Xi glanced at Yang Lu’s astonished expression and smirked.

“Yang Lu, it seems that you really have no brains. Liang Xinyi used you as a p.a.w.n to help her deal with me. Once I was charged with stealing the exam papers, I would definitely have been punished. Then she would have a valid reason to tell my mother to drive me back to the countryside, and she could replace me in the Yun family. However, if you were caught trying to frame me, the person who would be punished would not be her, but you, because you threw the bracelet in the storeroom to frame me. She would be able to wipe herself clean of the matter, while you would become the scapegoat. She didn’t have to do anything, but she would get all the benefits. What about you? What would you get?”

Teacher Xu helped add salt to the wound. “You slandered and framed Yun Xi. The rumors about stealing exam papers had an extremely detrimental effect on her. Yang Lu, you not only have to apologize to Yun Xi, but you also have to accept the school’s disciplinary actions. Getting disciplinary actions in your third year of high school will directly affect your admission to university.”

“No! Teacher Xu, it had nothing to do with me! Liang Xinyi did it all!”

As soon as she heard that it would affect her admission to university, Yang Lu immediately panicked and tried to absolve herself of the matter.

“Teacher Xu, it was Liang Xinyi who gave me the bracelet and made me frame Yun Xi! It was her. It was her idea. It had nothing to do with me.”

“She told you to frame her, so you framed her? Do you have any grievances against Yun Xi? If I remember correctly, she never did anything to offend you.”

“Yes…I admit. I was intolerant and despised her when school started. Later, when she got first place in the cla.s.s, all the other cla.s.smates made fun of me, saying that I’m narrow-minded.”

“You really are narrow-minded.” Teacher Xu snorted coldly and turned to look at Liang Xinyi, who was hiding behind Liang Xiuqin.

“Liang Xinyi, as Yun Xi’s cousin, you slandered and framed your cousin. How immoral! I will report this matter to the, and there will be severe school disciplinary action.”

When Liang Xiuqin heard that there would be severe school disciplinary action, she became worried that Liang Xinyi would be driven away by Yun Yuanfeng.

If she left, she would lose her p.a.w.n against Yun Xi, so she walked over in a hurry.

“Mr. Xu, there must be some mistake! How could Xinyi frame her cousin? This…”

Liang Xiuqin’s last-ditch effort made Yun Yuanfeng feel that this despicable woman was truly petty.

“Shut up!” Before Liang Xiuqin could finish her words, Yun Yuanfeng interrupted her furiously.

His face flushed with anger as he glared at Liang Xiuqin, as if he wished he could burn a hole through her.

“Liang Xiuqin, you’d better remember that Yun Xi is your daughter! Helping other people’s daughters frame your own daughter? You might not be ashamed, but I am beyond humiliated.”

“Husband, I…”

Being reprimanded by her husband in front of so many parents and getting publicly humiliated because of Yun Xi, that wretched girl, she felt that she was truly suffering because of this scourge.

Being chewed out like this made Liang Xiuqin feel embarra.s.sed and humiliated. She wanted to dig a hole to hide in.

“Don’t think that this girl can bring you anything. With the second-to-last grades in the cla.s.s, this immoral behavior framing her cousin, thoughts of nothing but stirring up drama in her head, and completely without any intention of focusing on her studies, she will only bring you down.”

Yun Yuanfeng snorted coldly. If he hadn’t come to the parents’ meeting today, he wouldn’t have ever heard about how these others had planned on framing Yun Xi.

“Teacher Xu, please carry out school disciplinary action according to protocol for today’s affairs. Our Yun Xi has an upright character and top-notch grades. We can’t let her be wronged for nothing.”

Yun Xi was the daughter who brought him pride and glory. Liang Xinyi was nothing.

“Mr. Yun, rest a.s.sured. We won’t let Yun Xi be wronged for nothing.”

“Also, Liang Xinyi, I order you to apologize to Yun Xi immediately. Next time you do something like this, you will be sent back to your village.”

“Uncle…” Liang Xinyi bit her lip, and her expression was full of aggrieved resentment.

In order to stay in Jingdu, she had to humble herself and apologize to Yun Xi.

“Yun Xi, I’m sorry, I was wrong…”

Yun Xi smirked coldly. “Liang Xinyi, first you push me off a cliff, and now you have slandered and framed me. I don’t accept your apology.”


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