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Chapter 651: 651


Noah seemed to have fallen asleep for a long time, the skill he cast having forcefully made his consciousness shut down as he was waking up slowly while he felt abundant strength coursing through him .

Both his bodies had experienced something similar as his body floating in the Chaotic Void right outside of the Novus Galaxy was the one that shone with the most glimmering colors, his body as Alexander in the Nexus Galaxy using all possible covert abilities before he inexplicably pa.s.sed out to make sure that his rapid comprehension of multiple laws wasn’t noticed by anyone else .

He didn’t know that because of his single cast of a skill that affected an entire Galaxy, a bright green light had shone for an instant as it acted like a beacon! Powerful beings that were termed Ent.i.ties observed this light as they mistook him for someone on their stage because of the scale of this one skill he had cast!

The only saving grace was that either these Ent.i.ties were too far away to even be able to track back this source of light, or the one that was near was simply too busy with their own goals . But ignorance was bliss as he continued on without any worries . . .

Both of his bodies from the two different Galaxies rose as Noah saw a s.h.i.+mmering ancient tree vibrantly sprinkling green essence into his Nebula and everything around him, his body feeling immensely heavy and tout with strength as he glanced at his stat panel .

[Noah Osmont][t.i.tle(s): Infernal Lord(Variant), Grand Controller(Fate),Grand Controller(Chaos), Controller(Fire, Water)]

[Trait(s) : Infinite Mana, Protagonist(Incomplete)]

[Bloodline(s): Vampyre Progenitor]

[Primeval Tree of Old- Yggdrasil: Young Tree Stage]

[Aether Particles(s) : 8,926,354]

[Karma Line(s) : 4,145,526]

[Fate Line(s) : 10,000,000]

[Chaos Particle(s) : 10,000,000]

[Origin Core(s) : Light-5, Dark-5, Fire-10, Water-10, Earth-8, Air-8]

[Domain(s) : Life, Aether, Karma, Fate, Chaos, Light, Dark, s.p.a.ce, Time, Fire, Water, Earth, Air]

[Vitality: NEBULA]

[Focus: ∞ ]

[Strength: NEBULA]

[Law(s) : Life-25%, Aether- 89%, Karma-41%,Fate-100%,Chaos-100%, Light-52%, Dark-52%, s.p.a.ce-61%, Time-57%, Fire-100%, Water-100%, Earth-85%, Air-85%]

[Authority(s) : Aether Lord, Fate Lord, Chaos Lord, s.p.a.ce Lord, Time Lord, Light Lord, Dark Lord, Flame Lord, Water Lord, Earth Lord, Air Lord]

He had cast a single that affected an entire galaxy as his mind was forced to take a nap, and he woke up to find out that he had become a Controller in another Supreme Law as he also gained the authority of multiple other laws!

‘Ayy, I’m becoming too much of a genius!’ Taking a nap and waking up multiple times stronger, Noah could not help but let his thoughts run wild as he laughed .

His stat panel was vastly different with many laws being boosted simultaneously, his body sensing a unique aura as the essence of a Grand Controller of two laws swam freely around him .

Being a Controller in two normal Laws and a Grand Controller of two Supreme Laws was something he didn’t know if anyone else had done, but it boasted many questions when it came to using |Intent| to utilize the essence of these laws as a Controller .

As he continued forward in the future, would he simply be limited to |Intents| of two words or is he now able to utilize |Intent| with an even larger number of words? There were many things left for him to experiment on but he set his eyes below him where a s.h.i.+mmering Galaxy now lay, a strong essence of Life permeating throughout this Galaxy as it became the first to be [Endowed] in the long eons that pa.s.sed!

This meant there were a great deal of things to watch out for, the boosts for the [Life Essence Endowment] skill being so enormous that Noah knew the growth for the creatures of this Galaxy would be simply monstrous as they lived in an area so extremely abundant in the essence of an Ultimate Law, as well as the boosts of Atmospheric Essence on top of denser Universal Laws Essence and Increased Comprehension .


He gave a content sigh in the Chaotic Void as he saw nothing had gone wrong, with many beings simply just beginning to acclimate to the wondrous changed environment they were in as Noah knew in any normal creatures were living in this Galaxy, that was soon about to change as nearly everyone would soon become ‘awakened’!

With such an abundant Life Essence granted to them and the heavily enhanced essence of the Galaxy, even if a being did not want to- their bodies would naturally drink in the immense amounts of essence as they awakened to a new power .

[Not just that, with such an increased concentration of Life Force and Universal Law Essence, the essence of a Galaxy required to awaken Traits was elevated by a large factor, meaning that the Traits born in beings will be of high quality and even more abundant than other Galaxies . ]

The voice of the Novus Galaxy rang in his mind as the effects of Noah’s actions were still being studied, the wide ranging results they would provide being something he would continue to monitor and observe with the pa.s.sage of time!

He continued to observe the vibrant essence and changes of the Novus Galaxy from the Chaotic Void as he looked at his stat panel again, this time wanting to observe the other side of the Inheritance of the Law of Life .

Naturally, it was the Skill Tree that was responsible for the ridiculous boosts that [Life Essence Endowment] had, the one under the name of [Primeval Tree of Old- Yggdrasil]!

[Primeval Tree of Old- Yggdrasil] :: A skill tree that includes a set of techniques meant only for a being that holds a growing Primeval Tree within their Origin . Abilities include [Life](5/5), [Yggdrasil](5/5), [Primeval Propitious Physique Forging ](5/5), [Ashes to Ashes](5/5) .

[Life](5/5) :: All abilities pertaining to the Law of Life are enhanced by ten times . (+5 Skill Point boost increased enhancement from two to ten)

[Yggdrasil](5/5) :: An ability that most beings cannot keep active for longer than a few minutes because of its immense mana requirements, but a worthy ability of a user of the Law of Life . Project your comprehension in the Law of Life outwards as you take on the form of an ancient tree lost in the vicissitudes of time . In this form, the user gains +3000% Physical and Soul Defense, +3000% to All Damage, +5000% Health and Mana Regeneration, +3000% Increased Area of Effect on all Abilities, +3000% Increased Attack Speed, +100% Universal Laws Resistance Penetration, +100% to all Universal Laws Resistance, +10% Vitality Returned Each Time an Enemy is. .h.i.t by an Attack . All enemies struck by your branches gain the [Withered] status effect . All Allies struck by your branches gain the [Boosted Life Force] status effect . The user will also gain a Life s.h.i.+eld after every 10 minutes this ability is kept active . (The skill is currently being enhanced by the [Life] ability . )

” . . “

‘This . . . I…’

Speechless .

For the first time in a while, Noah was genuinely speechless as he stared at horrendous percentages of a single skill that was being boosted ten times by another skill!


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