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“I’ll be waiting.” Huang Xiaolong flashed a brilliant smile at Zhu Yu after hearing his threat.

“You!” Both Zhu Yu and Li Mingzhu were enraged.

Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette flickered as he rained consecutive attacks on them.

Two early Sixth Order G.o.d Realm prominent family disciples were ideal training partners for Huang Xiaolong. Initially, Zhu Yu and the other disciple were barely warding off the four demonic beasts’ attacks, and now with Huang Xiaolong joining the fray, they were in a perilous disadvantage.

To their dismay, both Zhu Family disciples noticed that Huang Xiaolong’s recovery rate was scarier than the Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger’s.

Huang Xiaolong displayed the G.o.dly Xumi Art, which greatly consumed his G.o.d battle qi. Every time they estimated that his G.o.d battle qi should be bottoming out, within a few breaths’ time, he somehow replenished his G.o.d battle qi to the optimum point.

As the number of slashes and cuts on their bodies increased, the resounding angry curses also increased. Close to the end, the curses diminished and were replaced by incessant pleading. But whether it was threats or pleas, Huang Xiaolong ignored them all, attacking ceaselessly.

One hour later, the Mulberry Sword in Huang Xiaolong’s hand made a horizontal slash and an ethereal dragon flew out, slitting both Zhu Yu and Li Mingzhu’s necks.

Zhu Yu’s hand clutched his throat, his voice hardly audible: “You… why?” Until this moment, he still didn’t understand why Huang Xiaolong wasn’t afraid of theZhu Family’s revenge.

For every family, each G.o.d Realm disciple was looked upon as treasures, especially those who had reached mid-level G.o.d Realm and above, whereas now, Huang Xiaolong had murdered more than thirty of the Zhu Family’s G.o.d Realm disciples.

This matter would definitely incur the Zhu Family’s wrath, causing them to run amok in their search for the murderer even if they had to dig three feet underground.

From Zhu Yu’s perspective, Huang Xiaolong would definitely end up more tragically than them.

“Because you’ve provoked my anger.” Huang Xiaolong replied coldly as a finger pointed, shooting a strand of immortal essence fire that penetrated Zhu Yu’s soul between his brows.

Zhu Yu’s body fell limply, his eyes rounded wide; it was that simple?

Killing the last two Zhu Family disciples, Huang Xiaolong threw all the corpses into the Linglong Treasure PaG.o.da for his Poison Corpse Scarabs. Then he changed his features back to his original look. Once again riding on the Blazing Stonedragon Beast, he led the four demonic beasts away, leaving the scene as they went in search for the next Fifth Order G.o.d Realm demonic beast comrade.

Time flows and days pa.s.sed.

The number of Fifth Order G.o.d Realm demonic beasts following behind Huang Xiaolong increased in number. half a month has gone by and Huang Xiaolong’s pack of Fifth Order G.o.d Realm demonic beasts had grown to twelve. However, demonic beasts similar to the ancient fierce beasts like the Blazing Stonedragon Beast and Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger were rare, there were only four in his pack.

As the number of subjugated demonic beasts grew bigger and bigger, in the end, he needn’t even fight personally. b.u.mping into some stray Fifth Order G.o.d Realm demonic beasts, the Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger and the rest would pounce onto the demonic beast until it was left with half a life, only then would Huang Xiaolong make an appearance, marking its soul with a soul imprint.

As days pa.s.sed, it had already been a month.

Huang Xiaolong’s personal demonic beast pack reached twenty-five. Among them, the weakest was an early Fifth Order G.o.d Realm, with the strongest being peak late-Fifth Order G.o.d Realm. Averagely speaking, most of the demonic beasts that he subjugated were mid-Fifth Order G.o.d Realm and above.

‘Twenty-five of them, it should be enough.’ Huang Xiaolong thought to himself. Having twenty-five Fifth Order G.o.d Realm demonic beasts inside the Black Warrior City, he could feel at ease about his parents and the others’ safety. Thus he made his way back toward the transmission array.

When he came close to the transmission array, as expected, a team of Zhu Family’s masters was staking out the transmission array.

The news of more than thirty Zhu Family G.o.d Realm disciples being killed had spread out by now, causing quite an uproar in the Black Tortoise Galaxy. For a super force like the Zhu Family, having more than thirty of their G.o.d Realm disciples killed was definitely a shocking news to the entire galaxy.

Although there were many Zhu Family masters waiting at the transmission array, Huang Xiaolong managed to pa.s.s through their inspection smoothly after altering his facial features, returning to the Cloudsea Mainland.

No doubt, the reason Huang Xiaolong was able to pa.s.s through the Zhu Family masters’ inspection was mainly because they believed that the murderer capable of killing Zhu Yu and the rest would at least be a Sixth Order G.o.d Realm and above.

Upon arriving in the Cloudsea Mainland, Huang Xiaolong did not immediately let out the Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger and the rest, only doing so after he had stepped inside the Luo Tong Residence.

Staring at the Blazing Stonedragon Beast, Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger, and the other twenty-three demonic beasts, the Huang Family members were stunned before erupting in cheers.

“Big brother, I want this Blazing Stonedragon Beast!” His younger brother Huang Xiaohai was dead set on the Blazing Stonedragon Beast at first glance.

“Big Uncle, I want this, this Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger!” His nephew Guo Xiaofan clamored in excitement.

His sister picked a fire phoenix, while his parents chose a pair of winged-dragons. Watching as his parents, brother, sister, and the rest wearing beaming smiles on their faces, behaving like small children who were competing for candies, Huang Xiaolong shook his head, smiling wryly, but inwardly he was quite happy as well.

Subsequently, he stayed a day in the Luo Tong Residence before returning to Black Warrior Inst.i.tute’s Yard No.1 the next morning to begin another period of closed-door cultivation.

Now, time was pressing, with no more than two years and five months left until the Black Warrior Inst.i.tute’s inner disciple a.s.sessment. Huang Xiaolong needed to make the most of out of the remaining time to increase his strength.

When he broke through to Fourth Order G.o.d Realm, there were a few late-Tenth Order G.o.d Realm beast cores that he had yet to refine, hence he used a month’s time to finish refining these remaining beast cores before starting on the HighG.o.d Realm divine dragon beast cores.

Within the Hailstone Treasure vault was eleven HighG.o.d Realm divine dragon beast cores. Adding the two True Dragon King’s beast cores that he bought during the auction, he had a total of thirteen HighG.o.d Realm divine dragon beast cores.

Huang Xiaolong started with one of the early HighG.o.d Realm beast cores from the Hailstone Treasure vault. As for the two True Dragon King’s beast cores, he decided to save them for last.

Despite knowing early on and bracing himself, when he began refining the first early HighG.o.d Realm divine dragon beast core, he was genuinely frightened by the abundant demonic essence energy contained inside the beast core.

If the demonic essence energy inside a Tenth Order G.o.d Realm beast core were akin to a large urn of water, then the demonic essence energy inside a HighG.o.d Realm beast core resembled a large lake.

The vast difference between an urn of water and a large lake was obvious.

Fortunately, Huang Xiaolong had broken through to Fourth Order G.o.d Realm, once again enhancing his True Dragon Physique, otherwise, it would have been a quite a lot of trouble for him to refine an early HighG.o.d Realm beast core.

Even so, when the demonic essence energy rushed into Huang Xiaolong’s True Dragon Physique, pain ensued. It was similar to the first time he refined an early Tenth Order G.o.d Realm beast core, pa.s.sing the days hovering between a trace of comfort and excruciating pain.

Finally, four months later, Huang Xiaolong finished refining the first HighG.o.d Realm divine dragon beast core, however, what confounded him was that after refining the HighG.o.d Realm divine dragon beast core, he had merely advanced from an early Fourth Order to peak early Fourth Order G.o.d Realm, not even crossing over to mid-Fourth Order G.o.d Realm.

Calming himself, he proceeded with the next HighG.o.d Realm divine dragon’s beast core, to the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth consecutively.

In the meantime, almost two years had pa.s.sed.

By now, Huang Xiaolong finally succeeded in advancing to peak late-Fourth Order G.o.d Realm, he was merely one small step from Fifth Order G.o.d Realm. Reaching peak late-Fourth Order G.o.d Realm, the number of time and s.p.a.ce law threads within Huang Xiaolong soul sea had exceeded nine hundred thousand. This was unprecedented, comparable to an average Sixth Order G.o.d Realm master’s. On top of that, their time and s.p.a.ce law threads were significantly smaller than Huang Xiaolong’s.


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