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Could it really be that it was as the men from the Cloud Cave said? Did everyone really die inside?

When they saw how confident the men from the Cloud Cave were, it seemed as if they were really certain that their men would be the ones to emerge.

“Zeng Cheng, do you think these guys could have done something? From what I know, quite a few of their people had gone in.” Someone from the Moonbow clan had said to Zeng Cheng.

Zeng Cheng’s expression was dark as he turned to glance at them, saying, “If they really dared to commit their petty acts, the Divine Devil Valley definitely will not let them off!”

“The portal is closing soon.” Those from the Moonbow Clan saw that the portal was fading away and said worriedly.

“Those who want to come out have pretty much already exited. Apart from us, those from the Cloud Cave and the Sage Pavilion have yet to emerge.” Zeng Cheng said.

“Could it be that something had happened in there this time?” Those from the Moonbow clan were quite worried.

“I hope not…”

It was not only those from the Divine Devil Valley and the Moonbow clan who were worried. Those from the Sage Pavilion and Cloud Cave were very worried as well because their own people had yet to emerge as well!

Could it be that something had really happened instead? But that couldn’t be right. With the two of them partnered together, they had a lot more people than those from the Divine Devil Valley and the Moonbow clan. Ye Yu Fan had a sacred beast as well, so things should have gone smoothly!

However, things really were disastrous, and there were on cataclysmic levels!

“The portal is about to disappear…”

“Someone’s coming out!”

It was unknown who the one who shouted it out was, but everyone turned towards the portal entrance. Especially so for those from the Divine Devil Valley, Moonbow clan, Cloud Cave and Sage Pavilion, who were waiting for people. They were staring till their eyes were about to fall out from their sockets.

Yun Yi led those from the Divine Devil Valley and Moonbow clan out just as the portal was about to close. The portal immediately closed behind them.

Those from the Divine Devil Valley and Moonbow clan were ecstatic. However, those from the Sage Pavilion and Cloud Cave were extremely shocked and enraged.

They had said they were going to get rid of the Divine Devil Valley’s people, but they had come out. Furthermore, their own people had not made it out. This clearly showed that their people had been killed by them!

“Oh my, you guys were right just now. There were really people who were unable to make it out of there. It’s a good thing they weren’t our of our people.” Zeng Cheng beamed.

“Greetings to Tenth Elder from the outer valley.” Yun Yi led the group over to the one who held the position in the Divine Devil Valley and greeted him.

“You guys only came out so late, it really worried us to death!” Zeng Cheng said while patting their shoulder.

“Granny Cloud.” Qiao Ya led her people to greet those from the Moonbow clan as well.

“Are you guys fine? Why did you come out so late?” Granny Cloud looked at Qiao Ya and the others tenderly.

“Mm, we were held back by something.” Qiao Ya said.

“Was it because you had no idea this portal would open earlier that you almost did not manage to come out in time?” Granny Cloud said.

“No, it’s because of something else.” Qiao Ya said.

“How could it be! Not a single one of our people made it out?” The Cloud Cave’s people said with disbelief. They looked at those from the Divine Devil Valley who were safe and sound and cried out angrily, “Could it be that you killed them all? It must have been you all!”

Yun Yi glanced languidly at him, saying, “The world is huge and there were many people in there. You’re so sure that we were the ones to kill your people? Could it be that you knew your people would definitely seek us out? I heard that the number of people you sent from your Cloud Cave outnumbered us by three times!”

“What? Did they make trouble for you all inside?” Zeng Tai said while staring at those from the Cloud Cave.

“I think your Cloud Cave will know best whether or not they did!” Yun Yi replied.

“You- Hmph! Let’s return!” Those from the Cloud Cave shouted at those behind them, then left with a turn of their bodies.

Although those from the Sage Pavilion did not say anything, they saw that those from the Divine Devil Valley had extremely dark expressions, so they left after glancing at them a few times.

Those from the others powers left immediately after receiving their people. Now that the portal had closed up, those inside the portal would not be able to leave even if they were still inside. As a result, everyone else left.

Once those from the Divine Devil Valley and the Moonbow clan were the only ones remaining, Zeng Cheng stopped smiling proudly and asked, “What happened?”

When we were inside, those from the Cloud Cave and Sage Pavilion chased after us and tried to kill us. We lose a large number of our people.” Yun Yi replied.

“Furthermore, those from the Sage Pavilion had given Ye Yu Fan a sacred beast to accompany him. We almost lost our whole team.” Qiao Ya recounted what had happened.

“Sacred beast?!”

Everyone was shocked. Only those of the Divine rank and below had entered. If there was a sacred beast, how was it that they had managed to survive?

“I never thought that those from the Sage Pavilion would actually dare to do this kind of things.” Granny Cloud said with anger, “Did they really think that they would be strong just because they had the numbers? That Cloud Cave as well. If they really want to fight with us, our Moonbow Clan will not be easily bullied!”

Compared to Granny Cloud’s rage, Zeng Cheng was a lot more rational. He asked, “Since they had so many more people as well as a sacred beast, could did you all manage to escape? How come none of them managed to come out?”

“All thanks to Young Valley Master. If it were not for him, the ones who would have emerged would be those from the Sage Pavilion and Cloud Cave.” Yun Yi explained.

“Young Valley Master?”

“Ying Bai Chuan? Wasn’t he unable to enter?”

“Granny Cloud, it wasn’t Ying Bai Chuan. It was the other Young Valley Master.” Qiao Ya said.

“Could it be… Second Valley Master’s disciple?” Zeng Cheng guessed.

“That’s right. He was the one who first rescued us. Then, he exterminated those from the Sage Pavilion, Cloud Cave and the other powers who had aligned with them.”

“How did you into him? Quickly explain this to us in detail.” Zeng Cheng was a bit confused and said.

As such, they retold the story of how they had been chased, how Sima You Yue has saved them all so handsomely, how they he had then rescued the Moonbow clan and killed off the ten thousand of them.

“Ha ha, this Young Valley Master is so domineering!” Zeng Tai bellowed after hearing the whole story.

The other party had wanted to make use of this situation to kill off their entire young generation, but didn’t think that the men they sent in would be the ones to be killed instead!

At the same time, their eyes filled with rage. It seemed that the Sage Pavilion and Cloud Cave really wanted to fight them.

“The battle between two sacred beast actually took place inside. It’s no wonder the portal would open early.” Granny Cloud said, “We really have to thank you guys this time. If not for your Young Valley Master, our people would have been in grave danger.”

“Ha ha, well said!” Zeng Cheng said, “Grandmother Cloud, our Divine Devil Valley definitely will not take this matter lying down. What about your Moonbow clan?”

“Hmph, how could our people be killed just because they want them killed? Granny Cloud humphed. “Wait for us to go back and report this to the Head. Once we decide, we’ll discuss with you guys.”

“Great. We want to back to report to our Valley Masters too.” Zeng Cheng said.

“See you.”

Granny Cloud took Qiao Ya and left while Zeng Cheng led Yun Yi and the others back to the Divine Devil Valley as well. He immediately went to look for the Valley Master to report.

The other disciples from the Divine Devil Valley heard about what happened in the little world very quickly. Every single one of them were filled with rage, but were also extremely curious about Sima You Yue. They really hoped that they would be able to meet this domineering Young Valley Master soon.


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