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Chapter 349 – Golden Robes Stained with Blood

From the illusory screens that stood above the many Prime Worlds that were connected to the Magus World, an unbelievable site was playing itself out in front of the eyes of many observing forces.


They watched in a trance as the winged celestial pointed his sword forward, bringing about unbelievable judgment onto those that stood against him as in the next instant, numerous golden spears began to appear as if they were needles in the vast skies of the Magus World!

Their numbers were too many to count as they appeared in an area of 100 meters, their extremely sharp tips pointing themselves forward as they went on to skewer everything in the area of 100 meters!


A b.l.o.o.d.y mist spread out a moment later as silence reigned over the battlefield.


A moment of silence came as not a single being could speak while observing the incredible level of power. Many were asking themselves in their minds- Were their eyes playing tricks on them or was this really the power of a Void Realm being?!

The powers spread out over the many Prime Worlds weren’t the only ones shocked at the development. The Grandmaster that was watching the fight with the rapt attention in the Prime Wars.h.i.+p that was floating above the Magus World was watching with wide eyes as he observed yet another skill that he had been using for hundreds of years be used in the hands of this new genius disciple.

This same skill was portrayed vastly differently to the extent that he had to ask himself- Was this the same skill? Was this the same technique that he knew all this time?

The air of the battlefield had changed with this single attack as even while Athena weaved in and out of the destructive elemental skills that were raging all around, her attention went to the skewered beings in an area of 100 meters that had turned b.l.o.o.d.y!

The only remaining beings were the Dark Winged Serpent and the Flame Winged Serpent who had sustained heavy injuries on their bodies, most of them from the soul damage aspect coming from Noah’s attack that they did not have too many defenses of.

Athena’s eyes shone with a grand light as she wanted to take a close look at her junior brother who had managed to surprise her even more than she thought was possible. But her attention focused on the immensely powerful peak Soul Forging Realm expert that was the Devouring Winged Serpent.

Her unique ability foretold of every single possible attack that her enemy might make before they made it. This allowed her to escape and move through the battle with ease as she began conducting a symphony of blood. Her attacks reigned down on the Devouring Winged Serpent as she evaded everything thrown towards her!

The air of the battlefield had changed to that of oppression and powerlessness as the forces of the Magus world actually found themselves on the losing end when fighting two Void Realm Disciples, each of them coming out with spectacular attacks and reaping many of their comrade’s lives while not a single speck of damage could be seen on their golden figures!

The beings watching across the stars were struck frozen as a somber atmosphere overcame them, not completely understanding how these two Void Disciples were decimating forces with such a vast difference in power.

In the area of 100 meters where the color of the sky was changed to a b.l.o.o.d.y red, the area of death was eerily silent except for the two Soul Forging Realm beings that had happened to survive. Their gazes were that of fear as they gazed towards Noah. This fear came from the fact that besides the physical damage they felt when numerous sharp spears produced by [Judgement] pierced their bodies, the even worse damage came directly to their souls as a type of damage that they had no way to prevent struck their origins!

They glanced towards the Devouring Winged Serpent who seemed to be falling into the pace of a beautifully moving Athena as they looked for possibilities and exactly what to do. They would not be given the time though as Noah’s eyes scanned the entire battlefield, steeling his heart as he wanted to wrap up and end this bloodbath. He had to control his emotions even more as he saw the overflowing blood rus.h.i.+ng out from the bodies of his enemies, his [Blood Gourmet] ability telling him the quality of blood for these Soul Forging Realm experts would be of great quality.

He breathed out as he calmed his mind and instead continued casting [Fate Discernment] to see all the beings that needed to have their lives taken today before the chaos that threatened to take over multiple planets was completely reduced. To reduce the same amount of chaos that destroying the entire world would have caused, they had to erase this Order of the Black Serpent out of existence!

The s.h.i.+mmering golden sword in his hand vibrated as his body turned into a streak of light, choosing to put the close combat skills he had learned over the past month while sparring with the War Princess to the test and going down towards the two Soul Forging beings who could not decide what they wanted to do. This would also be training to make sure he would control himself in the battlefield filled with blood, as he was only playing the role of a Celestial Disciple right now.


Unwilling roars released from them as they went on to clash with Noah’s winged figure, not being able to do anything as they saw from his speed that they could not even run!


A shower of blood erupted out as Noah swung the golden sword down, the immense physical and soul damage boosts that he carried with him being deadly with every strike. A single sword slash landed on the chest of the Dark Winged Serpent as it felt horrendous damage course through its origin. Its body lit up with essence as spears of darkness exploded out at Noah’s position, the explosions only making apparent the s.h.i.+mmering golden barrier covering his body from the s.h.i.+eld he carried in his left hand.

His Fate Lines looked to be pulsing in his body as he effortlessly withstood the attacks of the Dark Winged Serpent, using the s.h.i.+ning sword in his right hand to land even more deadly attacks!

At the same time, the Flame Winged Serpent had blazing fires raging around Its body, using this chance where Noah was preoccupied to try and bite down on his golden s.h.i.+mmering figure. Its many heads let out molten breaths of fire as the extreme heat pushed away any nearing beings.

Noah did not even turn his gaze as he continued to focus the attacks of his deadly sword onto the Dark Winged Serpent, his left hand that held the s.h.i.+eld turning towards the attacking Flame Winged Serpent as he called out slowly.



The baleful and destructive energies of Aether could be felt for a single second as a ray of destructive light erupted from Noah’s hands and diagonally cut through the s.p.a.ce where the Flame Winged Serpent was attacking him!


A shocking sight where numerous heads of the Flame Winged Serpent were cut off with a ray of Aether going on to bisect the entire left side of the unsuspecting enemy displayed itself, with Noah revealing his true target and letting out this extremely quick surprise attack that actually brought death to a Soul Forging being, its body bisected in two as spurts of blood erupted out!





Silence reigned as the Dark Winged Serpent fending off Noah’s attacks trembled with fear, Its body turning the other direction as it quickly wanted to run from this terrible enemy! Seeing how its long time friend at the same realm as it had not even managed to hold off the destructive ray that this celestial shot out, she did not want to stay behind any longer as she could feel the cloud of death pull towards her ever so closely!

Noah was relentless, not letting up as he turned into a streak of light and followed behind closely as a destructive Aether ray was called out once again.



Numerous heads flew out once more as the running Soul Rank expert felt his body split apart, terrifying darkness clouding his vision as the hands of death wrapped around him. The abundant essence in its body, as well as the strong soul that had received horrendous damage from the Blades of Liberation and countless spears that came from [Judgement], could not hold on any longer as its origin became even more destabilized with the destructive ray of Aether.

In the span of a few seconds, Noah’s introduction of the ability of the [Lesser Cthulhu] skill tree that the Celestials had seen him use before in the First Realm of h.e.l.l was pulled out as he used it in conjunction with the enhanced abilities of [Fate’s Guardian] to quickly reap the lives of two early Soul Rank experts!

His gaze remained impa.s.sive as he continued to use [Fate Discernement], locating tens of thousands of Magi running away or the millions hiding tens of miles in numerous locations of the central lands of the Magus World as the golden blade in his hands vibrated. He would save this world from destruction, but many of those responsible would have to die in order for this to occur. This included all of the beings in this Order of the Black Serpent!

He remained impa.s.sive after defeating two Soul Rank beings, his figure turning his attention on the running Magi as he turned into a streak of light and flew towards them. The number of beings he would have to personally kill would be many today, but even more would have been killed were this entire planet to be destroyed completely by the hands of the Celestials.

As these thoughts crossed his mind, he continued to remind himself to be very clear on the thin line he was walking on, as it seemed he was thinking more and more along similar thought processes as those he did not agree with!

He put these thoughts in the back of his mind as pandemonium ensued everywhere his figure went, the numerous powers watching from the Prime Worlds felt a feeling of oppression while observing the easy deaths of two Soul Forging beings. Their hearts felt tight as on the illusory screens they were watching, they could see the s.h.i.+mmering golden robe of this celestial gain a red hue as he chased down and reaped the lives of many Magi, the blood of those he struck down coiling around him tightly!

It was a dark contrast as even the white-feathered wings erupting behind him were now stained with blood, the air of holy brilliance increasing the feeling of somberness and oppression from all those watching.

As they watched the ensuing bloodbath in the Magus World, they were shown the faces of tens of thousands of beings that would be considered powerhouses. They would be considered respected and holding high achievements because of the realm they achieved, but under the hands of this single Void Realm Celestials, they were cut down as if they were nothing.

It was a horrible scene of carnage that many would not come across in their lifetimes, but the beings in the numerous Prime Worlds were made to watch with rapt attention as they were reminded once again of the organization that stood at the top of the Light Expanse.

In the Prime Wars.h.i.+p above the Magus World, the Grandmaster was discerning fate while he watched this exemplary disciple emotionlessly chase down all those responsible, his aged heart actually trembling as his discernment told him…the aspect of fear that the Celestials wanted to show to the surrounding powers was being etched into the minds of all those watching, and in a much more memorable way at that!

It seemed like this pathway that this genius disciple was trying…might actually be able to achieve the goals of the Celestials without taking billions of lives from an entire planet!


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