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1238 Stopped from entering the city

Sima You Yue wanted to see Jun Mo Yu, little did she know that he was also waiting for her to come.

And she didn’t know that by the time she saw him, she had already swum at the brink of death multiple times.

But because she didn’t know, she was still worried about the transportation arrays later, she felt distressed thinking about having to change twice and vomiting twice more.

Although Xiao Hong heard her saying she would be sick taking the transportation array, she hadn’t seen it before and didn’t know how it was like to be sick on the transportation array. That was why she felt bad and was shocked upon seeing her vomiting upside down when she came out from the transportation array.

“Is she always like this?”

“Yes.” Fatty Qu continued, “She has been vomiting like that for over a month.”

Xiao Hong was touched, this was all for her! If she didn’t invite her, You Yue wouldn’t be here like this.

“No wonder she lost so much weight compared to the last time. If it’s not for me, she wouldn’t be like this.” She blamed herself.

Bei Gong Tang quite liked Xiao Hong’s personality when she came in contact with her the past two days. Seeing her blaming herself, she said, “You Yue herself is willing to. Who can force her with this personality of hers? Don’t blame yourself too much.”

Xiao Hong nodded, but she still blamed herself deep inside.

“When will she stop vomiting? If she’s still like this when she has to go back, how can she bear with it.’

“She’ll be fine when her spiritual energy recovers.” Bei Gong Tang continued, “Or it might work if she uses an extremely stable transportation array.”

“An extremely stable transportation array? Will it work just by using that?” Xiao Hong asked.

“It should be able to help a lot.” Bei Gong Tang continued, “She is sick from the transportation array because she is highly sensitive to the spatial realm. Also, the transportation array isn’t stable now. If it’s a stable transportation array, it doesn’t even need to be completely removed, even lessening the sickness will be good enough.”

“Then I’ll get someone to try when you guys are going back.” Xiao Hong said.

After Sima You Yue finished vomiting, they rested for a day. On the second day, they headed straight to Armament City.

Initially, they wanted to change once more to reach the cities that were connected to Armament city, and use the specially connected transportation array to get there.

But seeing Sima You Yue suffering, Xiao Hong sent others to look for a temporary transportation array to send them straight there.

Last time, they felt that this was useless. Now that they thought about it, it would be good to bring some along.

Maybe it was because Xiao Hong urged them to bring one that was more stable, but Sima You Yue didn’t vomit this time when she came out of this transportation array and only had a strong dizzy spell.

“The city gate is right in front, can you still persevere?” Xiao Hong asked.

Sima You Yue could only hold on under Bei Gong Tang and the support of her arm. Seeing the city walls hundred metres away, she shook her head and said, “Let me rest a little first.”

Bei Gong Tang took out a pill for her to eat, took out a soft pillow and helped to lie her down, “Rest here for a while first.”

Sima You Yue laid down. Seeing her pale face, Xiao Hong bit her lips and blamed herself badly.

Sima You Yue opened her eyes, looked at her and said, “Don’t blame yourself, just give me lots of supplements later and I’ll be fine.”

“Don’t talk, take a good rest.” Xiao Hong said, deep down, she told herself that she would treat her well when they got into the city.

At this point when the city gate opened, a gorgeous beast chariot ran out. A bunch of guards came to them and said, “Young Miss, the President got us to fetch you back.”

“Father arranged it?” Xiao Hong was astonished.

“Yes. The President said you guys should have arrived, so the President got us to come out of the city to fetch you guys. He asked us to wait if you guys hadn’t reached.” The guard said.

“It must be because I sent someone back to get the transportation array that my parents knew about it. Since we now have the beast chariot, let’s go back first.” Xiao Hong said.

Sima You Yue nodded. Since she agreed, the others naturally agreed too.

Xiao Hong was powerful. She carried Sima You Yue and put her on the beast chariot, then she got up with Bei Gong Tang onto the beast chariot. The rest would take the beast chariot behind them.

The guard’s captain waved and the spirit beasts galloped towards the city.

At the city’s door, although the guards didn’t know who was inside, if it was someone that had to be welcomed, then it wouldn’t be n.o.body. Hence, they respectfully greeted them and stood at attention until they went into a turn and out of sight.

Since Armament City was actually named like that because it was a literal name. Even the young and the elderlies knew how about armament, and there were only a few who didn’t start a business.

Because the succession ceremony was nearing, the Armament city was unusually bustling with noise and excitement. As the city was small but populated, commoners weren’t allowed to use carriages on the streets at this period of time. When they saw someone using a carriage on the street, everyone looked over curiously.

“Who is that? They actually dared to use carriage in this period of time?”

“Regardless who it is, their ident.i.ty must be extraordinary. Look at those guards, those are Armament Masters Guild’s members.”

“Hmph, so what if it’s Armament Masters Guild, I’ll go up and ask regardless who it is. Why is it that we can’t use a carriage but they can!”

A girl who wore a goose yellow dress came onto the street, stood in the middle of the road, blocking the troops’ way and called out, “Stop!”

Even without the captain of the guards’ order, those spirit beasts automatically halted.

“Miss Huang, what are you doing?” The captain of the guards asked as he pulled a long face.

“Captain Hao, you guys from Armament Masters Guild said that the city is small with a high population and don’t allow us to use a beast’s carriage. Who is this in the carriage that can go against the rule, using the beast carriage on the street openly?”

“This is the President’s order. Miss Huang, please excuse us.” Captain Hao said.

“President’s order? Then we are more curious about this person, that made the President fetch her himself, I think it’s not just any force right? Why, you want to get us out of the way with this excuse just because you don’t want us to know who this is?” The girl said sarcastically, “You must tell us their ident.i.ty, who doesn’t have an ident.i.ty when they come here.”

Xiao Hong pulled the curtain aside, popping her head out from inside and shouting at the girl in front, “Huang Ying Ying, get out of the way!”

“Oh, I thought who it was! It’s actually the Guild Missy that purposely goes low profile! Why, I thought you said it was an important guest, you’re counted as a guest? As the President’s Daughter, you can’t rely on power to break the rule!” Huang Ying Ying said with all smiles.

“Hmph, didn’t you talk about ident.i.ty just now? The guest I have here, her ident.i.ty is much n.o.bler than yours. If you don’t get out of the way now, I can’t promise you that you’ll be able to stay here till the ceremony begins.” Xiao Hong said.

“You make it sound as if I’m scared!” Huang Ying Ying acted like she was scared, “Since you said it so scarily, why don’t you tell us her ident.i.ty? Someone without spiritual energy fluctuation, we’re very curious about her n.o.ble ident.i.ty!”

“What rights do you have to get her down the carriage here.” Xiao Hong said, “When you know her ident.i.ty, you better not dig a hole to hide out of shame!”


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