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Chapter 1172 – Mu Xueying Came And Stop The Battle

“Bam” Gong Senye attack hit Ye Chen’s body, this made a blast of wind around Ye Chen’s body.

This blast of wind quickly filled the entire floor, this made the roof of the brothel building shattered and flew everywhere.

Gong Senye’ strength was indeed strong, he didn’t play around in the face of Ye Chen who was only an outer court disciple.

“Hahaha, feel that” Gong Senye looked very happy, he was very satisfied with what happened, surely the man who had dared to harm his grandson had died.

In the distance Gong Pee saw what happened to Ye Chen, he was very happy when he saw Ye Chen was. .h.i.t by the attack just now.

Ye Chen must have died after being hit by his grandfather’s attack, Gong Pee can guarantee this 100%.

Because this Floor had been blown apart by the strong wind, quite dense dust began to fill this room.

Gong Senye didn’t care about the people in this place at all, to kill Ye Chen he was willing to inflame the useless people in this place.

After a while, finally the dust started to dissipate, a figure appeared behind this dust.

Gong Senye eyes widened when he saw this figure, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing right now.

The figure he saw right now was Ye Chen, Ye Chen was standing where he was without even showing any signs of being injured or suffering an injury.

“What is this?” Gong Senye couldn’t believe what he was seeing right now, what he was seeing right now was completely unreasonable.

How could Ye Chen still survive his attacks, this was quite difficult to explain even to Gong Senye.

“Ying’er come out” Ye Chen called Yin Ying’er to come out and help him.

The Divine Yin Yang Sword appeared in Ye Chen’s right hand, Ye Chen started swinging the Divine Yin Yang Sword in his hand.

When Ye Chen slightly swung the Divine Yin Yang Sword in his hand, the wall on the floor was split into two parts, this showed how strong Ye Chen’s strength was.

“Are you ready to lose?” Ye Chen said to Gong Senye who was in front of him.

The Divine Yin Yang Sword was Ye Chen’s strongest weapon, so it was not surprising that Ye Chen became very confident after taking the Divine Yin Yang Sword.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you are so arrogant in front of this old man, I will definitely make you regret for daring to be so arrogant” Gong Senye roared at Ye Chen.

This was the umpteenth time that Gong Senye had been angered by Ye Chen, Ye Chen knew very well how to make an old man like Gong Senye angry.

Gong Senye body gave off a very strong profound wind, this profound wind enveloped Gong Senye body like a ball.

Strong winds began to appear around the brothel, this wind was so strong that it could blow anything that was around this place.

People with weak cultivation started to be thrown off, all of them had no resistance against the strong winds that Gong Senye gave off.

“You will definitely regret making this old man angry.” Gong Senye pointed at Ye Chen, himself pointing at Ye Chen with anger.

“Stop wasting time with your useless bulls.h.i.+t, let’s get this over with as soon as possible.” Ye Chen was fed up with Gong Senye nonsense, he wanted to quickly resolve this matter.

“Gyaaaah. . .” Gong Senye is getting more and more out of control, his power is doing much more damage around this city.

Gong Senye made a sword from his profound wind, after which he advanced towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen raised the Divine Yin Yang Sword, ready to fight Gong Senye.

Ye Chen didn’t forget to use his Flame Vein to strengthen his strength.

“One G.o.d Slash” Ye Chen used the first move of G.o.d Master One Sword to counter Gong Senye attack.

“Die ” Gong Senye and Ye Chen slashed at each other, the swords belonging to the two would soon meet.

When the attacks of the two meet, then a certain amount of damage will occur, both of them using the full power they have.

The Divine Yin Yang Sword and Gong Senye wind sword would meet, only inches until their swords met.

Just before the two swords met, a profound ice flower suddenly appeared in the middle of the road, this profound ice exploded right in front of the Divine Yin Yang Sword and the wind sword.

This made Ye Chen and Gong Senye retreat hundreds of steps back.

“What just happened?” Gong Senye started to wonder what had just happened, why his attack was. .h.i.t by something so hard.

“You stop there” a woman descended from the sky, this woman was wearing white clothes as white as snow.

This woman is Mu Xueying, Mu Xueying came to this place to stop the fighting in this place.

Mu Xueying had already watched the battle that was taking place, she had already seen from the start what was happening in this place.

” you ?” Gong Senye asked Mu Xueying, he thought he had met Mu Xueying somewhere, but Gong Senye forgot where he met Mu Xueying.

“I am Mu Xueying, a core disciple of Jade Lotus Peak” Mu Xueying told Gong Senye who she was.

“What are you doing in this place?” Gong Senye asked what a core disciple like Mu Xueying was doing in this place.

“I came here to stop the fighting you guys are fighting, the fighting you are doing is destroying this city” Mu Xueying said to Gong Senye.

“You don’t have to interfere in this matter, I have business to settle with this person, this person has dared to attack my grandson without any apparent reason.” Gong Senye didn’t like seeing Mu Xueying try to stop him, he didn’t like it. like to be arranged by Mu Xueying.

“Your grandson is the one who started the battle first, so don’t blame others in this case.” Mu Xueying told Gong Senye that the person who started all this was Gong Pee.

If Gong Pee didn’t start first, then Ye Chen would definitely not attack him, all this trouble started with Gong Pee.

“I don’t care about that matter, I want to seek justice” Gong Senye said to Ye Chen.

Gong Senye doesn’t care about who started this first, his grandson has already been injured, that’s why he must seek justice for this matter.

“I hope you will leave, otherwise don’t blame me for using violence” Mu Xueying told Gong Senye to leave this place.

“I won’t leave until I solve this problem.” Gong Senye refuses to leave this place, he will not leave until he succeeds in taking revenge for what happened to Gong Pee.

“Then don’t blame me.” Mu Xueying waved her hand at Gong Senye.

An ice mist appeared around Gong Senye body, this Ice mist instantly enveloped Gong Senye entire body, in a short time Gong Senye body instantly turned into an Ice sculpture.

This process was extremely fast, it only took a matter of seconds, Mu Xueying strength seemed to have increased a lot since the last time.

“Mu Xueying is too strong” Ye Chen muttered in his heart, Mu Xueying is so strong, she freezes the enemy in just seconds.

Even Gong Senye didn’t have time to fight back and was immediately frozen by Mu Xueying.


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