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Chapter 813 – What I want! II

The Holy Emperor was careful as he asked the first thing that came to his mind while his essence began to move, ready to summon his PRISMATIC Animus at any time as this advancement was not something that he expected!

His eyes honed in on the pulsating Ruination Core as he matched it with the one he knew, his heart only becoming more shocked as time pa.s.sed.

Noah ignored the shaken Holy Emperor as he continued.

“This is a Ruination Core. I know there is another in the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter, though I don’t know how much you know about it.”

The question seemed to make the Holy Emperor shake out of his stupor and pensiveness as he stared at Noah in shock. His expression underwent a myriad of changes as he seemed thoughtful and pensive, staring at the calm Noah who had an Ent.i.ty knowledgeable in a Grand Dao above his head and another being nearing the rank of an Ent.i.ty by the side.

Yet even at this scene, the Holy Emperor wasn’t fearful as he spoke out carefully.

“We have studied the Tools of Ruination for a long time, and we have not been able to discern anything from them nor how to use them! How did you activate that one…how are you using it?!”

The gaze of the Holy Emperor gradually became heated as time pa.s.sed, Noah merely nodding as he continued to talk.

“I a.s.sume you know of the history of the Tools of Ruination? Of the truth behind the event tens of thousands of years ago that wiped out all the Sages and Great Sages?”

“…Yes. Nearly all the powerhouses of the Ancient Powers know about this…whether through the pages of the Book of Ruination or from the messages left behind by Sages and Great Sages…”

The Holy Emperor spoke carefully as his eyes remained on the pulsing Ruination Core in Noah’s hands, his mind seemingly connecting many things together as his eyes then shook while he turned to stare deep into Noah’s eyes!

“We’ve only been able to discern the information that a special authority or physique is required for anyone to utilize the Ruination Cores, could it be that you…?!”

The wise old man was smarter than Noah expected as it saved him lengthy explanations, his head mearly nodding as he moved on to the next step.

“I am most likely the only being in the Dark Universe who has the physique capable of utilizing the Ruination Cores…and also the one who can save us all from the coming Apocalypse!”

The Holy Emperor shook as he ascertained this truth, his mouth seemingly dry as he spoke once more!

“The coming Cataclysm…? You…!”

The words didn’t seem to come to him as the Holy Emperor merely stared at Noah in befuddlement.

All of the Ancient Powers that presided over the Dark Expanse knew or had glimpses of information about a future Cataclysm, and they knew it dealt with the event tens of thousands of years ago and involved the treasure known as Ruination!

Yet neither of them knew what to do to stop it as they all simply searched for the tools of Ruination and ways to utilize them. Very few had the proper knowledge of everything, with beings like the Ent.i.ty that had appeared in front of Noah when he first formed the Infinite Galaxy.

That Ent.i.ty had collected multiple Pages from the Book of Ruination as he even knew of the Physique required for one to even think about using the Ruination Cores, but others were even more in the dark than him as they only knew of theories from the Legacies that their Sages or Great Sages left behind!

The Holy Emperor from the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter was one of these beings as he now faced a creature he had only heard and read about in hearsay.

“My aim is the Ruination Core that should be under your care, if you would be wise and magnanimous enough to not simply let it collect dust and actually let me utilize it to save us all!”


“The coming Apocalypse is not one that can be survived unless I collect all of the remaining Ruination Cores and undo what the Sages and Great Sages did!”



The heart of the Holy Emperor was beating fast as he absorbed the mult.i.tude of information while seemingly lost in thought.

As the seconds pa.s.sed, Noah returned the Ruination Core into his origin, this action bringing the holy Emperor back to attention as he stared towards him with s.h.i.+ning eyes.

“This explains your ridiculous genius and talent…even the things you’ve been able to do, but…”

Noah looked at the gaze of the Holy Emperor and understood, as it was truly hard to let go of a treasure as profound as the Ruination Core! He seemed to see through the mind of this Ruler as he spoke calmly.

“The Ruination Core will only continue to collect dust in your hands, but I can utilize it to save all of us. Your family outside, the trillions of lives in the Expensive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter…all of the Dark Universe! What is a mere treasure in front of this?!”


The question rang true as it seemed to have woken the Holy Emperor, his s.h.i.+ning eyes calming down as he retained the demeanor of a Ruler!

“The news of the Ruination Core had somehow been leaked to the Primal Winged Expanse as I kept them close as allies since I knew full well what would happen when it was spread. This is the reason why the Primal Emperor proceeded with this war…and there is nothing stopping him from muddying the waters further by telling others about it!”

“If the being that can utilize it appears in front of me while fighting for my Ancient Power…”

The rest of his words didn’t seem to be coming out as if he was thinking heavily on this issue!

Yet when Noah saw this expression, he smiled as he knew he was already close to achieving his goal.

“I can promise you security for the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter, with no Ancient Power being able to bully you. The one I initiated this conflict with…I shall personally set off myself to finish it!”


Noah voiced out domineeringly as the Holy Emperor glanced towards him once more with s.h.i.+ning eyes.

“You’ve been saying domineering things and accomplis.h.i.+ng them with no issues so far that I subconsciously believe you when you speak now…sigh.”

The aged Ruler let out a breath as he seemed deep in thought, thinking about the trillions of lives under him and the reality that a being who could actually utilize the tools of Ruination had appeared right before him!

“Very well!”



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