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Chapter 903 – A Dragon’s Cry Reverberates Across Stardew Valleys! I

The newly created Lesser Dao of Subterfuge granted a being the capability to falsify their physiology at initial comprehension, their Realms at full comprehension, and they could even falsify the essence of their Daos when they fully a.s.similated it!

After Tiamat gave Noah the information on the many different types of Dragons, she watched on with s.h.i.+ning eyes as the body of the being she knew erupted with essence and began to expand rapidly.


The expansion was followed by a flash of gray light as when the scene cleared, the pristine human figure of Noah was gone as a magisterial Abyssal Black Tyrant Dragon took his place.


A shocking roar came out from him as from all accounts, Tiamat could see a genuine creature of the Dragon Race standing in front of her.

Scales that were extremely dark as they shone with an Obsidian glow, a pair of wings that actually had black flames dancing on them dangerously, and a draconic head that held two terrifying crimson eyes and jaws filled with sharp teeth!

A light smile could shockingly be seen expressed on the head of the newly appearing Tyrant Dragon as Noah spoke, the voice reverberating in their ears as it seemed like the sound of a true ancient Dragon.

“It only takes an exuberant amount of Mana when you first transform, with the false form you take being kept until you disable it. You can also…”

As he spoke, his body erupted with a myriad of Dao Essences- the most terrifying ones being the Cosmic Dao that caused the heart of the Dragon Girl to tremble, but there was also an a.s.sortment of over 10 other Daos!

Yet within the next few seconds…all of these terrifying energies of multiple Daos faded away as only two Dao Essences replaced them- the Daos of Destruction and Vastness!

“…falsify what essence your body gives off. Lastly, you can even falsify your Realm! That is the new Dao I’ve created, the Lesser Dao of Subterfuge!”


Tiamat watched as Noah’s terrifying power at the Galactic Filament Realm seemingly disappear, his enormous draconic figure releasing a weak aura that showed a s.h.i.+mmering Manifested Nebula.

“Comprehend this Dao first and change into another form that isn’t the ten headed dragon. I’ll get the others ready as well before we move to begin the revival of the mighty Dragon Race within the Animus Universe.”

Noah’s voice thundered out as Tiamat nodded, Noah placing her and the Dragon girl in a Time s.p.a.ce within the Pocket Universe as he got himself familiar with his new body!

Back in the Universal Core of the Dark Universe, a clone of his was already moving and relaying the Dao of Subterfuge to his subordinates, expecting the Sages under him to be able to very easily learn the Lesser Dao within a few hours in a Time s.p.a.ce, which would only be a few minutes in the outside Cosmos!

The reality of the brutal nature of the Animus Universe continued as a being prepared to make his entrance onto it.

A vast cl.u.s.ter of Galaxies permeated throughout, with the shocking feature of swirling Rift portals appearing throughout the Universe every second as they were the gateways an Animus could dive into for the purposes of contracting a Master.

Among all the Stellar bodies, the Planet of Consanguinity that was the size of a Galaxy was a well known location- the numerous races of the Supreme Bloodlines congregating there.

Within this 1 light year region, there were numerous mountain peaks that held the majestic fantasy cities made of Obsidian structures where the races of multiple Supreme Bloodlines permeated throughout.

The mountain peak that Noah and Tiamat had descended down in and grabbed the dragon girl was known as the Sky Summit, a region that had a few Sages and numerous Ent.i.ties!

The other mountainous Summits held many other experts as well, where if one were to look at the whole overarching Stardew Valleys- they would find thousands of Ent.i.ties, hundreds of Sages, and multiple Great Sage experts residing within this region!

Luckily or unluckily in the area that Noah first targeted…he wouldn’t come across the terrifying experts in the stage above a Great Sage- that is if he moved carefully.

He put together this information that the dragon girl gave them as many thoughts swirled in his mind!

Within the Dark Universe, multiple days had pa.s.sed in the Time s.p.a.ce where the Sages were trying to grasp the new Dao Noah had handed to them, only a bit over an hour pa.s.sing in the Cosmos as all of these powerful beings were able to gain initial Comprehension with the push from [Ruination Guider]!

This caused a smile to bloom on Noah’s face as while his now enormous body of a Tyrant Dragon stood next to Tiamat and the dragon girl, spatial essence swirled from the enormous [Universal Gateway] at the center of his Pocket Universe that connected to the Universal Core of the Dark Universe.

When the spatial light faded…the figures of multiple Sages from Noah’s homeworld made their appearance into the Pocket Universe.

The vivacious Barbatos and Morgana, the sharp looking Sword Emperor and Kazuhiko, the prideful Emperor Penguin, Holy Emperor, Anna, Athena, Elena…all the Harbingers of Sin and remaining Sages of the Dark Universe came out in full force to experience the Animus Universe!

Many of the Sages recognized this Tyrannical demeanor as Barbatos walked forward with her curvaceous body swaying, her voice sonorous ringing out.

“This is the new form you will take, Little Fish?”


Her voice caused all the others to affirm their a.s.sertions as they saw a deadly smile appear on the face of the Tyrant Dragon.

“Yes. You all can choose your own physiologies from the Dragon Race before we move out!”


The eyes of the Sages shone brilliantly as they had already been briefed on the situation that Noah and Tiamat were met with.

“Haha, good!”

Kazuhiko’s excited voice reverberated out as the Dao of Subterfuge swirled around him, this being always looking forward to new adventures as he was the first after Noah to utilize the newly created Lesser Dao to falsify his new form.

“Arriving in a new Universe and beginning a quest for conquest right away…I like it!”


The air crackled with power as the tides of Destiny moved.

The already brutal atmosphere of the Animus Universe was about to get even wilder as new players would soon be introduced onto the stage!


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