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Chapter 161 – Golden Sea Body

Noah’s mind was all focused on continuing downwards. Ignoring the reward of the 91st floor where the mechanical voice that mentioned a Grade 1 Golden Serum would be given as the reward. This was the first grade that only the strongest of the Mythical ranked Atlanteans and Merfolk could get a chance to enjoy.

Those that had special abilities or skills to go against the overwhelming pressure of the Aqua Tower at these floors stood at the peak of the Mythical rank and could make it this far. Noah’s figure was unhindered as he continued. 95th. 96th. 97th. 98th. 99th.

The splendid Blue Dragon let out a powerful roar as soon as it arrived on the 99th floor. The pressure being overwhelmingly high and coming from all sides as it tried to tear down the powerful form. But there seemed to be a strong resonance between all the cast six forms of the Mountain Sea Sect’s Secret Techniques.

As the [Blue Fortress] form kept the scales of the dragon and the form solid, the [Healing Water] continued to heal any cracks that appeared as everything remained standing strong. The [Wings of the Sea] vibrated in the tower as they allowed the large body to move with more ease. The addition of the two light wings that went on to create the form of a dragon with four wings gave him a fearsome look.

The first style, [Water Sword], sharpened the claws of the Blue Dragon and made them into the sharpest edges. Behind him was a sharp tail that had multiple spikes that resembled swords as they glistened powerfully in the light. The form was so strong and powerful that he couldn’t wait to test it on more powerful enemies.

The 99th floor that hadn’t been pa.s.sed in quite a while was cleared by a being that was activating multiple skills that would have required tens of people to burn their cores in order to generate enough energy just to keep active for a few seconds. Noah reached the 100th floor.

When this floor was reached, a blue light shot out from the aqua tower and reached high into the seas above. The blue light acted as a notification, as a reminder to all beings that Atlantis remained strong, and it had gained yet another Seeker.

Powerful figures from all around were notified and alarmed as more attention congregated on the Aqua Tower.

The 100th floor had no pressure. It was serene and beautiful, with fauna and flowers that you’ve never seen in the outside world being abundant. At the center of the floor, it was cleared out with a golden clear bed appearing. From the ceiling, long mechanical tubes and arms with extremely sharp and pointed needles were present.

Inside of the tubes was a thick flowing golden liquid that had rays of s.h.i.+ning purple light within them. This was not the third grade nor the first grade Golden Serum.

The mechanical voice that he had heard on the 71st 81st and 91st floor rang out once again.

[You have successfully cleared all the floors of the aqua tower, gaining access to the Supreme Grade Golden Serum. Will you start the infusion process?]

A light smile appeared on Noah’s face as he deactivated the six forms of the Mountain Sea Sect’s Secret Techniques, and his Atlantean body appeared on the serene floor.

“I will start the process.”

The moment his voice gave the a.s.sertion, his body felt a strong force as it was pulled forward towards the pristine bed right below the long tubes with pointed needles. He quickly found himself attached to the bed at the center of the 100th floor.

The bed changed to an outline of an Atlantean as it matched his body and he was situated even more comfortably. He took off his armor and remained only with briefs as the process became even smoother, with straps coming in next to sternly attach him onto the bed as the many long tubes with the pointed needles began nearing his body.

The mechanical voice rang out once again.

[Some time is required before the modification can be completed. Please persevere as it continues.]

Noah looked at the many needles coming towards his body, as well as the golden liquid with traces of purple that filled them. Even his fearsome demeanor somewhat faltered, as the many tubes and needles neared him and pierced the layers of his skin.


A piercing pain was felt throughout all of his body as needles sunk into many sections of his body. One shot at the center of his chest, multiple of them shot in his hands and legs, and his head was elevated as another entered behind his neck.

He let out a ragged breath as he felt a pulse come out of the long tubes and hot liquid began flowing into his body. The feeling brought about excruciating pain to say the least. The golden liquid felt like the hottest substance as it entered his body, seemingly burning him from inside out.

This was the highest grade of the Golden Serum that only individuals at the mythical rank or above who had extreme abilities that boosted the strengths of their body would be able to reach the 100th floor and be rewarded with this treasure. They could handle its concentration as their bodies were already strong enough to pa.s.s through the floors to get here.

Noah had used the form of the blue dragon to pa.s.s through the floors, his own body nowhere near as strong as the peak mythical ranked individuals. The pain he was experiencing was horrendous.

It felt like lava was flowing all over his body as the Golden Serum entered and moved around without reservation. This was the creation of technology and magic that stood at the peak of Atlantis. The peak creation of genetic engineering that entered and fused into the cells themselves.

The serum worked at a microscopic level as it attached itself to the cells of the person’s body and strengthened them to extreme degrees. If you brought this concept to the world of modern science before the apocalypse in Noah’s homeworld, you would be laughed at. Such an idea would be impossible and even laughable, but in this world of technology, fantasy and magic, what was not possible?

Noah’s mind was fully occupied with keeping himself awake in the midst of all of this excruciating pain as he soon began feeling a warm calming sensation spread throughout his body.

He watched as the serum in the tubes continued to be pumped into his body, not knowing how all of it continued to be entered without his body bursting. A tingling sensation gradually replaced the painful feeling. His body felt some minute changes as the golden hair common to all Atlanteans was s.h.i.+ning and experiencing growth, growing long enough to nearly reach his shoulders.

He thought the process was over when one last tube appeared. This one had a liquid that was completely purple and s.h.i.+ning majestically as it neared his body. The needle on this one wasn’t too large, but it was prominent. It came towards him and quickly entered at the center of his forehead, the most dangerous location that no other needles had come close to piercing.


Another scream resounded as a few more minutes pa.s.sed, before all the tubes were retracted into the ceiling of the last floor of the Aqua Tower, and the only thing that remained was the golden bed that Noah was lying on. He was letting out exhausted breaths as he looked at his body. It looked as it did normally, the p.r.o.nounced abs and steeled muscles just seeming to have gained a s.h.i.+ne of gold. A layer of gold specks of light was slowly moving across his skin. He felt an overabundance of physical strength that he could not wait to try out.


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