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Chapter 1008 – Service From Chu Yuechan (2)

Ye Chen and Chu Yuechan continued to kiss for quite a long time, roughly the two of them kissed for about 20 minutes before finally parting ways.

Ye Chen was quite satisfied with the kiss this time, Chu Yuechan’s mouth was so sweet that Ye Chen liked it.

Chu Yuechan’s hand was currently provoking Ye Chen’s younger brother, it was obvious that Chu Yuechan was teasing Ye Chen with her skills.

“Master, it seems that the ones below can’t take it anymore, do you need help?” Chu Yuechan whispered in Ye Chen’s ear.

Chu Yuechan’s words were like a Succubus trying to tempt its prey.

Ye Chen slightly gritted his teeth, obviously Chu Yuechan was Ye Chen’s natural enemy.

“So do you want it or not?” Chu Yuechan kept whispering provoking words, this made Ye Chen’s pa.s.sion very high.

Chu Yuechan had teased Ye Chen many times, but this time Chu Yuechan was clearly very tempting for Ye Chen.

A normal man would have come out by now when he received this beautiful elf’s temptation, obviously the current Chu Yuechan was too seductive.

Chu Yuechan smiled when she saw Ye Chen, she was quite happy to tease Ye Chen in her own way, Chu Yuechan licked her lips, it was obvious that Chu Yuechan was currently wanting to eat Ye Chen.

“Yuechan , please don’t tease me again with your words, quickly help this master of yours” Ye Chen told Chu Yuechan not to tease him anymore.

“Alright” Chu Yuechan understood, she would no longer waste unnecessary words, it was time for Chu Yuechan to show her technique to Ye Chen.

Chu Yuechan immediately knelt in front of Ye Chen, after kneeling in front of Ye Chen, Chu Yuechan immediately let go of Ye Chen’s thing that was currently hidden under the clothes.

Chu Yuechan’s movements were quite skillful and gentle, it was obvious that Chu Yuechan was trying not to injure Ye Chen’s large object.

When Chu Yuechan took off Ye Chen’s clothes, a large, long and hard object appeared right in front of Chu Yuechan’s eyes.

“This is bigger than I expected” in her heart Chu Yuechan started to feel that Ye Chen’s thing was much bigger than she expected.

Chu Yuechan had seen Ye Chen’s from a distance many times, this was the first time Chu Yuechan had seen this up close.

“Master, are you aroused by me?” Chu Yuechan asked with a very seductive smile.

Chu Yuechan’s smile was very seductive, it could drive men crazy just from seeing the smile that Chu Yuechan showed.

“Little fairy, you actually dare to tease me like this, aren’t you afraid of bullying me” Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

Chu Yuechan teased Ye Chen too much, this made Ye Chen feel a little dissatisfied.

Ye Chen just wanted to get over this discomfort as soon as possible, that’s why he needed Chu Yuechan’s help.

“Fufufu” Chu Yuechan giggled while listening to Ye Chen’s bluff.

Right now Ye Chen’s strength was still not strong enough to frighten Chu Yuechan, which was why Chu Yuechan didn’t take things like this too seriously.

“Yuechan quickly help me, don’t waste any more time” Ye Chen told Chu Yuechan to quickly serve himself.

“Alright, get ready” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen, Chu Yuechan will try her best to serve Ye Chen, she will use her best ability to serve Ye Chen.

Chu Yuechan started to reach out her hand to grab Ye Chen’s huge weapon.

Chu Yuechan’s hands were so soft and delicate, Ye Chen felt an incomparable feeling when she felt this touch.

Even though at this time Chu Yuechan still hadn’t done anything to Ye Chen, Chu Yuechan still touched Ye Chen’s weapon.

This was Chu Yuechan’s first time touching and holding something like this, there was a special feeling when Chu Yuechan touched Ye Chen’s big thing.

“It’s not strange that Yanyan and the others like this very much, playing this is actually quite fun.” Chu Yuechan could feel that she felt happy when playing Ye Chen’s big gun, there was a special feeling when Ye Chen played Ye Chen’s big gun.

The current Chu Yuechan looked like she was playing the best toy, she saw Ye Chen’s weapon as a very fun toy object.

Chu Yuechan started to move her hand that was holding Ye Chen’s weapon, Chu Yuechan caressed this with tenderness.

Ye Chen felt a very good feeling from Chu Yuechan’s hand, for some reason Ye Chen felt comfortable with what Chu Yuechan was doing at this time.

“Master, is this comfortable?” Chu Yuechan asked if this was convenient or not.

“Of course it’s very comfortable.” Ye Chen answered very honestly, he told Chu Yuechan that it was very comfortable.

Chu Yuechan was happy to hear this, it seemed that she did not disappoint Ye Chen with her skills.

Initially Chu Yuechan was worried that her skills were not capable enough to please Ye Chen, unexpectedly that her skills could make Ye Chen feel happy and comfortable.

Knowing that Ye Chen liked what she did, Ye Chen started to be even more daring, Chu Yuechan started to try things she had never tried.

Chu Yuechan even touched Ye Chen’s two ball sacks, she started to provoke the two b.a.l.l.s of extremely sensitive places.

“argh. . .” Ye Chen started to let out a groan of satisfaction, it could be seen that Ye Chen was enjoying this.

Chu Yuechan continued her hand service for Ye Chen’s big thing, she was very happy to do this.

Time flew by so fast, Ye Chen was still enjoying the services provided by Chu Yuechan.

Almost 20 minutes had pa.s.sed, until now Ye Chen still didn’t show any signs of weakening.

“What the h.e.l.l” Chu Yuechan couldn’t believe Ye Chen’s endurance, even after Chu Yuechan used her skills, Ye Chen still didn’t show any signs of exploding.

Chu Yuechan did know that Ye Chen’s abilities were strong, but she did not expect that Ye Chen’s skills would be this strong.

Chu Yuechan started to think about how to make Ye Chen explode immediately, if it continued like this, then this would not end.

“Looks like I need to be more serious.” Chu Yuechan decided to be more serious, this time she had to win over Ye Chen.

If Chu Yuechan couldn’t make Ye Chen explode, then Chu Yuechan would lose her face.

Chu Yuechan often teased Ye Chen, if Ye Chen knew that Chu Yuechan’s ability in this matter was terrible, then Ye Chen would definitely make fun of Chu Yuechan.

Chu Yuechan didn’t want that to happen, she couldn’t let Ye Chen think of herself as weak.

Chu Yuechan was very confident in her abilities and talents, there was no way she would lose to Ye Chen in this kind of thing.

Chu Yuechan started to bring her face closer to Ye Chen’s big thing, she started to open her mouth and eat Ye Chen’s big thing.

Ye Chen suddenly felt a completely different feeling, he felt that his bottom was warm and moist, this was quite a strange thing.

Ye Chen immediately looked down, when Ye Chen looked down, Ye Chen discovered that Chu Yuechan was using her Cherry mouth to serve him.

“This. .” Ye Chen didn’t expect that Chu Yuechan would eat Him, this was really very delicious for Ye Chen.

The inside of Chu Yuechan’s mouth was really so comfortable, Ye Chen felt that he could melt from this comfort.


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