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Chapter 2645: The Yellow Dragon of Creation?

Fei Yanzi, Feitian Longpeng, and everyone on the sacrificial altar tacitly retreated to the sides, waiting for Huang Xiaolong to finish.

The golden yellow giant dragon phantom that had appeared behind Huang Xiaolong grew increasingly bigger as time pa.s.sed. At first, the phantom was roughly a thousand zhang long but it soon doubled in size, then tripled, and went on to exceed ten thousand zhang, reaching twenty thousand zhang!

Fei Yanzi, Feitian Longpeng, and the others were almost numb with astonishment.

Not to mention, they could clearly feel the dragon might coming off the golden yellow giant dragon’s phantom that was growing stronger, and it was as if it was in proportion to its expanding size.

“This!” Feitian Longpeng’s throat felt a little dry. “Is his Highness Huang Xiaolong’s innate bloodline the golden yellow giant dragon bloodline…?”

The golden yellow giant dragon was the dragon race’s royal family, a very n.o.ble bloodline, hailed as the king of myriad dragons.

Fei Yanzi’s attention was fully on the golden yellow giant dragon phantom, and her expression had never looked so serious. “It doesn’t seem to be the golden yellow giant dragon!”

Everyone was taken aback. Not the golden yellow giant dragon? But right in front of us is clearly the phantom of a golden yellow giant dragon ah.

“That is the phantom of the G.o.d of Creation, Yellow Dragon [1]—Lord Huang Long,” a slight quiver slipped into her voice as she went on, “It’s likely that His Highness’ bloodline is the G.o.d of Creation Yellow Dragon’s bloodline.”

“Yellow, Yellow Dragon’s bloodline?!” Feitian Longpeng stuttered foolishly, “Does that mean Huang Xiaolong is really the Son of Creation?”

The faces of Flying Heaven Race’s members turned significantly solemn as there was fear, fanaticism, and disbelief as they looked at the golden yellow giant dragon phantom in the air.

Fei Yanzi spoke with uncertainty, “I am not very sure, but the golden yellow giant dragon’s appearance is very similar to the Yellow Dragon of Creation. Therefore, it is difficult to distinguish between the two. However, you guys mentioned before that Huang Xiaolong triggered a heavenly eulogy, so I think the probability is very high.”

Heavenly eulogy!

This phenomenon clearly pointed to the G.o.d of Creation Yellow Dragon’s bloodline!

If all of these were merely coincidences, then there were simply too many coincidences.

According to the Flying Heaven Race’s ancient records, the G.o.d of Creation Lord Huang Long’s true body was a yellow dragon, and it was not an ordinary yellow dragon but a yellow dragon that was recognized by the immeasurable grand dao! His bloodline was the dragon race’s most n.o.ble bloodline.

This world that they were living in was created by the Yellow Dragon G.o.d of Creation, and his bloodline was called the G.o.d of Creation Yellow Dragon Bloodline.

At this time, the golden yellow giant dragon phantom behind Huang Xiaolong had reached the length of ten thousand zhang, resembling a great pillar rising to the sky. Naturally, this deeply shocked the Flying Heaven Race’s members.

And its dragon might covered the entire Flying Heaven City. Not even the restrictions on the Flying Heaven Sacrificial Altar or the Flying Heaven Grand Formation could contain the boundless, majestic dragon might.

The phantom dragon exuded brilliant golden rays of light that seeped into the void in endless waves.

“This is the power of the bloodline?! I must be hallucinating, right?” Feitian Longpeng asked with a dumbfounded expression.

Normally, when Flying Heaven Race disciples offered their blood as a sacrifice to the heavens, the power of their bloodline resembled indistinct, hazy fog, and it was definitely far from Huang Xiaolong’s dazzling bright rays that rushed to the sky like neverending great waves.

“This, this, how powerful is this bloodline?” An Eminent Elder’s quivering voice sounded. “I think, combine every member of our race’s bloodline together, and the amount will still be far from this!” His words were by no means exaggerated.

Every time they held the sacrificial ritual, the amount of their bloodline power was not even a fraction as robust or amazing as Huang Xiaolong’s bloodline power that was currently displayed.

The n.o.bler and purer the bloodline of a person, the stronger his bloodline power would be. This had nothing to do with a person’s cultivation realm.

The Flying Heaven Race itself was an alien race royal family, and their race’s bloodline was amongst the strongest in the Alien Lands, ranking in the top five. Not to mention, Fei Yanzi and Feitian Longpeng’s combined bloodline power couldn’t reach half as shocking as Huang Xiaolong. It was hard to imagine how n.o.ble and powerful Huang Xiaolong’s bloodline was!

As Fei Yanzi, Feitian Longpeng, and the others watched in astonished gazes as speckles of golden lights drifted down from the void. It started small like a gentle drizzle of clear, translucent light, like the most beautiful grains of sand one will ever see.

“Heavenly energy!” Feitian Longpeng exclaimed.

The incredulous expression on Fei Yanzi’s face deepened. As far as she knew, in the Flying Race’s previous sacrificial ritual, the amount of heavenly energy they had received in return could barely be called a spa.r.s.e drizzle. It was considered good fortune if they could collect several hundred drops. How could that compare to Huang Xiaolong’s torrential downpour?

As golden speckles of heavenly energy poured into Huang Xiaolong’s body, m.u.f.fled sounds from the inside of his body could be heard.

These sounds seemed to incorporate the rhythm of grand dao, the crumbling of a world, the melodious sounds of creation, the majesty of a new world, the vitality of life, and the sounds of nature. All of these sounds rolled into one.

It seemed like there was a world gestating inside Huang Xiaolong’s body, and a new world was about to be born.

An hour later, not only did the sounds in Huang Xiaolong’s body continue, but they grew louder.

The heavenly energy pouring from the void had grown into raging waves, impacting the entire altar’s s.p.a.ce.

The Flying Heaven Race’s disciples had to withdraw from the sacrificial altar as the golden yellow giant dragon might behind Huang Xiaolong became too overbearing for them. All of them retreated far away.

Only Huang Xiaolong and Fei Yanzi remained on the huge altar.

Up until one point, even Fei Yanzi could no longer endure the coercive dragon might and had to leave the altar. This result genuinely shocked the spectating Flying Heaven Race disciples.

Merely the might from a phantom dragon forced back the mid-First Resurrection Primal Ancestor Fei Yanzi? How powerful is Huang Xiaolong’s bloodline exactly?!

Half a day later…

Heavenly energy was still pouring down from the void.

The golden yellow giant dragon phantom behind Huang Xiaolong’s five claws had grown to twelve claws.

Night slowly unfolded…

Under the blanket of darkness, the heavenly energy looked even more mesmerizing, and bewitching.

In the far distance, Feitian Longpeng felt that his vocabulary was too poor to describe his feelings at that moment. Usually, most of the Flying Heaven Race disciples’ sacrificial rituals ended within half an hour, whereas Huang Xiaolong’s had lasted for a full day.

The heavenly energy went on strong until dawn the next day!

When the heavenly energy rain finally stopped and everything returned to normal, Fei Yanzi, Feitian Longpeng, and the others heaved in relief.

The golden yellow giant dragon phantom shrunk as it returned to Huang Xiaolong’s body and Huang Xiaolong finally opened his eyes.

Only then did Fei Yanzi and Feitian Longpeng fly to the altar. Standing in front of Huang Xiaolong, Fei Yanzi clearly felt that Huang Xiaolong was completely different from before. His aura, and everything else, felt like two different people when compared with Huang Xiaolong from before the ritual.

This aura?! Fei Yanzi’s raised eyebrow showed astonishment. The aura coming off Huang Xiaolong now gave her a palpitating feeling of danger.

However, what depressed Fei Yanzi, Feitian Longpeng, and the others was that due to Huang Xiaolong’s extended period of accepting heavenly energy, he had exhausted the acc.u.mulated energy within the Flying Heaven Sacrificial Altar. Therefore, Feitian Longpeng, and other core disciples wouldn’t get to perform their sacrificial ritual anymore.

Huang Xiaolong was a little embarra.s.sed about this and gave the Flying Heaven Race a piece of grand dao stone as compensation.

When he went back to his place from the sacrificial altar, inside the privacy of his room, Huang Xiaolong took his time to check the changes in his body. After the heavenly energy’s baptism, whether it was his physical body, or holy souls, his three complete dao saint G.o.dheads, and even his Inextinguishable Dao Heart, had improved significantly.

The most important of all, there was something new inside his body!

[1] The Yellow Dragon (黄龙 Huánglóng) the zoomorphic incarnation of the Yellow Emperor, the center of the universe in Chinese religion and mythology. The Yellow Emperor or Yellow Deity was conceived by a virgin mother, Fubao, who became pregnant after seeing a yellow ray of light turning around the Northern Dipper (in Chinese theology the symbol of G.o.d). Twenty-four months later, the Yellow Emperor was born and was a.s.sociated with the color yellow because it is the color of the earth, the material substance in which he incarnated.


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