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Chapter 942: Thrilling Full Moon’s Night

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Everyone at the Blood Arena were dazed when they heard this, especially from when Little Seven had joined in the battle until this sentence of period, it caused a frenzy amongst everyone and the audience still felt as though they were transported to another world.

It took quite a while for someone to finally come over as he approached the compet.i.tion stage and asked, “Defend the stage?”

“Not defending!” Little Seven didn’t even bother to cast him a glance as she picked up Mu Lian Xin from the ground and sent him flying towards the second floor.

“Yue Yue, what’s wrong with you?” Little Seven asked Sima You Yue when she saw her sprawled on the window ledge in a listless manner.

Sima You Yue took a look at Little Seven, exquisite features, fair skin and she was obviously a little beauty but why had she changed into this stage after her evolution?

She agreed very much with Mo Sha’s sentence right now, the Little Seven before evolution was much better. Although she was cold and cool, she didn’t like to talk to people but at least she was considered normal at that time. Although she loved to punch people but she wouldn’t keep harping on the words about punching people. And she wouldn’t say such appalling words.

Looking at her pair of innocent eyes, her berating words couldn’t be voiced out. She gave a long sigh and looking at Mu Lian Xin in her hands, he asked, “Why did you bring him up here?”

“Hadn’t we agreed that if he lost, he’d be my underling? Of course I must bring him up here.” Little Seven said, “This fellow’s battle power isn’t bad at all, a little more powerful than Brother s.h.i.+ Chen and the others. If I take him in, in future, he will be a large portion of our battle power.”

“But you needn’t bring him up so quickly.” Sima You Yue said.

“Why?” Little Seven gazed at her in confusion.

“This… sigh, forget it. Since you’ve already brought him here, just leave him at one side.” Sima You Yue said.

Bi Sheng looked at Little Seven with a burning gaze.

Little Seven felt his burning gaze and asked, “You also want to have a fight with me?”

Bi Sheng shook his head, “I’m thinking, what kind of spirit beast have you evolved from, to actually have such intense battle power.”

“Hmph, I’m not telling you!” Little Seven raised her chin as she ignored him and also ignored Mu Lian Xin who laid on the ground as she ran over next to Sima You Yue, leaning lazily to look at the compet.i.tion below.

With Little Seven stirring up the compet.i.tion, everyone lost interest in the later part of the compet.i.tion as not many people joined in, apparently shocked by her.

“Looks like there isn’t any more exciting matches for tonight.” s.h.i.+ Chen said.

“There would probably be quite a number tomorrow.” Feng Kai added.

“Little Seven’s news will spread out quickly and a number of those King of the Tenth Floors would probably be attracted.” s.h.i.+ Chen continued.

“There are people who haven’t come?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Of course. This Blood Fiend City is such a big city and there are at least millions of people here. Moreover basically they are Spirit Lords who have escaped to this place from death so naturally there would be quite a number of experts. But because they have joined in the compet.i.tion for a period of time and had not met any opponents hence they chose to hibernate for some time. Only when there’s someone interesting then will they appear.”

“Wasn’t it said that they all wanted to obtain top graded crystals hence they joined in the compet.i.tion?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Taking part in the compet.i.tion to obtain the crystals is only a part of it, but not entirely. Moreover those who had taken part in it for a period of time would choose to rest and find other stuff to do. For example like Old Bi here, opening a guesthouse or restaurant or similar.”

“Oh. Then the people who come over in the next few days shouldn’t be too bad.” Sima You Yue said.

Seeing these bunch of people today, other than Mu Lian Xin who was more to her appet.i.te, the others didn’t strike her at all. If there were much better candidates, she would want to rethink her selection.

“Then let’s start again tomorrow then.” Although Bi Sheng was awake but he still felt a little lethargic.

“Mn, I also feel that we can go back tonight. Little Seven’s news would probably be spread out tonight and those people will come over tomorrow on account of her reputation.” Sima You Yue continued.

They left the private room and immediately someone headed up towards them.

“Master Bi, about to leave?” It was still the same manager who tended to them earlier and when he spoke, he took a glance at Little Seven while trying to leave a trace.

“En. Tonight’s contenders are too secondary.” Bi Sheng replied.

“If Master Bi were to join in, then this compet.i.tion will turn interesting very quickly.” The manager added.

“These old bones of mine will not join in the fun then.” Bi Sheng took out a top graded crystal as he threw it into his arms and said, “Tomorrow night, reserve a private room for me.”

“Yes, most certainly!” The manager happily responded.

Just one night alone and he had already earned two top graded crystals, not bad at all!

When Bi Sheng and the others left the Blood Arena, Sima You Yue turned her head back to take a look, not understanding why she was feeling weird the minute she reached the Blood Arena.


Bi Sheng took a look at the moon in the sky and said, “It’s almost the fifteenth again?”

Sima You Yue looked up as well and saw the almost full moon as the moon had yet to be perfectly round.

“It’s really almost the fifteenth again. d.a.m.n it, how could we have forgotten about this matter!” s.h.i.+ Chen and Feng Kai were somewhat vexed.

“What’s up with the fifteenth?” Sima You Yue questioned.

“What date is it today?” Bi Sheng asked.

“Eleventh. Why?” Sima You Yue was extremely puzzled when she saw them acting in this manner.

“Every fifteenth of the month, the moon will turn crimson and there will be something happening in the city.” s.h.i.+ Chen said.

“Something happening, what will happen?”

“During the fifteenth of each month, Blood Arena will shut its doors and everyone will stay in their own houses and not come out. If they leave the house, they will definitely go missing.” s.h.i.+ Chen explained, “Or… they will leave a pile of bones with no flesh or blood. Hence generally when it’s almost the fifteenth, everyone would become more irritable and won’t leave their houses on the fifteenth and sixteenth.”

“To summarise, the entire city turns weird on these two days.” Feng Kai concluded.

“Every month is the same?”

“Yes.” s.h.i.+ Chen replied, “Before we came here we had not thought of avoiding to come over on these two days.”

Sima You Yue however felt indifferent on when to come, “Crimson coloured moon… this is rather novel! There’s another five days, looks like we can gain first-hand knowledge on this.”

“Yue Yue, is there really a crimson coloured moon?” Little Seven pulled Sima You Yue’s hand as she asked curiously.

“I’ve never seen it as well but looking at s.h.i.+ Chen and the others, it should be real.” Sima You Yue replied.

“I’ve never seen it before! By then we must take a good look at it.” Little Seven said excitedly.


The group of five, including Mu Lian Xin who was being dragged along, slowly disappeared on the streets outside the Blood Arena as Little Seven’s voice drifted past.

In a corner of Blood Fiend City, a man walked out from his home as he looked at that huge tree in the courtyard and said, “Have you sensed it already?”

“Sensed it…. chuckle chuckle…. Such a sweet fragrance.” That location from where the voice came from was actually from the tree trunk.

“A unique treasure has come… are you happy?” The man questioned.

“Happy… I wish I can swallow it as soon as I can….” The leaves rustled as a reply.

The man raised his head and gazed at the sky, the moon was much rounder than yesterday night.

“Soon, it’s almost about full moon’s night again. The crimson moon is coming again. By then, you will be able to obtain this treasure…..”

“Crimson moon, full moon…..”

The tree leaves shook a little more than before…..

Sima You Yue who was walking along the streets suddenly turned and looked back as his forehead creased slightly.

There was nothing at all.

“Yue Yue, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing, let’s go…..”


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