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Chapter 125 – Cheat Farming

The tour of the Spiritual Land finished soon enough as the excitement of the Princess was palpable, completely unlike her usual self. Our figures flashed back into the large hall of the manor as I used [Anchor] to place the Spiritual Land onto my body once more.

My figure became hidden as the princess had her veil cover her face. The barrier around the room disappeared a few seconds later as the large doors opened, many of the n.o.bles that were waiting outside looking in with cramped faces. A significant amount of time had pa.s.sed while they were kept waiting after all.

Adelaide ignored all of this as a command left her mouth.

“Prepare the carriages, there are many things that need to be done.”

People moved around as various tasks were relegated. Workers and guards were quickly a.s.sembled all around as new commands continued to be given. I had my own task as I teleported out of the manor towards the locations of farmland Adelaide had mentioned to me beforehand.

Not too far from the Manor, there were large empty fields where many seeds had been sown. I could sense multiple guards around the perimeter of the farmland, with some shadow guards here and there. The first field I flew down to was a field that held [White Radishes], as I was able to observe the rapid growth of the plant after I cast [Budding Farmer].

An expanse of blinding essence was all that occurred before the guards in the surroundings saw a fantastical sight of instantaneous and bountiful growth of seeds they never expected to sprout in the cold unfertile lands.

I moved past the first field with quick speed as I flew around the Snowy Peak after this, going following the lines of acres of farmland as I used [Budding Farmer] to repeatedly cause the growth and ripening of various fruits and vegetables.

A hectic sight was taking place on the Snowy Peak where the Princess had commanded for many workers and farmers to be a.s.sembled, along with a variety of storage and transport tools to be taken towards the lands they had sown seeds.

The people had complete trust in their Princess, but they couldn’t help but wonder the logic of preparing to harvest goods that didn’t even have a chance of sprouting in the barren lands.

The progression of workers filled huge lines as they went forward to a particular spot on the Snowy Peak first. They found guards and other people that were there to see the flash of light some time back where they got the chance to watch the fantastical show of instant plant grown. Many had to rub their eyes as they looked at the vibrant field full of greenery and glistening fruits and vegetables.


“It is a blessing from above!”

“We have not been forsaken!”

Many people were shocked to their core when they came across what used to be barren fields that were now glistening with vibrant growth. The actual farmers rushed to the fields in shock as they checked the produce, their hands trembling as they slowly brushed against the leaves and fruits of the plants.

“Such a thing is impossible…”

Yes, it was a realm of impossibility!

Those knowledgeable understood how something like this could not just happen, and after the initial shock, they soon found themselves turning around to look at the person that sent the command for them to move out. She…knew that this would be happening.

The workers upfront and the n.o.bles that followed in the back were looking fearfully at Adelaide’s cold figure as she nonchalantly began giving commands.

Unlike the produce in the Spiritual Land, the normal plants in the outside world could reach optimum growth with a single cast of [Budding Farmer]. The fields in front of them were fully grown trees with fruits and vibrant produce that made the inhabitants of the north rub their eyes as they began to collect everything.

Adelaide stood in the front lines as she conducted the movements of many people, spreading them out in this field and then once things seemed to be moving, she moved the groups of people to the other fields where a similar miraculous growth had taken place.

The next few hours of the day were spent spamming [Budding Farmer] as I moved across many fields in the Snowy Peak. The peak was as large as a city, and it made it seem small in my eyes as I could move around so rapidly with my speed and teleport.

While I was undertaking this role as a farmer for today, many thoughts were pa.s.sing through my head as the maxed [Thought Acceleration] worked at high speed to think of all the different possibilities that could play out in the coming days.

After spending a significant amount of time thinking and going through all the skills and tools I had at my disposal, I found myself becoming calmer even after knowing the monstrous enemies that I faced.

After finis.h.i.+ng the many acres of fields in the Snowy Peak, I paced myself and called it a night as I wanted to finally sit down and get to combine my skills. I used the communication medallion to check with Adelaide, and it seemed like she would continue to be busy until late into the night while overseeing the proper storage and movements of all the produce that was magically brought to full growth.

I grabbed a few [White Radishes] and [Frozen Apples] for myself as I transferred into the miniaturized Spiritual Land and appeared deep underground. The beautiful small and snowy gra.s.s waved majestically all around me as I looked at the huge expanse of s.p.a.ce that I was transferred into not too long ago to undergo a trial.

I pulled up my panel as I enjoyed these feelings of safety, activating many skills that I couldn’t keep active before because of my environment. I activated [Corrupted Sword Saint’s Incarnation], [Absolute Zero], and many other skills that would cause a tremendous amount of damage to the surroundings just from being used.

This was another way the Frozen Plateau Spiritual Land would be of benefit to me, I can spam my skills without worry and continue to rapidly increase my proficiency, and most likely even faster than before at that.

I watched my body become elevated as the incarnation fully took shape. [Bear Emperor’s Fur] was also activated as the incarnation became b.e.a.s.t.i.a.l, the long sword in its hands releasing a deadly blow as boosts from all skills were fully applied. It would be a rigorous period of training up skills for the time to come as I prepared for the oncoming powerful enemies.

The LEGENDARY skills were also used, with [Demon King’s Haki] being able to be kept active at all times. When activated, I could see the gra.s.s around me trembling, but I didn’t feel anything since I was the one casting it. I would have to wait and use it against new enemies to see just how powerful it was. [Corrupted Sigil of Hegemony] was also cast every now and then, as the blue runic circle that erupted out had layers of red after the usage of the [Power Jewel]

{Primal Conurer} was another ecstatic addition to my skills as I tried it for the first time, even though I didn’t need to use it as unique skills had no proficiency in front of them. I summoned the [Blue Manticores] I had seen the Demon King used and gave them some simple commands. They flashed through with extreme speed with their wide wings and sharp stingers for tails, looking ferociously in the surroundings.

I summoned the [Troll] next, and watched the previous spirits disappear as a brown monstrous figure came to life. The trolls neared 8 meters, being summoned with powerful clubs in hand as they stood menacingly awaiting orders.

Lastly was [Dullahan], where the two summoned creatures were terrifying skeletal horses with an obsidian headless metal armor sitting atop it releasing green smoke. The smoke wrapped around the entire body of the [Dullahan] as if it was the only thing holding the armored headless knight above tightly to the skeletal horse. I was marveling at the sight of these spectacular skills that I could now use.

I was actually experiencing the amazing feeling where the stronger I grew, my speed of rising up did not seem to slow down, but actually sped up. It was a crazy thing to think about.

The only negative aspect out of all this was the fact that I would have very little sleep from now on. It wasn’t crucial for someone of my caliber, but the refres.h.i.+ng feeling of a decent night’s sleep could not be beaten. I stopped my grumbling and began combining the skills that had long since reached 100 proficiency while activating offensive skills I would normally not have a chance to spam outside of battles.

Today’s combined skills were:

Water Barrier + Pain Resistance :: A+ Water King’s Skin

Rune of Defense + Dragon Scales :: S+ Draconic Armor

Lion’s Heart + Speedster :: S+ Windbourne

Aura of Belligerence + Protection of the Wounded :: S+ Aura of the Demented

Obfuscation + Flash :: S+ Hidden Endevour

[Noah Osmont][Occupation: Hunter]

[Vitality: 425]

[Focus: – ]

[Strength: 429]

[Skill(s) :: [F][E][D][C][B][A: Flight-100, Instant Transfer-100, Recorder-100, Language Comprehension-100, Lion’s Roar-23, Pierce-100, Executor’s Speed-100, Sense Heat Source-100, Silent Communication-75, Regal Archer’s Eyes-100, Cook-38]

[A+:: Arctic Zone-100, Relegator’s Spear-23, Immutable Regeneration-100, Paladin’s Blessing-11, Pursuing Infernal Lightning-1, Water King’s Skin-1]

[S :: Enfeeble-100, Phoenix Arrow-1, s.h.i.+eld Slam-8, Budding Farmer-38, Ricocheting s.h.i.+eld-1, Bear’s Fighting Style-1, Archer’s Gamble-1, Smouldering Sword Strike-56, Earthen Spears-1, Thought Acceleration-100, Crisis Avoidance-100, Illusory Cover-33]

[S+:: Devastation-100, Draconic Armor-1, Windbourne-1, Aura of the Demented-1, Hidden Endeavor-1, ]

[EPIC :: Corrupted Sword Saint’s Incarnation-54, Iceberg-41, Absolute Zero-39, Bone Spears-29, Bear Emperor’s Fur-31, Life Steal-19, Teleport-28, Arctic Breath-16, Summon Holy Blight-23]

[LEGENDARY :: Sigil of Hegemony-14, Demon King’s Haki-1, Memory Plunderer-3 ]

[UNIQUE :: Spiritual Land Management, Primal Conjurer]

[Equipment: (3x B-Ring of Storage)(A-Ring of Storage)(S-Storage Pouch)(S-Veiled Suit)(EPIC-Kingslayer)(EPIC-Rat King’s Mask)(EPIC-Prismatic Guardian) (EPIC-Unshattered Charity) (EPIC-Tigereye’s Roots)]


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