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To The Forest


I’m posting the chapters here for the time being.


―― Forest.
To be more accurate it’s forest. (TLN: Both words means the same, it probably means a more denser forest than normal)
In general it can be said that, it’s  a place where a large amount of trees are growing en
When expressed in words it may sound simple however, in present day j.a.pan, no even in the past j.a.pan, a thing which simply meant (forest), is something to which j.a.panese people are not very familiar with. (TLN: Mori)
In j.a.pan forest boasts about 70% of it’s territory(Tln: Shinrin), because of it’s mountainous topography to j.a.panese people the meaning of forest is equal to mountains where every kind of trees grow thickly, in many cases there are trees which thickly grows and create something like an umbrella resulting in dim lights in places, j.a.panese people tends to remember (a?) mountain.

Certainly that’s also a forest but, it may be said that there are inconsistencies to the forest said to be in the west.
Europe, from olden days it was a land only of forest. Forest wasn’t only on mountains, it was also on the plain grounds and hills, it was everywhere where people could live, it blocked off all types of connections/ relationships between people.

一The reason was because if one entered death will constantly be beside them. The forest was the living place of  terrifying beasts such as stray dogs, wolves, bears and tigers also the same type of trees which crowded together disturbed a person’s sense of direction.  At that time, the thought of crossing the forest, to the people who lived at that time was a very hard to imagine and a difficult thing to do.
The forest was also a place which gave people blessings, on the contrary there is no doubt that it became one of the factors which prevented the development of people.

So a forest is an unfamiliar thing to j.a.panese people. Thus these forest  are something where people get lost, feels inexpressible terror, otherwise if to remind a dense forest/jungle, it can only be correctly  thought of in ones imagination.*************

Suimei who left the business caravan and entered the forest to chase after Lefille, for quite a while was following the trace of her magic power, while walking.
一Detemined to not meet up, and to not cause trouble for the business caravan, to get away from them Lefille was in quite a hurry. If it’s her who without a complain in accordance to Galeo’s wish left the caravan, it’s not strange that she took such an action.
While walking and searching for Lefille, Suimei looked up towards the cloudy sky which hard to come by in this umbrella like forest and thinks.

(A savage land. After all like wild beast, in a fantasy demons will appear like it is natural……)

一I only halt for a little while to take a break. I lean on the tree which is in front of me, gulp down the water which was in the  canteen, after drinking a mouthful I breath out exquisitely. Most likely the demons will appear without  a doubt. To say the degree of dangers,  the other world’s forest is much more dangerous than the forest from the world from the other side.
To say nothing of the attacks from the beasts, it’s a uncivilized place. while walking there is not a single village for considerable amount of distance.  There is no signs of people living, reclaiming lands, maintaining trees, the number of trees here keeps on increasing forever.
In  a sense it’s a wide area boundary fence which contains all sorts of danger, and prevents any sorts of domain erosion.

(I who on my own free will stepped foot in such a place, I’m such a……)

Is it praiseworthy, am I not just a fool? Even if I ask myself in my head, the doubt just keeps getting bigger. Meanwhile, before drinking water again, I ask myself again.

「――I’m sorry while you are bracing yourself,  but can you please forgive me by not cutting me? 」

I say to the nervous swordswomen who was preparing a sword slash from behind at that moment.  Speaking of that sharpness, were planning to cut trees and everything along with it in half? It was done (before?).
In that silent forest those flat words of Suimei echoed out, after a little while the sound of treading gra.s.s could be heard, and he heard the perplexed voice of a familiar person.

「……Suimei kun? Why are you here?」

「Well, it’s just as you see. I came chasing after you. 」

When I turn around, there I see the figure Lefille, standing there with the tip of her long sword pointing downwards. Because the presence was thin, she probably thought the one chasing after her was a beast and she was preparing to cut it down.
When I calmly state the truths, Lefille twists her face with a grim expression and asks.

「Came after ……? Foolish, if you stay with me it’s dangerous you know? For what reason? 」

「That’s because, it’s difficult for a single person. I was worried. 」

When Suimei said this, Lefille like a prim person closed her eyes in a cold manner and puts on air.***

「There  is no need to worry. Even if I’m alone I’ll be able to manage somehow or another. Your actions are, unnecessary meddling. 」

「Then you can handle the dangers all by yourself?」

「That’s right.」

This, what do you know, tsundere. However, bluntly speaking it is something which will collapse before long.
While thinking such things, a sarcastic smile appeared on Suimei’s face as he pointed out.

「Then I’ll ask something  bluntly, are those amounts of water and foods sufficient?」

「U……, that is, it’s……」

「Dont you agree?」

Lefille who is lost for words glance sideways embarra.s.sed. When I demand an answer from such her, as if she suddenly thought of an objection, the expression where she puts on air revives again.

「Even you didn’t bring that much stuff with you? A person who doesn’t have much to feed oneself, doesn’t have the qualification to say such――」

「Even with this?」

After Suimei said that, it completely destroyed that serious and triumphant look, Suimei started to bring out luggage from the bag which were bigger than the bag those were in.

「The qualification……」

「What is it  about qualification? Is bringing in the acceptable amount of food unacceptable?」

In front of Suimei who said that with a boastful att.i.tude, Lefille was blinking her eyes in surprise with a dumbfounded expression. This way there was nothing which can be said to be unacceptable.
It’s the student bag of Suimei, it’s a bag, which capacity can be increased into a gigantic storage using magic. Even if you say huge, it matches with kabbala and alchemy, let’s say it just replaces the capacity of the school bag with a foreign made suitcase’s capacity of 140 liter.
However it’s a convenient and easy to use item which Suimei was proud of.

When such an mysterious thing happened in front of her eyes, Lefille while showing a surprised expression, asked with suspicion.

「……What is that strange magic tool?」

「You are saying it’s strange, it’s a awful way of saying. ……Well whatever, this way you can’t say it’s unnecessary meddling right? 」


Because he indirectly showed that he had the necessary amount of essentials. That’s what Suimei said with carefree smile, however said words couldn’t return. Lefile felt guilty, she dropped her tone and approached with a apologetic tone.

「It’s not……is it ok?」

To follow (she was referring is it ok to follow her). In regards to that Suimei breathed out a sigh.

「If I say, right now I’m heavily regretting it, what will you do? 」

「About that……I’m sorry」

「That’s not it. If I were to so easily regret it, I wouldn’t have come along. So don’t mind it.」

Suimei jokingly asked back to Lefile who was feeling depressed and looking down. That’s right. If I didn’t feel like it there was no reason for me to  come along, that’s why there isn’t anything for me to regret.
Even if I say that, Lefile tenaciously holds the idea that all I’m getting is thrust into disadvantages.

「But, you know I’m being targeted?」

「That’s right.」


Then what are you saying I should do. Pushing yourself into a delicate situation, can you call that justice. I glare at Lefile with blame who is being tormented by the glare, and declare. (TLN: Don’t know, don’t care uuughh)

「Lefile are you saying it would’ve been fine if you followed the other party?」

「That is……」

Lefile who didn’t have any way of retreat falters with her words, this time Suimei sends a different question towards her. Visible only through the gaps of the trees, the sky as if enclosing this whole place in a gloomy expression and gazed at it, facing towards it he abruptly and calmly declares.

「――Hey Lefile, tell me honestly which one do you want? 」

「By which one you mean……」

「I’m asking which one is better coming here or accompanying them?」

「It’s, it’s obvious, it’s better to accompany them」

「Really?」(Are you sure?)

「Re, really.」

Lefile who listened to the repeated inquiry, replied with a sullen mood. Angry because he didn’t believe her*, it was a mere childish bluff. (TLN: confused) There Suimei thrust his finger, expecting to deal the final blow threw a single word.

「Then, can you swear on the name of  Arushuna that it was not a lie.」

「What!? That’s……」

To  this Leffile was at a loss of words. Since she had some connection with the church of salvation (TLN: I don’t remember the church’s name as previously translated can someone please tell me also the G.o.ddesses english name.) the G.o.ddess Arshuna’s name carried enormous weight (was tremendous). If she couldn’t swear than it would become a lie.
Thereupon Lefile heaved a big sigh and gave up.

「……You are, a mean man.」

「So, what is it?」

「AA, it’ll help if you come along. However――」

「Then, it’s fine’ isn’t it?」

Suimei interrupted Lefile who was about to say something. In a calm voice, as if to say anything more than this was useless, and it’s already ok/enough, that he was not going to tolerate anymore belittlement towards him, kindly warned/admonished her.


「Apart from that, there is no need to put it into the frame of whether the method of doing it is smart or not. If it’s good then it’s good, let’s end it with that. Surely doing it like that will feel refreshing, don’t you agree?」


Looking like she heard something unexpected, I look at Lefile who is speechless.
That’s right. Having such talk, and pursuing it, what on earth do you want to do?   Though there are many ways to do it in highly effective way, it’s not always a good thing to explore them.*** I give an answer and you listen to it isn’t that fine. Even if I say such a thing the sadness which lurks in the heart, doesn’t clear up comfortably.

That’s why I didn’t want to let you say.
What type of talk will be after this, if it’s become something to brood over, then now it can’t be what you should do. Please decide.**

「……What happened? As expected do you have a complain?」

When Suimei opened one of his eyes and peeked, Lefile felt relived as if a demon has abruptly fallen, and agreed.

「No, that’s right, it may be exactly as you said. 」

Just now a voice which seemed the heart has been cleared up sounded out.(TLN: feeling relieved?) Not being honest, though for the time being she seemed to agree. While scratching his head Suimei breathed out with fuu. From the stand point of a bystander certainly it’s probably isn’t the right choice. This a fight full of disadvantages. I understand that, and what Lefile said is reasonable.
But, to choose whether that is right or wrong, in the end it’s the decision(TLN:result) of the person who will chose. If the one concerned thinks it’s ok then it’s ok, it’s not like the very best always becomes the right.**

In addition to that. To be moved by cheap feelings that holds the real intention honestly speaking that’s a very embarra.s.sing thing

Anyhow, it was Suimei who was not so closely related to the habit of calling himself a magician no matter how much time pa.s.sed. (TLN: confusing line.)

「――Hmm besides, if we hide properly there is the possibility of not being found out. 」

「……That’s no matter how you put it, I think isn’t it too optimistic? Suimei kun 」

「That’s right. It’s dangerous to start to broil.」


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