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Chapter 1095 Wu Lingyu falls unconscious

After taking care of the men from the Yin Yang Palace, the group headed deeper into the island in search of a fortuitous encounter.

“Hey!” While sitting on Halcyon’s back, Little Seven who was leaning on Han Miao Shuang, suddenly sat up and looked towards the direction of the water.

“What’s up?” Han Miao Shuang asked her.

“I seem to have smelled something. Mm, it’s a familiar smell, but I can’t remember what it is.” Little Seven said.

“You’ve smelled many smells before. It’s normal that you wouldn’t be able to remember. It’s probably something to eat!” Han Miao Shuang said with a smile.

“It’s not.” Little Seven was certain, “This isn’t the smell of a giant carrot. I didn’t smell that before, so it’s definitely not.”

“You’ve never smelled it before, so why do you feel like it’s familiar?” Han Miao Shuang asked.

“It’s precisely because I feel like it’s familiar, but I don’t know why.” Little Seven pursed her lips and said, “If I knew what it was, I wouldn’t be acting this way. Take a whiff, isn’t it a very light smell?”

After she said this, everyone closed their eyes and took a whiff. However, they didn’t pick up any particular smell.

“There’s no smell, though. Little Seven, are you mistaken?” Han Miao Shuang asked.

“No way, there’s definitely a smell! Yue Yue, can you smell that?” Little Seven asked.

Sima You Yue took a few deep breaths before she shook her head, saying, “There’s flora and fauna all around us with many light and refres.h.i.+ng smells. Are you talking about those?”

“Ugh, why can’t any of you smell that!” Little Seven was fl.u.s.tered as she stomped her foot while on Halcyon’s back.

Wu Lingyu furrowed his eyebrows in discomfort as he sat there, and Sima You Yue just happened to want to say something to him when she saw his pale expression and furrowed eyebrows. She asked anxiously, “Senior Brother, what’s wrong?”

“A little uncomfortable.” Wu Lingyu didn’t try to hold on as he leaned on Sima You Yue.

“What’s wrong with Big Bro Lingyu?” Little Seven asked.

“Senior Brother, you…” Sima You Yue hadn’t finished asking her question when Wu Lingyu fainted. His head that was leaning on her shoulder slipped downwards.

“Senior Brother?! Halcyon, make a landing.” Sima You Yue supported Wu Lingyu as she instructed Halcyon.

Halcyon led them back to their campsite where Sima You Yue lay Wu Lingyu flat before inspecting his body.

“You Yue, what’s happened to him?” Ximen Feng flew over as well and asked as he stood beside her.

“His pulse is very slow. It’s as if he’s entered a deep sleep.” Sima You Yue said, “But it’s fine, he should awaken soon.”

“You knew this long ago, so don’t worry.” Little Seven comforted her.

Something happened when Wu Lingyu’s soul fused, so his body would occasionally fall unconscious. Even after regaining consciousness, he would be weak for a period of time. This was something that Little Seven and Sima You yue had known about long ago. Right now, knowing that he fainted because of this allowed Sima You Yue’s chaotic heart to gradually calm down.

“Knew about it long ago? What’s going on?” Ximen Feng asked.

“Senior Brother’s body has an old injury, so he will fall into a deep sleep occasionally. We just have to wait for him to regain consciousness.” Sima You Yue explained.

“Is he really fine? Why would he faint all of a sudden?” Han Miao Shuang was still a little confused.

“There really isn’t any other reason.” Sima You Yue said.

“Does it have anything to do with the smell that Little Seven was talking about earlier? It seemed like he only felt uncomfortable after Little Seven mentioned it.” Kong Xiang Yi guessed.

“I want to bring him into the Little Realm for a more thorough check up. You guys don’t have to come with me. Feng’er, lead them on forwards for now.” Sima You yue said.

She had yet to carefully inspect his body, and she didn’t know how it would be after a more thorough check up. She didn’t know how much time she would need, either. If they came with her, she didn’t know how long they would tarry. She might as well let them go ahead.

Ximen Feng understood what she meant, so he didn’t say much.

“Contact us if you are in any danger.”

“Same for you.”

Ximen Feng led the members of Heartbreak Valley and Kong valley. Little Seven, Han Miao Shuang and Su Xiao Xiao stayed behind.

“Help me keep watch. I want to give Senior Brother a thorough check up.” Sima You Yue said.

The three of them nodded and formed a triangle, helping her keep watch watch with her at the center.

Sima You Yue pulled her consciousness into Wu LIngyu’s body, paying close attention to his condition.

“What is going on here?”

After going in, she realised that Wu Lingyu’s main vital organs were moving very slowly. His heart was beating at half the speed of the average person.

“Qilin, Qilin!” She called out for Wu Lingyu’s contracted beast.

“What’s up?” Fire Qilin’s lazy voice sounded.

“When Senior fainted in the past, were his organs like this?”

“They weren’t. They were normal last time.” Fire Qilin said, “But I feel like there isn’t anything wrong with him. He’s just sleeping.”

“Senior Brother said that the previous times when he was about to faint, he would always have some kind of sign. Why was it so sudden this time? Do you know why?”

“Even you don’t know, so how would I? I’m not a doctor. Alright, don’t bother me. I’m going to rest!” Fire Qilin’s voice slowly grew softer. It was as if he was falling into a sleep along with Wu Lingyu.

Sima You Yue was helpless. She could only continue to observe his condition. She came to Wu Lingyu’s dantian and realised that there were two rays of light, one white and one black. The black one went without saying. It was probably the devil clan’s energy that came with his soul. The white ray was surrounding spirit energy of various colours.

The black and white existed simultaneously in the dantian, but it was also separate.

“It seems like it’s like Senior Brother said. One of it is a part of his soul while the other is a part of his body. Both of them are in their own vessels, so there’s no danger even though they exist side by side.” Sima You Yue sighed.

She didn’t know when she would be able to escape this predicament of having a divine devil physique.

She observed him carefully, but she couldn’t find out what was so strange that his body’s organs were only functioning at half speed.

After searching for a long moment, she still couldn’t find out why, so she left.

Since Fire Qilin said that he was fine, he probably was.

Han Miao Shuang and the others saw that she had finished her checkup, so they came flying back.

“Junior Brother, how is it?” Han Miao Shuang asked.

“I didn’t manage to find anything.” Sima You Yue said, “But his contracted beast said that he was fine, so he should be fine.”

“So what do we do now? Wait for him to wake up?” Little Seven asked.

“No need. With him this way, I have no idea when he will wake back up. Who knows how long we will have to wait.” Sima You Yue said, “I’ll put him in my spirit paG.o.da and let Little Spirit take a look at him.”

“That’s good too. This way, it won’t impact our searching.” Han Miao Shuang said.

Sma You Yue placed Wu Lingyu into her spirit paG.o.da before getting Halcyon to continue taking them towards the inner regions of the island.


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