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Chapter 1746: Afraid I am not my Father’s Daughter

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“We don’t know if it’s reliable but there are a lot of people here. You haven’t been out recently so you don’t know. A lot of people have been here in the city recently.” Mu Kai En replied. “They are all after the treasure.”

“It still feels unreliable. The people in our city hadn’t responded. Why are these people far away more active?” Sima You Yue clapped her hands. “However, since we are all here, let’s find out!”

“Murong Xi, even though you have amnesia, you are still so bold. Are you not afraid of meeting a mishap again?” Cao Cheng An teased.

“What’s there to be afraid of? If I am afraid, I am not my father’s daughter!” Sima You Yue patted Blacky. Everyone continued moving forward.

Those who looked down on Sima You Yue like Gongzi Yuan, Cao Cheng An, Mu Kai En, and Xiao Ruo Bai maintained a good att.i.tude towards Sima You Yue. They did not dare to do anything more.

In their eyes, Sima You Yue had a City Lord as a Father. Otherwise she would be a trash in essence. But the other four people were different. They were young masters and geniuses in the strongest clans. These kinds of people were most admirable. If they ridiculed Sima You Yue and aroused their resentment, it would not be worth the loss.

Afterall, they were their followers and had to rely on them.

The group of people traveled for a day before reaching Atavistic Orchid Mountain. Because of the dangers in the mountain, they found an empty s.p.a.ce to camp shortly after entering the mountain.

Sima You Yue had already prepared these things. She skillfully took out a tent and set it up. Everyone felt like they were seeing a ghost.

“Xi’er, when did you learn to set up tents? Didn’t your guards do them in the past?” Xiao Ruo Bai’s tent was right next to her. Before her tent was up, Sima You Yue had already set her up.

“I haven’t eaten pork but I saw pigs run! Seeing them done so many times, I learned it myself.” Sima You Yue clapped her hands and opened her tent. She entered and began to arrange the inside.

After a while, Gongzi Yuan’s group of four came back and were speechless at her extremely luxurious decorations in her tent.

“Murong Xi, this is camping. Why do you put out so many decorations? Is it not hard to clean up!” Cao Cheng An whispered.

“I did not come out to suffer, of course I have to make myself comfortable.” As Sima You Yue said this, she was also speechless in her heart. Because these were Murong Xi’s habits when she went out and as seen by others. Since she was pretending to be Murong Xi, she naturally had to pay attention to these. Who knew if anyone who had harmed her was here?

“You and Ruo Bai are both Eldest Miss. Why is her tent fresh, elegant, and you look secular?” Mu Kai En commented.

“I like to, what can you do? Alright alright, I’m going to sleep. You all go out!” Sima You Yue drove all those people out.

Gongzi Yuan saw her impatient look and murmured, “We didn’t bring any guards, so don’t go out at night. Beware of encountering underworld beasts.”

“I know, get out, get out.” Sima You Yue pushed him out as well and closed the curtain.

“Huff———” She let out a long breath and laid down on the big bed. She whispered in a low voice, “I don’t know how long I need to hold this ident.i.ty. Alas, it is better to hurry up and cultivate and enter Underworld Fiend Master rank earlier. Little Spirit, get well soon. The revolution has not succeeded, comrades still need to work hard!”

She got up from the bed and began to cultivate. It continued until next morning, Gong Zi Yua tell her to get up.

“Xi’er, why do I think your aura is stronger than yesterday?” Gongzi Yuan looked at her suspiciously.

“Is there? You aren’t awake yet.” Sima You Yue finished and went back to pack her things. She stored them all in the spatial ring.

She found that Atavistic Orchid Mountain had abundant soulpower. Last night, while she was cultivating soul power, the effect was remarkable. She felt that she already touched the Underworld Fiend Master’s barrier. As long as she cultivated a little more, she would successfully advance.

The more she walked into the Atavistic Orchid Mountain, the more she realized that it was a good place for cultivation. The soul power here was abundant. She remembered that ancestor used his last bit of his power to send her to Ghost Realm. Did ancestor purposely choose this place?

“Xi’er, what are you thinking?” Gongzi Yuan shook his hand in front of her.

Sima You Yue recovered and looked at him. “What are you doing?”

“We’re leaving.” Gongzi Yuan said aggrievedly. After this guy came to the mountain, she was in a trance and didn’t care about him at all.

“Where are we going?” She asked.

“Have you listened to us at all?!” Cao Cheng An said. “There are two roads here. We will walk separately. We can meet at the foot of the mountain after dark. The one who finds more things wins.”

“Is this your compet.i.tion?” Sima You Yue questioned.

“This is the first day. There are still a few days to come!”

“We’re competing this, this is too low skill.” She thought these little guys would do something else!

“Don’t look down on it. If one of us can get the rumored treasure, they win!” Cao Cheng An snorted coldly.

“In other words, no matter what else, if one get the treasure, they win?” Sima You Yue asked.

“That’s right.”

“What if there is no treasure?”

“Then those who have the highest value of things win.”

Sima You Yue nodded clearly and then said to Gongzi Yuan, “Let’s go.”

Only she and Gongzi Yuan moved. The other ten did not move.

“Only the two of us?” She asked.

“Mm, they don’t believe I will win.” Gongzi Yuan said. “However, I don’t need their help.”

“It’s because of me?” Sima You Yue guessed immediately.

“Not really. Those people are their followers. My group of followers did not come.” Gongzi Yuan smiled, as if not caring.

“Don’t worry, we won’t lose.” Sima You Yue patted Gongzi Yuan’s shoulder and said affirmatively.

“Mm.” Gongzi Yuan smiled more brilliantly not because he thought he could win but because of her ‘we.’

“Cao Cheng A, since you have so many people here. I’ll go with them.” Xiao Ruo Bai greeted them and followed Sima You Yue and Gongzi Yuan. “You don’t mind me joining you?”

“Ruo Bai, you want to go with us?” Gongzi Yuan looked at Xiao Ruo Bai in surprise.

Among so many people, he and Ruo Bai’s relations.h.i.+p was average. He did not expect her to choose him this time.

“I just don’t like to be with a lot of boasters.” Xiao Ruo Bai shrugged as if this was really the reason.

“Sure, let’s go.” Gongzi Yuan agreed. Sima You Yue naturally had no objection.

Looking at Xiao Ruo Bai, she reminded her of Bei Gong Tang. But when she met Bei Gong Tang, she was even colder.

She did not know how her friends were doing now….


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