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Chapter 196 – Change

A terrifying beam of plasma was disintegrating the body of the most powerful Ruler of the Demon world as the remaining Rulers burned their essence to try and reach his position.

The inhabitants of Atlantis were moving with vigor and happiness as victory was in their hands with the defeat of the powerful being that led the charge here. The statues that had come to life continued to cause carnage among the ranks of cultivators as the Martial Uncle Dylan was fending off both their attacks and the attacks from a Calamity


His body that was covered by the monstrous figure of a Scylla screamed out as he tried to penetrate their defenses to go towards the gorgeously floating Trident of the Sea that he wanted so badly, but he couldn’t breakthrough. His eyes didn’t even notice the weird situation where members of the Karmic Sect had entered a pa.s.sive position and no attacks were being exchanged between them and the inhabitants of Atlantis.

On the side where the powerful trident was releasing a destructive beam of light, Noah continued to relentlessly pour out an enormous amount of mana to keep the Plasma Beam active. His heart was pounding as he thought of the possible threat from the words of the mysterious Cultivator while he watched Baal’s body disintegrate and be recreated every second.

The life force of this Ruler was too much, but he had to finish this fast. He couldn’t afford a long drawn out battle with the biggest villain until he was fully drained, so he acted once again to release yet another destructive attack while keeping Plasma Beam active.

This attack was one he hadn’t used before, but one he looked forward to using the most when he received it. He breathed out as the Spiritual Land that was anch.o.r.ed to his large body detached and began moving away from him at a rapid speed.

It was the feature that he had not yet tested under the [Offensive Maneuvers] of the Spiritual Land. It was [Falling Meteor].


A droning sound resounded out as the Spiritual Land that flew up appeared more than a few miles above the struggling Baal who was using his Ultimate Skill to continue regenerating senselessly.

A blue light began converging as mana leaked from Noah and into the Spiritual Land endlessly as it briefly appeared in the sea with its small size. As soon as a second pa.s.sed though, it expanded in size as yet another surprising sight occurred in the dark waters.

In a matter of seconds, a landma.s.s larger than a city had appeared in the dark waters and cast a shadow on everything below it. The waters began trembling as this landma.s.s ridiculously ignored the heavy resistance around it and began free-falling as if it was in the air.

Below this landma.s.s, a converging ma.s.s of essence had taken a pointed form that was directly above the head of Baal. This needle end below the Spiritual Land was the actual attack of [Falling Meteor]. It was where the converging mana focused the entire weight of the falling landma.s.s into a single destructive attack.

A Spiritual Land with a size larger than most cities was barreling down the waters of the sea ridiculously, defying many known laws as its center of origin where it collected all of the destructive force of the weight of the landma.s.s was pointing towards Baal.


Baal screamed out as he felt the ridiculous force of who knew how many tonnes that was aimed towards him as he found any nearby beings running from their location in panic. His eyes looked to the continued Plasma Beam that broke apart his body, and now the sharp converging essence below a huge landma.s.s that was aimed above his head.

He was really unwilling.


s.p.a.ce shattered.

A vortex was created between the impact of the needlelike end below the falling Spiritual Land and Baal’s body.

Waves of tremendous power pushed out anybody that was near as the remaining Rulers of the Demon World felt a deafening cry in their hearts. They could only look forward in shock as they found to their dismay that they had felt yet another True Death.

This one was from a being that they expected to die last even if all of them were to somehow fall. Somehow, the most powerful of them was the one to fall first.

The True Death of the first ranked Ruler of the Demon World had occurred in the Lost World.

The Spiritual Land rapidly reduced in size as the vortex created from the impact was rapidly filled in with water. Where the body of Baal used to be, gorgeously s.h.i.+ning cores, skill books, and items lay as a few people looked at this and rubbed their eyes to check if they were seeing correctly.

Noah’s large figure flashed at the position and quickly swiped away the loot from the most powerful Ruler of the Demon World as his gaze now traveled to Sect Master Inuit.

The Sect Master had a stern expression on his face as a few words came out.

“They are here. We have to move fast.”

As if waiting for a cue, as soon as these words finished a stifling pressure descended on every being on the battlefield. No, it wasn’t every being on the battlefield, but on every single living creature in the Lost World of Atlantis as something disastrous had arrived.

Noah felt this stifling pressure as his gaze turned stern and he began moving rapidly, calling back the [Emperor Penguin] and other beasts that were still ripping apart cultivators from the Mountain Sea Sect and obtaining more [Law Crystals].

The Calamities of the Sea looked up with horrid expressions as they felt a foreboding feeling deep in their hearts.

The inhabitants of Atlantis that had just experienced the beginning of a victory looked out in shock at this unexpected pressure that seemed to be pus.h.i.+ng them down to kneel. The Ocean Master felt his heart palpitate as even he was affected the same as everyone else.

Above the waters of the Lost World, above the skies, and above the world itself, something huge had appeared.

What looked like an interstellar wars.h.i.+p, something that n.o.body in the Lost World had come across, was now in the s.p.a.ce above them. The s.h.i.+p was extremely large in size as it pulsed with a golden light. It was this golden light that had somehow gone to cover the entirety of the Lost World like a cage.

The s.h.i.+p was only in the s.p.a.ce above the planet, but those with powerful eyes could still discern its shape if they were looking from the skies. This expressed just how tremendous in size it was.

At the forefront of the s.h.i.+p where the golden light covering the entire planet of the Lost World was being released, what looked like the barrels of exquisitely created cannons began to pulse with a menacing red light.

In the dark waters of the sea, Sect Master Inuit closed his eyes as the thing he foresaw was now occurring, sending yet another message to the one he had to save today as his body and the body of the many disciples behind him began to s.h.i.+ne in resplendent white light.

“Quickly save those you can and come to my side, those who remain in this world will only face destruction.”


Noah had already begun moving as he bore the stifling pressure, the beasts all recalled into the Spiritual Land as he turned towards the Kraken and other calamities who seemed to have lost all color. Things were occurring exactly as the Sect Master mentioned, so Noah put aside his reservations and began actively moving. If what he said was truly to come, something horrendous would be occurring today!


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