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Chapter 1018 – Know your place!

The Hegemony of Necromancy watched the kneeling of 10 Paragons with a cloudy face as the flames within his eye sockets burned dimly.

He questioned the reality that just played out as the essence of Necromancy swirled around him, and even he could not make heads or tails of it!

The enemy seemed unrivaled within the same level as even when faced against beings at the same stage as them, they still managed to wipe them out in a ridiculously short period of time.

And yet he, the Hegemony of Necromancy with all of his power…could not move against this Paragon!


His essence bubbled forth as he sent a message across Universal Boundaries to a certain person.

“Chronos, this Paragon might prove to be a greater problem than expected. His power seems unrivaled on the same stage!”


The message traveled far as it reached the calculating Chronos that just had a major set back and was currently watching the Universal Construct within the Microbial Universe while being accompanied by the Goliath of the Primordial Cosmos along with the Cerulean Hegemony and a few other Universal experts.

They were observing the absorption of Universal Essence by the Universal Construct as it released a pulsing crimson light every second, the treasure that looked like an object gradually beginning to form a material around it that would make one think of a coc.o.o.n!

Chronos received the message from the Hegemony of Necromancy as his eyes became even more somber, turning to follow the path of the Universal Essence being absorbed by the Universal Construct as it wasn’t just from the Universe itself, but the inhabitants of it themselves!

This was a secret that even Noah didn’t fully know, the fact that one of the mechanisms of the Slaughter Star Monoliths was to also draw in the essence of the beings that were following the wills of the Hegemonies that had their Origin Essence branded into these Universal Constructs.

This was why the Hegemony of Slaughter, Ambrose, had worked so hard to establish his dominion in the Animus Universe, and it was also why Chronos had recruited a Hegemony or two from each of the 9 affected Universes and had them increase their influence and dominion over its vast populations for the past hundreds of thousands of years!

It was also why the Universal Construct within the Animus Universe was currently drawing in the least amount of essence out of the 9 Universes- because Ambrose had his influence shattered completely within this Universe as it could only draw a small portion of essence from the Universe itself.

He began in the Animus Universe, and now he had started in the Necrotic Universe as well.

“Tyrannical Emperor, huh?”

Chronos called out lightly as he looked within the memories of all of his past lifetimes and confirmed he had never come across this being before.

His words caused the Goliath and the other Hegemonies to look towards him as the irritated Cerulean Hegemony spoke out lightly.

“Still the same Paragon causing us problems? You always think of everything, don’t tell me you didn’t account for a powerful Paragon appearing in the targeted Universes and causing you problems.”


The Cerulean Hegemony that was still irritated by all of his plans to obtain a Cosmic Treasure and the Cosmic Dao of Ruination to go up in flames was gradually revealing his true nature as he lost all decorum even with those he worked with!

His voice carried a hint of a mocking tone as he continued.

“The Great and powerful Chronos actually has something he didn’t account for after all this time, who would have thou- Huk!”

An eruption of essence exploded out an instant later as the blue crown atop the head of the Cerulean Hegemony trembled, inexplicably finding his body drawn towards Chronos as an instant later, his neck was clasped by him tightly!


A horrifying pressure released from Chronos as he turned his calm eyes towards the Cerulean Hegemony.

“I’ve put up with your att.i.tude for many years that you may have forgotten, you are not one of the three goliaths of these Primordial Cosmos.”


The horrendous and overpowering essence of Chronos flowed out freely as the Cerulean Hegemony could not break out of the grasp, his eyes turning red as he saw the eyes of other Hegemonies around them look towards this humiliating scene, with the Goliath of the Primordial Cosmos not even turning to look as the back hole atop his head continued staring at the pulsing coc.o.o.n forming around the Universal Construct.

“You are slightly powerful from other Hegemonies, but that is it. You need to know your place and not step out of your bounds!”


A shockingly domineering set of words came from Chronos as he released the Cerulean Hegemony, the glimmering blue of this expert dimmer as he looked extremely angered by this action but he…did not retaliate!

This was because the person who put him in place was too terrifying, and he had long ago agreed to work with him and his group as after his loss of the Cosmic Treasure of Ruination, all he had left was the promise of Antiquity that came from one of the Universal Constructs in front of him.

So he stayed in line as he moved back, not meeting the eyes of the other Hegemonies as he simply looked ahead.


This was power!

Chronos didn’t bat an eye at this as he spoke.

“The Paragon going on a path of Conquest is a minor problem that can become a big one. He’s only just begun, but he’s disrupted the flow of essence in the Animus Universe, and now he’s moved on to the Necrotic Universe.”


“His power is great that he is unrivaled among Paragons, and we cannot personally attack him with the strength of Hegemonies so…we will just devise a plan for something that can!”



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