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“So, It’s the last boss,” Josha said as his clothes became Dark grey, his hair became spiky while defying the Gravity «Demon sage mode: Super Saiyan».

*Silent *


Josha walked toward Jiren who is standing like a pillar and looking at him with sharp eyes.

“So it’s the tough guy,” Josha said as he smirked.

“hmph ” Jiren lifted his fist and punched Josha.

Josha crossed his arms and as the fist touches him he was sent gliding 20 meters before stopping.

‘My arm hurt, Amazing, This guy ‘Josha made a wide smile as it’s been a long time since he felt pain.

*Woosh* Jiren appeared above him and punched down, Josha’s leg covered with lighting as he put his hands on the ground and kicked toward Jiren’s face.

a small cut appeared on Jiren’s face as Josha’s foot pa.s.sed but then Jiren held his leg and threw him away.

*Crush* Josha crushed several huge rocks before stopping.

Jiren wiped the cut from his face then he vanished.

Josha used his palm to push Jiren’s fist that appeared from nowhere. then he replied with his fist but then jiren Dodged and replied with a kick Since Josha had a high level of observation Haki he could predict the movement of Jiren and with the Sharingan he could see them clearly.

*Woosh* *Woosh*…

they were appearing in different places of the stage shocking everyone in the stage.


“So this is his true power” Hit observed them well, sometime he would skip the time to a.n.a.lyze the fight.

“That b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he was messing with me the whole time, ” Vegeta said angrily, he thought that he had a chance but he seemed to be surpa.s.sed by a human.

“That Osan was messing with us the whole time,” Caulifia said as she couldn’t follow their movements along with the other warriors except the high-level ones.

“I didn’t expect that we have such a dark horse,” Champa said.

“Jiren” Toppo said as he was following them.

“Hmph, Jiren won’t lose,” Belmode said as he has full confidence In jiren.


Josha hand that was covered with lighting moved to Jiren’s chest.

“Hmph” Jiren Vanished from his sight and appeared behind him, and before Josha even reacts he was kicked from the back.


Josha dropped to the ground with a broken back.

“I Told You Jiren won’t lose,” Belmode said with a smile.

*Woosh* Jiren lifted Josha from the ground and start hitting him breaking his body and bones.

“This match is over ” Jiren lifted Josha from his hair while pointing with his other hand at Josha stomach.

“Do you think so *Cracks* ” Josha Sage Chi start healing his wounds and bones in high speed.

“Owari Da” Jiren said as he unleashed a ki ball from his hand that lifted Josha from his stomach and sent him flying.

“Told ya ” Belmode yelled.

“Is this the end?” Vados said as she went next universe seven seats.

“He did all he could ” Champa clenched his teeth.

Josha who found himself flying smirked «Flying Raijin level two»

Jiren closed his fist and that Ki ball exploded making a huge explosion, then he closed his eyes, turned his back and crossed his arms.

“You did well Jo..” Champa was going to say something but Josha isn’t next to him.

“Oh, seems he survived that, ” Vados said as she came back to uni six seats.

As Jiren opened his eyes he saw Josha in front him taking the same pose like him.

” It never Owarida, ” Josha said as some lighting was dancing around him while his aura got stronger and his hair became spikier «Demon Sage mode: Ssj 2»

“So you were hiding your true strength all along,” Jiren said as looked to him.

“Are you?” Josha asked him back as he opened his arms inviting him to punch him.

“Insolence ” Jiren gave him a punch and Josha was sent gliding on the ground.

Josha spat a mouth full of blood as he stopped.

“Your full strength is still not enough” Jiren replied.

“Say that after you see it ” Josha smirked as he joined his arms together.

“aaaaaaaaa” The whole void world start shacking as Josha way yelling.

“What a power” the Hakashins stunned as they felt his energy.

“Since when Human could reach this level”.

“So he is going to show it at last ” Vados said and Champa looked at her.

“Champa, where did you find him, ” Beerus said with a shock.

“Hahaha belmode seems my Villian will beat your Justice warriors,” Champa said mocking Belmode.

“Jiren, hurry and knock him” Belmode yelled.




“AAAAAAAAA” Josha yelled as his hair start Growing taller and spikier, and his eyebrows has Vanished.

“What ” Even Jiren stunned to see him. Josha in front of him has a long spiky hair that reaches his knees while his eyebrows Vanished.

“WOOO” Zeno cheered.

‘SSJ 3 and with a white hair ‘ Goku with the others stunned.

«Demon sage mode: Ssj3»

“Now Let’s begin the real battle ” Josha said while big lighting bolts were dancing around him.


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