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Chapter 403 – 100%!


A fearsome impact of spears s.h.i.+ning with the essence of fate smashed into the body of the Dark Winged Chaos Tiger as the sharp eyes of an old monster followed the trajectory of the beast that had been hit with his attacks.

The rest of the Righteous Fire Exploration Team reacted as their bodies lit up with colorful colors, their own versions of Blades of Liberation and sharp spears from [Judgment] erupting out as they layered their attacks on top of the Grandmaster’s!


The fearsome roar of the Dark Winged Chaos Tiger erupted out as its body rotated rapidly in the air, a storm of chaos elements erupting out that tainted the incoming attacks layered with the law of fate and rapidly dispersed them.

Near its neck and at the center of its claw, huge gashes lay open as dark blood freely poured out, dark energies wriggling around the wounds but the essence of fate still lingering behind and preventing any healing from taking place!


The Domain of Fate that the Grandmaster at the Domain Expansion Realm could use expanded even more rapidly as the aura of chaos around the Dark Winged Chaos Tiger took a hit, the glimmering golden colors filling their environment as the eyes of the Celestial Beast exploded outwards with even more chaotic elements!

As a battle continued in the far region of the Celestial Realm against a Chaos Behemoth, a campaign of slaughter was soon coming to an end in the Infernal Realm as Noah’s Ancient Blood Clone moved with even more vigor!

In the last few hours, the percentage in front of the t.i.tle of Infernal Lord had steadily pa.s.sed 90%, the number of skill points he currently had also pa.s.sed 1,800!

It was a ridiculous set of numbers to imagine as he moved even faster after that, the percentage only increasing at a faster rate as he found newer ways to torment the Infernals.

“Haha Draco, burn them all!”

The young Dragon he was riding on top of that had now reached the Void Realm after continuing to be fed the cores in Noah’s Expansive s.p.a.ce was over 30 meters, its size becoming ever so terrifying as it skipped levels senselessly. Noah had even given it one of the few Soul Rank Cores he was saving to help it achieve an even faster breakthrough into the Void Rank!

Draco heard the command as a determined expression covered its fearsome face, its chest bulging out as it breathed in and gathered essence, its elevation in the skies coming lower as it sped forth like a bullet train and then opened its wide jaws, releasing an extremely intense flame.


Leaving behind sonic booms, Draco flitted across the skies while raining down blazing flames that smashed into the Infernals with both speed and horrendous destruction, the flight path of the dragon leaving behind a straight line of h.e.l.lish flames devouring everything within it as Noah laughed gleefully at the firepower of this pet!

The figure of his clone teleported from Draco’s head as he appeared in the middle of panicking infernals a few miles away, his gaze on a skill under the [Kin of Ancients] that he had loved using recently.

[Blood Rage] (5/5) :: A destructive storm of blood begins to rotate with you at the center, raging with the capabilities of disintegrating all enemies caught within. Affected Area- 300 meters.

Without a second delay and before the surrounding Infernals could even react, the words escaped his lips rapidly.

[Blood Rage].


Large amounts of blood erupted from him as they began to rotate and expand around him, the speed of its rotations and expansions only increasing every millisecond as they soon covered an area of 100 meters, and then fully covered 300 meters in a dense atmosphere of a b.l.o.o.d.y storm that began shredding every single Infernal in this 300 meter area!

Draco stopped in the skies with its powerful wings outstretched, watching this destructive storm of blood shred muscles and bones into nothingness as he felt the aura of his Master disappear from that location and appear elsewhere again while casting the same skill, and an explosion of blood erupting out once more as this repeated.

Far across the Infernal Realm, the summoned Arch Lich Ra’Zan was still moving with a Legion of Undead and the powerful Abyssal Undead, while the mystical summoned Ancients were in another location letting out their deadly attacks that popped the heads of the Infernals like watermelons!

This coordinated attack of the summons and Noah himself had made something that should have happened much later come to fruition sooner, the percentage of the t.i.tle of Infernal Lord inching ever so closer to completion!


Draco felt the aura of his master appear above his head once more as he felt the strong hands palpating with energies of Aether land on his scales, hearing the words that made it tremble with a feeling of unfairness.

“Let’s burn them again!”

“…Master, my mana is still recovering.”

Draco turned his head down shamefully as he flew through the skies, only spurts of flames leaving his mouth as he had been using Dragon’s Breath numerous times the past few hours, his energy reserves nearly depleted!

This young Dragon was born with innate knowledge, and knew what was common sense and what was not. Seeing his master senselessly use mana like it was nothing these past days had made it realize the first lesson in its short life.

‘My Master is too much of a monster that even the enormous reserves of a Draconic Behemoth cannot compare.’

The first lesson that Draco learned was that no matter how much it grew, it would most likely never reach the level of having similar mana reserves as his master!

Noah’s Ancient Blood Clone was about to console the feelings of the dragon that was feeling down when he felt a minute change that completely overhauled and filled his entire senses.

His gaze quickly turned towards the stat panel as he looked at the percentage next to the t.i.tle.

[Noah Osmont][t.i.tle(s): Infernal Lord(100%)]

[Bloodline(s): Vampyre Progenitor(Awakening)]

[Fate Line(s) : 26,613]

[Origin Core(s) : Fire-2]

[Vitality: VOID]

[Focus: – ]

[Strength: VOID]

[Law(s) : Water-11%, s.p.a.ce-8%, Fate-.26%, Fire-12%]

Unwittingly, in the last few seconds, the percentage in front of the Infernal Lord t.i.tle had reached 100%!


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