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Chapter 1379: Trouble comes knocking

This is the first time Sima You Yue has seen it after giving the Divine Scar to Little Spirit.

At that time, it was just a little seed in the ring. When she saw it again, it was already a seedling that was more than ten centimeters high.

Because of the blood bond between her spirit beasts and herself, the seedling exuded a faint smell of blood, but it was not overwhelming.

“Why is it still so small after so many years?” Sima You Yue did the calculations in her heart that it had been thirty over years on the outside world so it meant that about three hundred years had pa.s.sed and yet it only grew so much?

“What do you know?” Little Spirit glanced at her with eyes full of contempt. “Divine Scar is not tall in the first place. It should be said that divine herbs grow typically like this. Not to mention, I accelerated the time over this plot so it’s been more than three hundred years.”

“Well, when will it mature then?” Sima You Yue asked.

“It’s already bearing fruit.” Little Spirit said excitedly, “I have sensed it, but it can’t be seen with the naked eye.”

“When will the fruit mature?” Sima You Yue still paid more attention to this.

“This Divine Scar is different from the others. The early stage is slow, but it will mature soon afterwards. It shouldn’t take more than a few years.” Little Spirit said.

“Can you accelerate the time so that I can get the fruit as soon as possible?” Sima You Yue asked him.

“But if I do that, I won’t be able to observe its growth.” Little Spirit said sulkily.

“I have an urgent need for the fruit this time. You can refer to it next time. Anyway, your life span is endless.” Sima You Yue said.

“Alright.” Little Spirit agreed, her business mattered more. Anyway, after harvesting the fruit, he can plant it again.

“Without affecting the medicinal efficacy, please get it to mature as fast as possible.” Sima You Yue urged.

“Not a problem!”

Sima You Yue then went to see Wu Lingyu before heading to the alchemy room to refine some pills for Sima Liu Xuan.

Thinking of her father’s situation, she sighed in her heart.

In such a situation, her father could still resist Kui Ming Die. This made her admire him but yet she felt distressed at the same time.

What if he pretended to obey?

She shook her head and if he really lowered his head, even if everyone forgave him, he wouldn’t forgive himself. It didn’t happen, and it didn’t make sense to think about it.

She took a deep breath, began to sort the medicinal materials and started to refine the pill.

In the days that followed, she was focused on healing Sima Liu Xuan and after half a month, he could finally get out of bed.

When he walked out of the room, he felt like running with tears welled up in his eyes. He had never been in his bed for so long!

Each time he wanted to move, his Mother would be staring at him and say, “You are not allowed to get out of bed without You Yue’s permission.”

Then when he turned his attention to his precious daughter for help, she always smiled and said: “Father, I am a doctor. The doctor has requirements for patients. Do you want to embarra.s.s me?”

Well, his baby girl can’t be embarra.s.sed, then he could only bear with it.

After lying in bed for a month, he could finally get out of bed, but in order not to make him tired, You Yue went to find Fatty Qu to make him a wheelchair. At the same time, she brought all the people in the spirit paG.o.da out.

When they heard that Sima You Yue found her father, Sima Lie and the others did not continue with their cultivation and went to pay their benefactor a visit. Without him, there would be no Sima family left.

Sima You Yue was chatting with Sima Liu Xuan in the garden. He heard movement at the gate of the courtyard and when he looked over, he saw Sima Lie and the others walking over.

Sima Lie was looking younger and younger because of his growth in strength, he now looked like a middle aged man despite his age.

Seeing Sima Liu Xuan dressed in white with a head of white hair seated in the wheelchair, he stepped forward excitedly and bowed to him: “Benefactor!”

“We have seen our benefactor.” Sima You Ming and the four also saluted and paid their respects to him.

“Don’t call me benefactor, you are You Yue’s grandfather and brother, let’s still go by seniority.” Sima Liu Xuan smiled lightly.


Sima You Ming and the others followed his goodwill, but Sima Lie couldn’t do it, adamantly insisted on calling him his benefactor.

“Grandfather, you are my grandfather. It is said that Father’s generation is a generation younger than you. But he is older than you, and you are not easy to distinguish. Why don’t you address each other by names. Anyway, everyone has the same surname.” Sima You Yue coaxed.

“How embarra.s.sing is this?”

“You helped me raise my daughter and taught her so well. You’ve bestowed such great kindness, I haven’t even thanked you yet!” Sima Liu Xuan said.

“That’s right, Grandfather, you said that I should continue to address you as Grandfather, yet you insist on addressing my father as ‘benefactor’. Isn’t this a mess? We are all cultivators and we don’t need to have such courtesy.”

In the end, under Sima You Yue’s insistence, the two eventually became brothers. Although this was a bit nondescript, it was better than the beginning.

After a while, Fatty Qu and the others also came in. Seeing the person looking like a fallen immortal, Fatty Qu blurted out: “You Yue, your father is so beautiful!”

Bei Gong Tang hurriedly pulled him, indicating that he was too rude.

“Pffffffft——” Sima You Yue was amused by the reaction of Fatty Qu, and said with a smile: “You better not have any idea on my Father!”

“I, where would I…what are you talking about!” Fatty Qu was embarra.s.sed.

Sima You Yue turned her head and said to Sima Liu Xuan: “Father, you don’t know, when I was dressed up as a man and when we met for the first time, he was living in the same courtyard with me. The gaze he looked at me at that time, was like a pervert.”

“Right? But in the end, he was bribed by You Yue with a meal.” Bei Gong Tang laughed.

“When did that happen, how do you remember it!” Fatty Qu glared at everyone, “Furthermore, you are not the same. At first, it was cold like a block of ice, but in the end it was subdued by You Yue. That’s why we’re birds of a feather!”

“Hehe, I have heard You Yue talk about you a long time ago, thank you for taking care of her along the way.”

Sima Liu Xuan was amused by them, and other people in the courtyard followed up with a lot of things that Sima You Yue had done before.

“Uncle, you are too polite. You Yue should have been taking care of us all the time.” Bei Gong Tang and the others were embarra.s.sed instead.

“Because of you, she is not lonely and has you all to accompany her along the way. So no matter who takes care of who, you can be together for so many years, that is the fate between you.”

“Hey, too…”

Suddenly, Sima You Yue saw a little one looking at the gate of the courtyard with an anxious expression. Because she had previously ordered that no one enter the yard to disturb her father to rest, they could not come in directly.

She got up and walked over and asked: “What’s the matter?”

“Deputy Valley Master, a few people came before, and they mentioned the Divine Devil Valley. Moreover, the manner in which they are speaking tone isn’t very good. The manager asked me to invite you over.”

“Who are those people?” Sima You Yue frowned.

“They seem to be from Cloud Cave.”

Sima You Yue narrowed her eyes slightly. The people from Cloud Cave actually ran to her turf and said bad things about the Divine Devil Valley?! Hmph!


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