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Chapter 382: Adding Fuel to the Fire

“A rumor that your son has been pursuing my daughter, Yun Xi, has been circulating throughout the villa complex. I originally thought it was just idle gossip. However, today I saw him acting extremely intimately with her in broad daylight. This is completely unacceptable! My daughter is very young. What is going to become of her reputation if your son is messing around with her?”

Upon hearing what Liang Xiuqin was saying, the expression on Ai Zhujun’s face suddenly turned very ugly.

Her son had always been her pride and joy, and, although he frequently infuriated his grandfather, she knew her son’s character.

At the moment, upon hearing him being disparaged by Liang Xiuqin in front of so many people, she became extremely enraged.

Ai Zhujun turned and looked at her son, who had an icy expression and hadn’t said a word. She frowned and asked, “Yangyang, what’s going on? Please explain yourself clearly.”

Feng Yang glanced coldly at Liang Xiuqin. He was truly shocked by her aggressive demeanor. With such a mother, this poor girl had probably suffered many grievances.

Since Yun Xi now wanted to stir up trouble, then he’d help her by adding fuel to the fire.

“She rang the doorbell and tripped coming up the steps. I was just helping her get up. Which eye of yours saw that I had gotten intimate with her?”

Feng Yang’s cold eyes fell on Liang Xiuqin, and Liang Xiuqin trembled.

She didn’t know what the Feng family’s Young Master did for a living, but the look in his eyes was especially sinister, frightening, and piercing.

For fear of appearing weak, Liang Xiuqin stood up straight, and, thinking about the social climbing she was going to be able to do in the future thanks to the Feng family, she felt stronger.

“I saw it with both of my eyes. And not only did I see it, but they all saw it.”

For fear that they wouldn’t be able to force the Feng family to give them an explanation because no one would testify, Liang Xiuqin had specially asked Yun Ziling and Liang Xinyi to summon a large group of people to watch and help witness what had gone on.

She understood the fact that there was strength in numbers.

“Yes, yes, we have all seen…”

“Young Master Feng hugged Yun Xi at the door. That really wasn’t very nice…”

They usually wouldn’t have dared to offend the Feng family’s Madame, but today it wasn’t them, but rather Liang Xiuqin, who had offended her.

They were just enjoying the drama. Even if the Feng family wanted to vent their anger on someone, they couldn’t possibly vent it on the entire villa complex.

“Really?” Feng Yang sneered, and icy coldness gradually filled his eyes.

“It just so happens that you’re all here to listen to me. I’ve just returned home after being away for quite a long time. I really want to know who has been spreading these rumors about me and this girl in the villa complex recently?”

“If you aren’t interested in Yun Xi, what do you mean by calling our home so early in the morning and secretly meeting her and embracing her at your door?”

“Calling you?” Feng Yang glanced at Liang Xiuqin derisively. “Our landline has been broken for a week. No one has been at home, and it hasn’t been repaired. We all use mobile phones.”

“But I clearly saw that the number had the area code of the villa complex, so how could it not be yours?”

Liang Xiuqin’s heart lurched. The telephone number that had been displayed on their landline was indeed from another landline.

And the area code was also the area code of their villa complex, so how could it not be from their home?

Liang Xiuqin would never have imagined that in this area, there was another place that used the same area code: that is, the Mu Mansion on the top of the mountain!

Ai Zhujun knew that the landline at home was broken.

They had all been out of town until recently. They had just returned home from vacation, and they hadn’t had a chance to get the landline fixed yet.

When Liang Xiuqin said that, Ai Zhujun vaguely understood something, and she looked at Liang Xiuqin with suspicion and contempt.

What sort of people were these? Exploiting her daughter to try to social climb through establis.h.i.+ng ties with their family?

Ai Zhujun looked at Yun Xi, who had stayed silent the entire time, and then at the aggressive Liang Xiuqin. Her elegant face seemed condescending and haughty.

“Then you can just return home and call back the number and ask which family it belongs to. Don’t just randomly accuse our family.”

Some time ago, she had heard her family’s housekeeper gossiping about how the eldest daughter of the Yun family had returned, but her mother wouldn’t even acknowledge her. Even the grandfather of the Jiang family had been turned away.

How outrageous!


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