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Chapter 1060 – Princess Guard Quest

“Yueli, who is that man?” Song Ziyu suddenly asked about Ye Chen’s ident.i.ty, she wanted to know who Ye Chen really was.

“So why are you asking about it?” Mei Yueli wanted to know why Song Ziyu wanted to know about Ye Chen.

“No, it’s just that I found this person a bit annoying when I first saw him” Song Ziyu told Mei Yueli that she was annoyed and angry with Ye Chen.

Song Ziyu didn’t know why she felt that way, according to Song Ziyu, Ye Chen reminded herself of someone who had annoyed Song Ziyu so much.

“Why do you hate him, have you ever met him?” Mei Yueli asked Song Ziyu.

Mei Yueli wanted to know if Song Ziyu had met Ye Chen or not.

“No, I have never met him.” Song Ziyu shook her head, she had never met Ye Chen.

“Tell me what’s his name?” Song Ziyu asked about Ye Chen’s name.

“His name is Ye Chen, I was the one who brought him to join the Sect.” Mei Yueli told Song Ziyu about Ye Chen’s name.

“Yueli, you brought that person to join our Sect?” Song Ziyu asked in disbelief.

Song Ziyu couldn’t believe that Mei Yueli had brought Ye Chen to join the Nine Immortals Peak Sect.

” So what ?” Mei Yueli asked Song Ziyu, Mei Yueli didn’t know why Song Ziyu’s reaction would be like this when she heard that she was the one who had brought Ye Chen to join the Sect.

“No, it’s just that you’re afraid of men, how did you get this man to join the Sect?” Song Ziyu said to Mei Yueli.

Mei Yueli was a little nervous as she listened to Song Ziyu’s words.

“What’s wrong, is it wrong if I brought him here, last time he helped me, so there’s no problem if I repay his kindness” Mei Yueli tried to find an excuse to answer Song Ziyu’s question.

“that man is so weak, he can help you?” Song Ziyu couldn’t believe that Ye Chen could help Mei Yueli.

“Ziyu, don’t underestimate Ye Chen, even though he’s like that, he has quite a bit of ability” Mei Yueli told Song Ziyu that Ye Chen had a bit of ability.

“What kind of ability does that ugly man have, he can be compared to Senior Luo Tian” said Song Ziyu who looked down on Ye Chen.

“-_-” Mei Yueli was speechless when she heard what Song Ziyu said, this woman actually compared Luo Tian to Ye Chen, obviously their age difference is huge, so it’s not fair when comparing strength Ye Chen and Luo Tian’s

“you always boast about Luo Tian, what’s special about him is a man like Luo Tian, I don’t see anything special about Luo Tian” Mei Yueli didn’t know what was special about Luo Tian, she thought there was nothing Luo Tian’s Special.

In this Sect there may only be Mei Yueli and also Mu Xueying who is not interested in Luo Tian, neither of them are interested in Luo Tian who is a genius in this Sect.

“You really have terrible taste, even though Senior Luo Tian is a very handsome man, plus Senior Luo Tian is a rare genius.”

When discussing Luo Tian, Song Ziyu would get very excited once, Luo Tian was truly an idol for Luo Tian.

“Luo Tian won’t want you either, he’s already interested in Senior Sister Xueying” Mei Yueli told Song Ziyu that Luo Tian was interested in Mu Xueying.

“It doesn’t matter, I don’t mind if I just become his concubine, that’s enough for me” Song Ziyu said to Mei Yueli.

Song Ziyu didn’t mind it, she didn’t care if she was just a concubine

in the G.o.d Realm alone men can have many concubines so polygamy is free to do in this place.

There is only one law here, the strong will gain everything in this world.

“Never mind” Mei Yueli was lazy to continue this conversation, it seemed that Song Ziyu’s brain had really been washed by the man named Luo Tian.

If you really compare, Luo Tian is still far behind Ye Chen, Ye Chen is much more handsome than Luo Tian, unfortunately Ye Chen had to hide his true appearance because Mu Xueying order.

A few moments later a voice began to approach this place, it seemed this was the group they were going to protect.

Hearing this, all the Party members immediately gathered and prepared to welcome the entourage that had arrived.

Ye Chen was quite curious as to who the target they were going to protect was, he wondered if what Mei Yueli had previously said was the truth or a lie.

In the distance Ye Chen saw a golden carriage that looked very beautiful, around this golden carriage there were several well-armed guards guarding the golden carriage.

In the back there is also a golden carriage that looks exactly the same as the one in front, it looks like these trains are twins.

just from a glance, Ye Che could tell that this belonged to a high-cla.s.s n.o.ble, only a n.o.ble could possess a carriage as good and beautiful as this.

The carriage and company drew closer, they all stopped in front of Ye Chen’s party.

A horseman with the most power advanced towards Ye Chen and the others.

“Are you guys sent by Nine Immortals Peak Sect?” the horseman asked if Ye Chen and the others were people sent by Nine Immortals Peak Sect

“Yes, we are people sent by Nine Immortals Peak Sect” Lao Kang told he and they were the one sent by the Nine Immortals Peak Sect.

“Very good, then we leave our princess to you, please take good care of her” said the horseman to Lao Kang.

“Well we will definitely escort the princess well” Lao Kang said that they would receive the princess very well.

“Good, one more thing, if anything happens to the princess, otherwise you will face a very severe punishment from the King.”

the hors.e.m.e.n didn’t forget to warn Lao Kang and the others, if anything were to happen to the princess, then Lao Kang and everyone else in the party would receive a punishment they might not be able to avoid.

“Good we understand” Lao Kang understood, they will do their best for this mission.

The horseman nodded, the horseman returned to his line.

“Quickly change the color of the princess’s carriage” the horseman told his soldiers to change the princess’s carriage.

When the leader of the group ordered this, one of the golden chariots turned into an ugly and worn-looking carriage, apparently in a disguise so that this carriage would not be suspected of being the princess’s carriage.

“Okay, let’s go” After changing the color of the princess’s original carriage, the soldiers immediately took the gold carriage which was empty inside and went with them.

They all went the other way, judging by what these people were doing, Ye Chen could conclude that this was a diversion.

People would use fake bait to attract malicious people, while Ye Chen’s party only needed to deliver the princess’s real carriage.

“All of you hurry and put on these robes.” After the troop of soldiers left, Lao Kang ordered everyone to cover themselves with a cloak, this was meant to disguise their ident.i.ty so as not to get into trouble while traveling.


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