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Chapter 1010 – Discovered By Yue Ya

After exiting the fairy gate, Ye Chen immediately headed back into the cave where Yue Ya was.

When Ye Chen returned to the cave Ye Chen discovered that the current Yue Ya had completely finished using the Flame Spirit Root.

Yue Ya had even now changed her clothes to something even better, Yue Ya’s appearance is now even more beautiful with a dress that is much prettier and s.h.i.+nier than before

“Ye Chen where have you been ?” Yue Ya immediately asked where Ye Chen had gone.

“I just went for a walk around this place” Ye Chen told Yue Ya that he had just walked around this place.

“Yue Ya, you are so beautiful.” Ye Chen came closer and started praising Yue Ya.

There was a slight trace of red color when Ye Chen praised the beauty that G.o.ddess Yue Ya possessed.

When Ye Chen approached Yue Ya, Yue Ya suddenly smelled a fragrance, it was clear that this scent was not herself, it must be another woman’s.

“Why on your body there is a smell belonging to another woman?” Yue Ya immediately asked why Ye Chen had the smell of a woman on his body.

Yue Ya’s sense of smell was very sharp, Yue Ya could easily find that Ye Chen’s body had Chu Yuechan’s smell.

“Other woman’s smell?” Ye Chen immediately smelled his clothes, sure enough on the clothes that Ye Chen was currently wearing, there was a scent of Chu Yuechan’s body that smelled quite good.

Ye Chen was really careless, he should have changed into new clothes earlier.

“So what did you just do?” Yue Ya immediately asked what Ye Chen had just done, there was no way Ye Chen could just walk around.

Yue Ya was dissatisfied with this, she didn’t expect Ye Chen so quickly to find another woman in outside .

Yue Ya was currently like a woman who caught her husband cheating on the outside.

Ye Chen was a little confused about how he answered Yue Ya’s question, it could be seen that this beautiful G.o.ddess was jealous.

Since Chu Yuechan was currently busy with her business, Chu Yuechan couldn’t help Ye Chen in this matter.

“I just took a short walk to get some fresh air.” Ye Chen tried to convince Yue Ya that he was just getting some fresh air.

“Then why on your body there is a smell belonging to another woman?” Yue Ya asked Ye Chen.

Yue Ya didn’t just believe what Ye Chen said, the evidence on Ye Chen’s body was very clear to Yue Ya.

Yue Ya didn’t like Ye Chen to lie to her, Yue Ya preferred Ye Chen to tell the truth to herself.

“Come on, how can there be another woman in the forest like this, you are the only beautiful woman around this place” Ye Chen said to Yue Ya.

This was a forest, where in a forest like this Ye Chen could find a woman, It was quite an impossible thing to do.

Plus the forest situation in this region was in chaos, no fool would purposely enter into a dangerous place like this.

Yue Ya thought of Ye Chen’s words, it was true that around this place there was only a very vast forest, there was no way Ye Chen could find a woman other than herself in a place like this.

Yue Ya herself had also confirmed that there was no one in the radius around this place.

Yue Ya started wondering where did Ye Chen get the musty smell of a woman on his body.

“Did I misunderstand?” Yue Ya started to wonder if she had misunderstood Ye Chen.

“Yue Ya please believe me” Ye Chen wanted Yue Ya to believe in him.

“Hoam. . ,Master, I’m hungry.” While Ye Chen and Yue Ya were arguing, Yin Ying’er suddenly came out and grabbed Ye Chen’s clothes.

Yue Ya immediately looked at Yin Ying’er, Yue Ya didn’t know where this little girl in gothic clothes appeared from.

” Who are you ?” Yue Ya immediately asked who the little girl who had just appeared in front of her.

“Wow, big sister is so beautiful, is big sister the new master wife?” Yin Ying’er immediately screamed when she saw Yue Ya’s beauty.

According to Yin Ying’er, Yue Ya’s beauty could be compared to sister Chu Yuechan and Sister Nangong Xiang.

All this time Yin Ying’er had also lived within the fairy gate, so it wasn’t strange that Yin Ying’er was well cared for by Chu Yuechan and other women.

“Ye Chen’s new wife, little girl can you tell me what you mean earlier?” Yue Ya immediately asked what Yin Ying’er had just said.

Ye Chen was sweating when he heard this, it was clear that Yin Ying’er was going to dismantle everything Ye Chen had.

Ye Chen didn’t know what would happen when Yue Ya found out that he had so many women, whether Yue Ya would be angry or not when she heard this.

“Ying’er, why are you out, let’s go back” Seeing Yin Ying’er wanting to talk about this matter, Ye Chen immediately told Yin Ying’er to go back inside the fairy gate.

“But, I’m hungry.” Yin Ying’er refused to come back, she was hungry because she hadn’t had food from Ye Chen for a long time.

“I’ll give it later?, but you have to go back first” Ye Chen tried to persuade Yin Ying’er with his promise.

No matter what happened Ye Chen had to make Yin Ying’er go back into the fairy gate.

” Is it true ?” Yin Ying’er asked Ye Chen.

“Ye Chen you shut up, I want to talk to this little girl” before Ye Chen answered Yin Ying’er, Yue Ya told Ye Chen to be quiet, Yue Ya wanted to talk to Yin Ying’er.

Yue Ya’s words were very firm, Yue Ya told Ye Chen to be quiet for a while so she could find out what had previously said Yin Ying’er.

“It’s bad, definitely Ying’er will tell Yue Ya about everything I have.” Ye Chen was confident that Yin Ying’er would tell Yue Ya about the secret he had.

“Little girl, please explain what you mean earlier?” Yue Ya immediately asked what Yin Ying’er had just meant.

“Ying’er, don’t tell her” Ye Chen tried to signal Yin Ying’er not to tell Yue Ya about this matter.

Unfortunately Yin Ying’er didn’t understand Ye Chen’s hint, Yin Ying’er didn’t understand what Ye Chen was doing at the moment.

“Yes, is big sister the new Master’s wife?” Yin Ying’er asked Yue Ya again.

Ye Chen almost fainted when he heard this, it was clear that Yin Ying’er couldn’t keep Ye Chen’s secret.

“It’s over, Ying’er will definitely say everything” Ye Chen felt that Yue Ya would know everything.

Ye Chen couldn’t do anything about this, he could only hope that Yue Ya could accept him as he was.

Ye Chen probably would rather be honest than lie like this, he didn’t really like lying to Yue Ya.

Yue Ya already understood what Yin Ying’er meant just now, from Yin Ying’er’s words Ye Chen had a woman beside ho,.

If Yue Ya remembered clearly, Ye Chen had said that there was a woman who was waiting for him to become strong, perhaps this was what Ye Chen meant.


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