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Chapter 459 – Two Battles, Different Results II


Essence roiled in the field of battle as the first rounds of impacts occurred. The beings watching had their eyes locked on to the first exchange as for the first time in a while, the matches did not end with the first move.

When it came to Athena and the Three-Eyed Fate Child, the less experienced War Princess had somehow been able to foresee where the strike of the Special Existence would land as she smashed the hammers in her hands in a particular direction, and the hammers actually came in contact with the palm of the Special Existence that was about to clasp onto her fair neck!

In the battle between Noah and Grandmaster Light, the being made of pure light had summoned her golden and white blades, using pure fate and light essence to smash towards Noah’s tanky exterior.

The three s.h.i.+elds rotating around him absorbed the essence released, the damage being further mitigated once they pa.s.sed through the thin barrier of light being given off by the armor he was adorned in.

At the same time, the six floating hammers followed his thoughts as they circled Grandmaster Light on all sides, his multiple pairs of wings flapping rapidly as his figure turned into a streak of light that continuously released attacks every time the being made of light dodged the rus.h.i.+ng hammers!

Grandmaster Light finally had a serious expression as essence moved around her, Empyrean Guard and Empyrean Armament being activated, along with another ability.

[Holy Light]!

Her clear voice rang out for the first time as her body exploded with white light, the numerous hammers circling around her looking for a point of weakness being pushed back as this exuding and overpowering light continued.


At the same time, Noah felt the expansion of her domain as he released his own, the two of them clas.h.i.+ng and canceling each other as his attacks towards her accelerated. He wanted to give her no time to adapt as he didn’t want to show off too much of his power here.

[Smite of Liberation]!


Numerous huge golden swords rushed from the clouds as they descended towards Grandmaster Light mercilessly, those watching being shocked to find these huge blades of liberation moving with their own will as even more weapons moving by themselves now attacked the defending Light.

In their field of battle, one could spectacularly see the movement of numerous golden hammers and swords around a defending Grandmaster Light, Noah himself moving expertly with a flail and sword in hand to dominatingly take the pace of the battle!

In the other field, a surprised Three-Eyed Fate Child had his body begin to release on overpowering light that began folding the s.p.a.ce around him, his hands moving eerily in various directions to grasp onto Athena.

The War Princess had her gaze locked onto the numerous movements as she used her unique ability to see their trajectory.


She dodged the dangerous hands coming for her as her mind had an epiphany at this moment, where she actually realized that her eyes were causing her reaction time to be slower as this being in front of her affected both time and s.p.a.ce. She let out a deep breath as she trusted her instincts and shockingly…closed her eyes!


Those watching their battle closely rose from their figurative seats as they saw the War Princess actually close her eyes in the middle of the battle, but they were shocked even more as they saw her movements had become even swifter thereafter as the dangerous hands of the Three-Eyed Fate Child were dodged with even more ease.


“Genius! Truly genius!”

Many Grandmasters looked on with s.h.i.+ning eyes as they observed these spectacular talents that would soon surpa.s.s them in strength, their gazes especially so favoring Athena and Crixus as they were actually able to stand against Special Existences.

Their t.i.tles of n.o.ble Fates seemed to hold more true than the other two that were taken out in the first round, their rapid rise in strength that allowed them to actually be at the stage they were in currently being the most surprising event out of this entire tournament.

In the battle with the War Princess and the Three-Eyed Fate Child, the former was slowly giving the battle more gravity as his body shone with numerous colors, Athena only showing more battle prowess as she trusted her ability and senses, moving with closed eyes!

Noah continued his domineering usage of skills that allowed for him to lock down the powerful figure of Grandmaster Light who was glowing brilliantly while releasing numerous abilities from the Light Element.

The abilities seemed to be more geared towards support as they bolstered her defense, her body occasionally releasing sharp swords of white light that were soon reflected by Noah’s boisterous defense.

“The winners of the two fights seem to already be decided.”

Grandmaster Onillus whispered to himself in the skies as his sharp eyes squinted, a light pa.s.sing through them that n.o.body else would understand!

He watched as in the matches, the genius Crixus gained more and more of an edge while cornering the Special Existence, Light, who could not get through his defenses even though she held much more Fate Lines and understood 2 laws.

“This Crixus seems to be more of a genius, he hasn’t even shown his Aether abilities in this match. He believes in himself to win this match and use all his abilities in the final match? Hmm…”

A look of pondering appeared on Grandmaster Onillus as he turned his gaze to the other field, where he could already see who the victor that would stand against Crixus in the final match would be.

Even as Athena brought the battle to her pace by continuously dodging the strikes of the Three-Eyed Fate Child, this was all she could do- just dodge!

Her energy and mental energies required to keep up her constant movements were soon drained as the victor on this battlefield would also soon be decided.

“The pair of disciples are about to have different results in their battles…”

Yes! In the two fields where two battles were on going and nearing their conclusions, for the disciples of Grandmaster Vredral- they were about to have very different results!

Noah was moving valiantly with numerous golden s.h.i.+elds and hammers surrounding him, even more blades of liberation descending from the skies to portray the image of a grand being with n.o.ble Fate, the victory of the battle soon going to him.

Athena had her armament wrapping around her as she moved around with closed eyes, showing the image of a valiant War Princess, but this War Princess would soon be overpowered by the Special Existence that was proficient in two Supreme Laws.

Two battles, but there would be different results!


Those watching felt their blood boil as they were given a show of resplendent abilities, many looking forward to the last match that would give a glorious victor taking the t.i.tle of Strongest Genius. This would be the victor that would obtain the named treasure, the [Luminescent Rainbow Dew] that was capable of creating a World Realm expert.

Unbeknownst to many of them, their wishes for a final battle…will never be fulfilled as something even more shocking was about to occur!


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