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Sima You Yue looked at Mo Sha. Could he have been aware of that person’s ident.i.ty?

“Don’t you look at me like that, I don’t know who he is either.” Mo Sha said.

“How would you know that we have a complicated relations.h.i.+p then?” Sima You Yue could not understand.

“I guessed.” Mo Sha shrugged nonchalantly.

Huh. When did he learn to make such terrible jokes?

“It might actually be better if you remain unaware of his ident.i.ty. But like he said, between the both of you there definitely is some blood relations.h.i.+p, but how close this blood relation is, I’m not too sure.” Mo Sha siad. “But this is not the main point now, you should be considering other things.”

“If this is not the main point, then what is?” Sima You Yue asked.

“The dark energy within you has been released, and this was beyond what I had expected to see.” Mo Sha said, “Now, they are all in within you, and if you want them to be at peace, you will have to control their fighting powers.”

“That’s also saying, not only do I have to be a host to the light, but also to the darkness?” Sima You Yue was speechless. How many powers must she contain in her body then?

“That’s right.” Mo Sha nodded. “And it’s not just that – you will have to start training your body as well.”

“Training my body?” Sima You Yue blinked. Why did she feel so fl.u.s.tered as she heard those words?

“Although the two different auras within you are at peace for now, your body definitely needs to be stronger to contain them both. If your body is too weak, when the two energies are at war again your body will explode for sure.” Mo Sha said.

Sima You Yue said nothing. This would be a process of refining her body, indeed.

Mo Sha disregarded her reaction and swept over to touch her forehead with his. Sima You Yue felt a sensation of coolness on her forehead, and felt something enter her mind.

“This is the way to train, find your training equipment on your own to carry it out.” Mo Sha said as he looked at her. “I never knew that your body had something to look at.”

Before Sima You Yue could react, he quickly retracted into the devil’s snare bracelet. Sima You Yue glanced downwards, and realised that the illusory ring had fallen off, and that now she had the appearance of a woman. She hadn’t noticed that she had raised her body and the foam covering her chest had mellowed down, and her upper body was was entirely visible. And he had seen it all!

“Go to h.e.l.l!” She screamed, as she grabbed the devil’s snare bracelet and threw it into the water, wis.h.i.+ng instead for a water snare bracelet.

“Ugh, this is terrible!” She leaned against the tub, thinking about the mess that was her body, and let a bitter smile rise on her face.

Thinking about what she had gone through in the Then Thousand Beast Mountain, her eyes started to form tears once more. “Feng’er, my brother…” Her hands covered her face, trying to use the water around her to cover up her falling tears.

“Sister, I’m waiting for you to come find me…” Ximen Feng’s voice still rang clear in her ears.

“Brother, wait for me, I will come and find you, no matter where you are. Wait for me…”

As her spirit recovered, she was slowly able to recover all her lost memories. Although she could not remember everything, she would be able to remember a particular person or situation, and she could put some of the memories together. Although she had never thought to recover any of those memories all this time, she never forgot that she still had another ident.i.ty – Ximen You Yue. This is because Little Roar’s existence was always a scar that she could never remove.

She knew from long ago that after she had been killed on earth, she had not entered this body straight away, but had become Ximen You Yue, and lived in the upper realm for a goodness-knows-how-long. She had a new family, a mother who loved her and an adorable brother. But later on, the entire Ximen family was exterminated, and from her murky memories, she knew that it was because of her.

Following that, she had died and her spirit had gotten hurt, so when she had entered this body, she had forgotten about being Ximen You Yue. And now that her spirit was recovering, she started to be able to remember her past again, and became able to recall her loved ones from the past.

She had bathed for so long that the people outside had started to get a bit worried before she finally emerged from the house.

“Brother!” Little Tu walked over urgently the moment he heard the house doors open, asking, “Brother, I heard you were hurt, are you okay?”

“Little Tu, you have pa.s.sed?” Sima You Yue asked, as she rubbed Little Tu’s head.

“Mmhm, I was actually able to pa.s.s a long time ago, but I wanted to strengthen myself a little more, so I took a longer time!” Little Tu said. “Brother, you’re alright, right?”

“I’m alright.” Sima You Yue said. “How long have you not come out?”

“It’s been half a year.” Little Tu said.

“I’ll bring you to get promoted in a bit.” Sima You Yue said.

“Alright.” Little Tu smiled happily. Now that she had said that she would bring him out, it meant that he no longer had to wait idly in the spirit paG.o.da.

Sima You Lin walked over, asking, “What are your plans from here on?”

Sima You Yue’s eyes glimmered, saying, “Like I said, if I come back alive then Li Mu must die. Now that I’m back, I must find a way to carry out my own words.”

“What about everyone else?”

“That Alchemist Master must die. And… Nalan Lan!” Sima You Yue spoke heavily.

“Nalan Lan?”

“Hmph, this all happened because of Li Mu, but it was definitely Nalan Lan’s scheme.” Sima You Yue said. “She must have told Li Mu that I violated of her so that Li Mu would try to get rid of me. That way, she would not have had to make an appearance on her own, but still have me killed.”

“Why would she try to hurt you?” Sima You Lin did not know about their past history, and could not understand why Nalan Lan would want to hurt her.

Sima You Yue took Sima You Lin to one of the stone tables in the yard and sat to explain. “It is because we are old enemies.”

“Old enemies?”

“Mmhm, she was from the Dong Chen Kingdom, and when she was there, the Sima Family and the Nalan family were enemies. Six years earlier, she had tried to kill me. It’s too bad that I seem to have a long life and did not die, and in that circ.u.mstance I gained Crimson Flame. After that, I left the Dong Chen Kingdom, and I never thought that she would come out from there as well.”

“You guys have not met all these years, and yet she still desires to hurt you.” Sima You Lin’s eyes started to show some murderous intents.

“I don’t think she is acting out of her own will.” Sima You Yue said. “She knows that I am well-versed with alchemy, and I can train beasts. From that time, I had been able to tame beasts. So when the Sima Family brought this many beasts to the compet.i.tion, she would definitely know that it was because of me. The moment she mentions it to the Nalan family, those old fogies would not let it go, and will try to get rid of me. And I have some bad blood between Li Mu and myself, so it became a tool for their use.”

Needless to say, her deductions were accurate, and she was able to guess what happened within a few guesses.

“The Nalan family….” Sima You Lin clenched his fist under the table. “It has been so many years since the conflict, and I guess the Nalan Family no longer needs to exist anyway.”

“No way.” Sima You Yue knew that Sima You Lin had murderous intents, and interrupted him.


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