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Chapter 1548: Mysterious Guest

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After exiting the little realm, Sima You Yue finally heaved a long sigh of relief. She initially thought that she would be able to leave directly. However, after thinking about it, she changed her direction.

A short while later, the Yang Clan’s Patriarch and a group of elders found out about the disappearance of the undead.

By the time Sima You Yue heard the news, they had already gathered outside the Yang Clan. This news was also only told to her by the scarlet bees that she had left in the Yang Clan.

It was a good thing that she was quick witted and didn’t report the news on her own. She merely got a guard to enter. Although the other party was unwilling, those who came out from the little realm were all of a high status and he could only obediently head inside.

When she returned to the inn, the moment she entered, she saw Su Liu Nian running down from upstairs. She came in front of her and saw that she was safe. Only then did the huge rock of anxiety settle down.

“You brat, where did you run off to? I didn’t see you for so many days and you almost scared me to death!” Su Liu Nian began to scold her after seeing that she was fine.

“Aunt He, I’m fine. I have something to tell you and Uncle He. Sima You Yue lowered her voice then held onto Su Liu Nian’s hand and led her upstairs.

Su Liu Nian saw how secretive Sima You Yue was being, so she swallowed the rest of her words and took her into her house.

“You’re back.” He Zhen Zhang knew that Sima You Yue had returned. He didn’t see her for a few days and they didn’t look into the Yang Clan’s issues anymore, choosing to search for her through the city instead.

It was a good thing that An Lei kept a.s.suring them that Sima You Yue was fine, so they were not that worried.

“I caused Uncle and Aunt He to worry these days. You Yue is really sorry.’ Sima You Yue apologised sincerely.

“It’s fine as long as you’re fine.” Su Liu Nian patted her head, “But next time, don’t just run off without saying anything.”

“I understand.”

“Right, you said that you had something to tell us. Did something happen?” Su Liu Nian asked.

“It’s like this..”

Sima You Yue told them what happened at the Yang Clan, but finally, decided to keep the disappearing undead as a secret. She merely said that she saw those undead.

“We didn’t think that they would actually place them in a little realm. It’s no wonder we couldn’t find anything after searching for such a long time!” He Zhen Zhang slapped the table. It was a good thing he controlled his strength and didn’t break the table apart.

“The little realm only allows those with death aura to enter. That is why Uncle He’s men never managed to discover it. There’s no need to be angry.” Sima You Yue consoled him. This time, if not because she happened to be able to use ghost aura and enter with the corpses, they would probably never find the place.

“If that is truly the case, then it will probably be impossible to expose the relations.h.i.+p that the Yang Clan has with the undead.” Sui Liu Nian was rather disappointed.

“As long as the Yang Clan has any interaction with the undead, it will still be possible.” However, it was unlikely to happen in Chord City.

Since that was the case, they might as well recall their strength and wait for the auction that would be held a few months later.

For the next few months, the Yang Clan was exceptionally quiet. Those in the residence were rarely seen apart from doing usual life activities and social activities. However, they didn’t do much, so if they didn’t know that they had lost so many undead, she would have thought that nothing happened to the Yang Clan.

Thinking about those undead, Sima You Yue returned to her house and then went into the Spirit PaG.o.da.

Inside the Spirit PaG.o.da, her beasts were surrounding those corpses and examining them. However, after studying them for a long while, they still didn’t know what made these undead move.

“Looks like there needs to be a method to control them.” Sima You Yue gave up after studying them for a long time. She tried using all the old skills that she had learned in the beginning, but no matter what she used, those corpses refused to move.

“Yue Yue, when the time comes, can’t you just catch a few of them and get them to tell us the method to control them.” Little Seven didn’t have a good feeling towards those dead people and said with a pout when she saw how interested Sima You Yue was towards them.

“Guess we have no other choice.” Sima You yue said, “Otherwise, we can only wait till after we go to the ghost realm and ask around whether or not they have an idea.”

However, what she didn’t know was that, even if it was the ghost realm, these types of methods to control bodies were known as sorcery. If others knew, they would group up together and attack them. That was why, if she wanted to know how to make use of these dead bodies, she pretty much had to give up on it.

For the rest of the days, Sima You Yue rarely went out and usually locked herself away. As for the He clan, because they knew that searching any more would be useless, they didn’t plan to go out either. However, there were times they would head out early and return late. They probably didn’t give up completely.

Sima You Yue locked herself in the spirit paG.o.da. If anyone came, Little Spirit would notify her. That was why n.o.body knew that she wasn’t in the room for the past few months.

She stayed like this all the way till one month before the start of the auction. As the number of people in the city grew, she stopped staying inside the paG.o.da and started reading inside the room.

Later on, she heard An Lei say that the Dan clansmen had come a few days ago wanting to make trouble for Sima You Yue, but He Zhen Zhang and the others had blocked them and forced them to return.

“This Dan Yu Xi is so bored in the Yang Clan. You didn’t even go to the Yang Clan, so what are they looking for my brat for? Could it be that you guys are bullying her thinking that she doesn’t have a backer here? Even the Xuan Yuan Pavilion has to provide for her. Do you dare to try to touch a single finger on her?”

Su Liu Nian’s words were very useful. Everyone in Chord City knew how the Xuan Yuan Pavilion viewed Sima You Yue. Because, apart from her, n.o.body’s invitation was worth the manager’s personal reception.

Knowing that the He Clan was the one who had auctioned the sage medicine, the Dan Clan didn’t force it either. They just left gloomily.

After Sima You Yue heard it, she sneered, “These people only ever know how to push people over. Dan Yu Xi died in the Yang Clan, and they couldn’t find the culprit, so they could only look for someone who had a past feud with her to take revenge.”

Although she really was the culprit, to outsiders, through the way she was acting, n.o.body would be able to link her to the true culprit. The way the Dan Clan was acting was merely to take their anger out on a weaker power.

An Lei had seen the Eastern Lai clan quite a bit in the past and knew that these people were inferior, so she didn’t say much.

After a few days pa.s.sed, those from the Sima Clan came. Sima You Yue saw that, apart from Great Grandfather, Grandfather and Grandmother, even Sima Qing had come.

“Ancestor, why are you not staying at home but have run over here?”

“It won’t turn chaotic.” Sima Qing glanced at her, his heart sighing endlessly.

It was this brat that could affect the entire clan. She just casually did some things but they would fill one’s heart with fear and trepidation.

“Child, you did pretty good this time. In the event you have no power, you definitely have to choose to protect yourself before thinking about those things.” Huang Ying Ying patted Sima You Yue’s head as she lectured.

“I understand, Grandmother. You all must be tired. You should rest first. When I am back, I will take you for a walk around the city.” Sima You Yue said as she beamed.


Sima You Yue sent them to the room. When they returned, they realised that an additional person was amongst them. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at that person warily.

“Who are you?”


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