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Chapter 1178: The Third Trait! A New Race! I

Both a Trait and a Cosmic Dao!

The two consciousnesses of RUINATION and the Cosmic Core could not deny it, thereafter looking at possibilities of what exactly they could design.

The Cosmic Core was the first one to speak.



Words akin to a madman speaking came out, everything the Cosmic Core said sounding ridiculous to the extreme as it wanted Noah’s new body to be a Universe!

The Vital Essence of the Cosmos would be utilized as [Universal Singularity] would be cast, and Noah’s split soul would enter the core of this Universe as he obtained a race he didn’t know was even a possibility in the vast different Realities.


His heart was beating immensely with excitement even now, his thoughts not finding anything better at this time as he nodded.

“The Universal Race…”

A Universe as his race! What boosts would come? How would it all even work?! 

There were too many questions swirling in his mind when it came to this, but he would only know when it actually happened, so he breathed out and spoke with a resolute expression.

“Let’s do it. We can get the hardest part out of the way and split the soul for this rebirth into a new race with its own Trait.”


His words resounded in the consciousnesses of the Cosmic Treasure and Core, these ent.i.ties s.h.i.+ning brightly to show their agreement as Noah’s figure was teleported into the Cosmic Core, his body becoming suffused in the Primordial Essence and the Essence of Ruination within this vast s.p.a.ce.

His chest was laid bare as only jet black pants covered him, the dense essence of two Cosmic Daos making him feel as if he was swimming in a vast river. A moment later, he felt these two essences wrap around his body as the voice of the Cosmic Core resounded out.


As the archaic monotone voice of the Cosmic Core stretched out, Noah’s Cosmic Treasure within his chest began to pulse with intense red light as a second later…his body jolted up as if he was struck by trillions of bolts of lightning, his forehead seemingly beginning to split apart as even in the Ruination and Primordial Sea…Noah couldn’t help but let out a frightening bellow!


Pain! Immense and unadulterated pain coursed through him as for the second time in his life, his soul was split apart!


The glows of Primordial and Ruination essence sunk into his origin and soul as they seemingly tried to make it better, but they only caused even more bouts of pain to course through him. 

The stronger one’s soul was, the more terrifying the pain there would be when one did an action as drastic as splitting it apart. Noah was only able to do it and come out unscathed because he had a literal Cosmic Core carrying out the procedure, and the might of a Cosmic Treasure capable of going against universal and cosmic rules was aiding him in doing everything!

Amidst the glow of resplendent colors and Noah screaming out bellows filled with pain, his head that had split apart had a chunk of his soul pulled out, a glimmering ball of incandescent light filled with power and mysteries ripped out of him as his main body became pale and weak.

His eyes were still br.i.m.m.i.n.g with light as he observed the chunk of his soul glimmering brightly before him, this scene not lasting lost as this soul began to shoot out towards a certain direction!

The direction was of course…the place where a new Universe was about to be born.


With a somber tone, the Cosmic Core called out as immense droves of Vital Cosmic Essence were used. The first time they were utilized after Noah obtained this Infinite Cosmos gave way to the Novus Universe, and now…it was being utilized for the second time to give birth to a Universe that he would use as his body.

A body that was on average 100 Billion light years in diameter or 33 Gigapa.r.s.ecs!


Near the boundary of the Novus Universe, an extremely dense Singularity of a myriad of colors began to form.

From the Cosmic Core, a significant portion of Noah’s soul shot out as it moved faster than the speed of light to quickly rush forward, its target being the barely formed Universal Singularity as the moment it formed, Noah sank into it! 



Half of his soul sunk into the Universal Singularity as everything seemed utterly quiet. But it was only the calm before a storm began to rage.

It was only a lull before something exceedingly unbelievable came to fruition!



The feature of Trait Bestowal of the Cosmic Core was utilized in a shocking fas.h.i.+on as the Cosmos recognized the newly born Universe not as a true Universe, but a mere body of one of its existences!

A mere body that would be the birth of a being from the Universal Race within the Infinite Cosmos.

As always, it was Noah forging the way forward…his new soul fully sinking into the Universal Singularity that had begun to buzz with utter fantastical activity, the Trait that was only known as the Samsara Universal Dao Origin being born at this time!


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