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Chapter 632: The Path She Chose Was Destined To Be Difficul

Back in the dormitory room, Yun Xi overheard Zhang Peipei and Jian Junling discussing matters of their affiliated high school.

Upon listening carefully, Yun Xi found out that Zhang Peipei and Liang Xinyi were in the same cla.s.s as Liang Xinyi. Although the affiliated high school also had advanced and ordinary, the requirements of the affiliated high school’s advanced weren’t as strict as Jing High School’s.

Jing High School had a strong reputation and was long established. It wasn’t a place where anyone could attend by throwing money at the school committee.

The only reason Yun Xi was able to join the third cla.s.s of Jing High School was because Mu Feichi had used his connections. Otherwise, even if Yun Yuanfeng had personally stepped in, there was still a chance that the would not let her attend.

The affiliated high school was different. As long as you offered a little money, you can put anyone in their advanced cla.s.s. It depended on how much money you were willing to part with to buy that s.p.a.ce.

After mealtime, Zhao Yumo walked up to Zhang Peipei, patted her on the shoulder, and joked with a half-hearted smile, “Peipei, the Liang Xinyi you were talking about it is Yun Xi’s cousin.”

Zhang Peipei was taken aback. She looked embarra.s.singly at Yun Xi. “Huh? I don’t think you’ve ever mentioned her. I’m sorry, I didn’t know…”

“Oh don’t look so scared,” Zhao Yumo rea.s.sured Zhang Peipei. “Liang Xinyi tried to bring Yun Xi down in school, but she failed and was discovered by the teacher. So she was expelled!”

Zhao Yumo was glad they all felt the same way. Since she had time to spare, she told Zhang Peipei and Jian Junling about all the “outrageous deeds” Liang Xinyi had done. The two girls were shocked and in disbelief.

“I really didn’t expect Liang Xinyi to be such a person. She was very popular in our cla.s.s. But when everyone heard the news about her underage dating scandal and the exam paper theft, her true colors showed! No one ever expected someone like her to do such things! How scary!”

Shocked, Zhang Peipei looked at Yun Xi, who was standing there reading a book. With sympathy in her eyes, she said, “Yun Xi… With a cousin like that, your life must have been difficult, right?”

“No matter how bad it was, it’s better now,” Yun Xi replied. “When I was living in the countryside, I suffered a lot under her hands. But now she lives in my house. It’s her turn to live under someone else’s rule. She doesn’t dare to stand up to me.”

More importantly, after her reincarnation, Yun Xi wasn’t as naive and won’t be so easily bullied!

Liang Xinyi’s tricks were plentiful, but she had never managed to take advantage of her. In the end, it was always her that suffered.

Now that she thought about it, it was Liang Xinyi who made the choice to go down a wayward and vicious path. The more Liang Xinyi became envious of Yun Xi, the more she would try to take advantage of her. But each time she failed, the more resentful and unscrupulous she became. It was an endless cycle and she would probably keep going down that path.

Ever since she became acquainted with Han Wanling, the path she chose was destined to be difficult.

However, Yun Xi was happy to Liang Xinyi like this: vicious and envious, acrimonious, calculating, and unscrupulous… Everything that was intolerable to a wealthy madam.

Chen Lixue still wants Liang Xinyi to marry into a wealthy family, but the chance of that happening was probably very slim.

Yun Xi also wanted Liang Xinyi to marry into a rich family, but it was because she wanted her to be abused by another madam.

“That’s good to know,” Zhang Peipei said. Yun Xi, students from schools all across the country are here at the training camp. Are you sure you can win first place?”

Zhang Peipei was flippant and careless, and she never beats around the bush. She always said what she was thinking.

Jian Junling, on the other hand, was quiet and ladylike. Although she didn’t speak much, her focus had always been on Yun Xi.

After all, the affiliated school wasn’t far from Jing High School. The students know of Yun Xi’s name and reputation. Teachers in both schools would compare notes and even use Yun Xi’s perfect essays as a reference point.

Jian Junling was very interested in this academic star from the countryside. There was something different about her than what she had antic.i.p.ated.

Yun Xi’s calm yet tough eyes seemed tranquil, but they were full of vigorous vitality.

Unlike most students with good grades, she was neither arrogant nor aloof, but more approachable and friendlier than all of them.


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