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Chapter 642: 642

In the skies of the Devouring Realm, Noah stared at the veiled Imperial Princess as numerous thoughts crossed his mind . He was thinking about the terrifying ability that her Trait possessed, as well as what he would have done if it was directed towards him!

When it came to her using [Vector Controller] to cause a being’s very own subatomic particles to vibrate at greater frequencies until they burst and became puddles of blood, he looked over the counterattacks mentioned by the Eyes of Truth as he thought about using the ability of [Aura of Redemption] that granted him constant healing, and all he had to do was make sure his rate of healing exceeded the rate at which his very cells imploded .

Many possibilities of what he could do floated through his mind as the main point still stood- the power of this EPSILON ranked Trait was terrifying!

“I didn’t die because they simply underestimated me . As for how I act towards you…”

He replied to her question as a light smile hung over his face .

” . . . well, it’s more so due to my Trait, [a.n.a.lyzer], that lets me know information about the things and people around me . “

The Imperial Princess’s veil s.h.i.+fted to the right quizzically at Noah’s words, her sonorous voice ringing out again with interest as if she did not just pulverize a genuine Nebula Realm being into a b.l.o.o.d.y mess .

“Your Trait made you look upon the daughter of the Imperial Adjudicator of the Nexus Galaxy and not care about her status as you acted completely different from everyone else?”

It was more of a conformational statement than a question, but Noah replied with a nod as he sensed two fierce auras that should have been this being’s maids rus.h.i.+ng over here rapidly!

“Yes, my Trait told me that you wish me no harm, and that you were actually saddened at the fact that n.o.body could truthfully talk to you because of your high stature . “


At these words, Noah felt the extreme coldness of this Imperial Princess return as her next words were filled with power .

“Your Trait peeks into my thoughts?”

Her veil shone with l.u.s.ter as she said this, Noah raising his hands up as he replied to her quickly while cursing his [Memorable Visage] ability and making sure [Blind Luck] was still active and working .

“No, I just get a glimpse of information about emotions and people’s intentions towards me . “

” . . . ” The Imperial Princess folded her hands in the skies as she seemed to be in thought, her bountifully blessed chest protruding even more as Noah remained calm .

A few seconds pa.s.sed as a tense atmosphere permeated, the auras of the two powerful maids being seen by the naked eye as they rapidly made their way over with frustrated expressions . As they arrived, the tense atmosphere faded away as they heard the sweet voice of the Imperial Princess ring out with words that nearly made their jaws drop .

“Interesting . Alright, since you’re the only person in my generation capable of talking to me with a straight face, you shall henceforth be my friend!”

The veiled Anna Lexalius Dannicus said these words as more of a proclamation than even a question, her gaze locking towards the being in front of her as his next words would be extremely crucial .

Noah gave a light smile as he reached his hand out, his actions signifying his agreement as the nearing shocked Maids looked on to see slight hesitation in the figure of the Imperial Princess before he white-gloved hand reached out and grasped onto the outstretched hand!

“Alexander . It’s nice to meet you, Imperial Princess . “

” . . . Anna of the Dannicus Household that rules the Nexus Galaxy . I look forward to the surprises you’re still hiding from me, friend . ”

Two beings that had only officially met twice in their lives shook hands on this day under the watchful eyes of two maids, this single hand shake being the beginning of a shocking set of events that would embroil multiple powers of the Dark Universe in chaos!

The hours pa.s.sed by as powerful Blessed with unique Traits completed the task of defeating 5 Fiends and bringing their heads back, successfully completing the last stage of the Blessed Imperial Selection .

In this last part of the trial, slightly over half of those that entered were successful, and many were shocked to find out that a prominent Young Master of a powerful household of the Imperial Citadel had somehow faced his death in the Devouring Realm!

Another shocking event that made many n.o.bles observe closely was the scene where the party of the Imperial Princess and her Guardsmaids could actually be observed to be moving with an unknown Blessed, those that had seen this same scene just 2 days prior spreading this information as soon enough, the ident.i.ty of the being known as Alexander King began to be talked about .

At this point in time, many were just wondering exactly why this being was hanging around the Imperial Princess, and what authority he had to do so!

“Haha! I welcome the new champions! I welcome you all to the ranks of High Imperials!”


A bellow could be heard from Master Zeke as he counted the heads of the Fiends brought forward by all the successful Blessed, and he then waved his hands towards the 100 odd Blessed that pa.s.sed this year’s Blessed Imperial Selection, the wave of his hands causing the appearance of a green-gold emblem to appear in front of their eyes .

“This is the Imperial Emblem that grants you an ident.i.ty as a High Imperial, a sacred ident.i.ty which comes with important duties!”

The humanoid birdman spoke as his white majestic wings moved in the skies, all the Blessed that successfully pa.s.sed the Trial being teleported back to the area in front of the s.h.i.+mmering red rift that led to the Devouring Realm between multiple mountain peaks as they now grasped on to their Imperial Emblems .

“There isn’t going to be some grand celebration or anything like that to welcome you all as you take on the mantle of High Imperials, but there is going to be a commandment that I will repeat- and it is this commandment you all must etch inside your hearts and follow . “


“As High Imperials, it is your job to put your life on the line to protect our Nexus Galaxy, the task of exploring the Dark Universe being something that comes second!”

The strong voice of Master Zeke reverberated throughout the mystical mountainous region as the red rift leading to the Devouring Realm shone menacingly behind him .

“Of course, to usher in the new ranks of High Imperials also means abundant rewards to foster your strength . You will find many resources in the Imperial Emblem that also acts as your ident.i.ty once you bind it by blood . The second reward will be something granted to every High Imperial . . . the access to the first two floors of the Imperial Library!”


The eyes of many beings shone as they heard these words, others not being able to contain themselves as they bellowed out their happiness at arriving in this new stage .

“For the Nexus Galaxy!”

“For the Imperials!”


Vibrant waves of power released outward as around 100 new High Imperials were added to the ranks of Imperials on this day, Noah implementing himself in the organization ruling the Nexus Galaxy as he was one step closer to completing his goals in this new Galaxy .

The path to completing his second Trait as he stayed true to its name of Protagonist, the goal of taking a central role in the fate of this new Galaxy . . . began now!


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