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Hi everyone I’m Kirihito. Cyrogen has given me permission and I’ll be helping by translating the series with tsunami. Don’t really have much to say other than this is the first time I’m actually translating a series so I welcome any comments. So without further ado here is chapter 4 and chapter 5 will follow shorty.

#4 The inn and the first meal

After walking for a while, the signboard of the inn [Silver Moon] comes into view. The logo made of a crescent moon can be seen, easily recognisable. The building looks to be three stories tall. It’s made out of wood and bricks and looks considerably st.u.r.dy.

When we pa.s.s through the double doors, the first floor looks to be a bar but seems to look like a dining room; on the right hand side is a counter and on the left hand side a staircase can be seen.

[Welcome. Is it for a meal or to stay for the night?]

The onee-san at the counter calls out to me. Pretty looking with red hair tied in a ponytail. Feels like a very lively person. Her age seems to be around 20 years old.

[Umm, I would like to stay, how much does it cost per night?]

[For one night, with a meal included in the morning and evening is two copper coins, oh and pay in advance, okay?]

Ch 4 fig 1.1

Two copper coins…I can’t decide whether that’s cheap or expensive. Well, I think that’s cheaper than a gold coin but, I don’t have any idea how many pieces of copper coins there are in a piece of gold coin.

For now I take a gold coin from my wallet and place it on the counter.

[How many nights can I stay with this?]

[How many nights you say…about 50 nights?]

[50! ?]

Can’t you calculate? The onee-sans eyes seem to be in pain. Erm, is this where one gold coin is worth 100 copper coins? Because if ten gold is 500 days, then you can live close to a year and a half without having to do anything. I wonder if that is a large sum of money perhaps.

[So, have you decided?]

[Umm, then I would like one month please]

[Alright. One month it is. Because there have been only few visitors recently, you’ve helped us a lot. Thank you very much, just a moment. Because I’m out of silver coins I’ll give you copper coins as change]

When I gave one gold coin, the onee-san returned 40 pieces of copper coins. 60 copper coins being removed means, I see, there are 30 days in a month here as well? Not much have changed]

The onee-san takes something from inside the counter that looks like a hotel register, opened it in front of me and presented a quill pen dabbed with ink.

[Then, please sign here]

[Ah, sorry. I can’t write the characters, can you write it for me?]

[Is that so? I understand. Well, name?]

[It’s Mochizuki, Mochizuki Touya

[Mochizuki? That’s a very unusual name]

[Not quite, first name is Touya, Mochizuki is the family name…it’s the name of the household]

[Aah, so the name and surname is reversed. Where you born from Ishen??]

[Ah…well, somewhere around that place]

Although I don’t know where Ishen is, I said so because it’s troublesome if I don’t. I will confirm it on the map later

[Then, this is your room key. Don’t lose it. The location is on the third floor the innermost room. It’s the best room that faces the sun. The toilet and the bath is on the first floor, meals are here. Oh, what will you do? Want to eat lunch?]

[Ah, I would like that please, because I’ve eaten nothing since this morning at all.

[Then, I’ll make something light so wait a little. You should check your room now and take a short break]

[Got it]

I go up the stairs when I received the key, I open the door of innermost room on the third floor. The room is around the size of 6 tatami, a bed and a desk, a chair and a closet was placed. When I opened the front window, I could see the street in front of the Inn. It’s quite a good view. The children run around in high spirits on the street.

Feeling in a good mood I leave and lock the room, while going down the stairs I smell something good.

[Here you go. Sorry to keep you waiting]

When I sat down on the seat in the dining room, a soup and something that looks like a sandwich and salad was carried over. For the first time of eating food in another world, the taste is sufficiently satisfactory, it was delicious. After eating, let’s see, what shall I do from now on?

From now on I’m going to live here for a while. I’d like to take a look at the town.

[I’m going for a walk]

[Okay, have a safe trip]

The inn’s onee-san (seems to be called mika-san) sees me off. I leave to take a stroll in the town. Anyhow it is a town in another world. Whatever you see can be unusual, it attracts one’s interest. I wander aimlessly and glance around. I was startled when I’m met with cold gazes filled with doubt. Again, with those stares as if I’m a suspicious individual looking around restlessly. It’s like an infinite loop. Not good, not good.

I watch people while walking around the town. I noticed there are many people carrying weapons. It ranges from swords to axes and various whips to knives. Although it’s dangerous, it might be common sense in this world. Should I buy a weapon as well?

[First, I have to find a way to make money. Since I’m going to live in this world, money is going to be needed]

I didn’t think it would be possibly that I would be stuck to job hunting this early. But it would still be good if I find something I’m good at…. My best subject in cla.s.s was history…. But knowledge of history from another world won’t do any good for me.


What is that? It’s noisy. Off the main street towards the back alley. I hear voices of arguments interrupting each other.

[……shall I go take a look?]

Just like that I step into the back alley.


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