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Chapter 127 – Top Bra.s.s At The Six Door Organization

“Miss Luo Bing, you are safe,” members of the six-door organization approached Luo Bing.

“Yes, I survived, why are you here?” Luo Bing asked why the elite members of the six-door organization were here.

“We came here after receiving a report that there was very great fighting activity going on in this place, even the chairman also came to this place,” Six Door Organization Member, gave details to Luo Bing.

“I see, where is the chairman? I want to meet him.” Luo Bing asked where the chairman was.

“The chairman is in the west a few tens of miles from here, you can find him there,” members of the six-door organization said the current chairman.

Luo Bing turned to look at Ye Chen, when he looked behind Ye Chen was already not there.

“Uh, where did he go?” Luo Bing found no trace of Ye Chen’s whereabouts.

“Do you know where Ye Chen went” Luo Bing asked some of the women behind her.

Feng Xue also realized that Ye Chen had disappeared “we don’t know” all the women behind Luo Bing answered in unison.

Because Ye Chen was not there Luo Bing went alone to meet with the higher-ups.

Within minutes Luo Bing arrived at the battlefield of Ye Chen and Bao Man, in this place Luo Bing saw a giant crater, several hills were destroyed and there was still a lot of damage that occurred in this place.

In the sky there were 3 people who were floating, two men and one woman wearing a full face mask, they were watching the former battlefield of Ye Chen and Bao Man from above.

These three people are Ji Te, Ao Wan, and Yan Fu, they are the top bra.s.s in the six-door organization.

These three people are at the Peak Sky Realm stage.

“This damage is very large, it seems like the person who just fought is at a very high stage.” Ji Te spoke to the other two people.

“Maybe their power is in the ancient warrior Realm or Overlord Realm stage.” Yan Fu tried to guess the strength of the person who had just fought in this place.

“Look there is someone’s corpse” Ao Wan pointed to Bao Man’s body that has withered like a corpse.

“Let’s go down and see who it is” Ji Te invited Ao Wan and Yanfu to go see.

the head drops towards Bao Man’s body.

“Strength, restore my strength” Bao Man continued to shout about strength.

“What happened to him?” Yan Fu saw that this person’s body was as dry as a corpse.

Ji Te checked Bao Man’s condition “This person’s entire body is broken, I’m sure this person was a cultivator in the middle stage of the Earth Realm” After checking Bao Man Ji Te’s situation began to conclude.

“We just bring him to be questioned, maybe he knows what is happening in this place” Ao Wan suggested to Ji Te to bring this person back to headquarters.

“Teacher, two elders, student Luo Bing salutes” Luo Bing came and saluted the teacher and 2 other elders.

Yan Fu is Luo Bing’s teacher.

“Little Binger, what are you doing here? “Yan Fu wondered why Luo Bing was in this place.

Yan Fu remembers that Luo Bing went on a mission a few months ago.

“Teachers, elders, students here are in the task of destroying the slave seller organization, I didn’t think the results would be like this” Luo Bing explained to these 3 people.

“So this is Bao Man, the most sought-after person in this country, it’s only right that I feel like I’ve seen this person somewhere” Ao Wan now remembers who this man looked like was a corpse.

“Then, Binger, do you know who the person who just fought here” Yan Fu did not care about Bao Man, who she cared about was the strong master who had just fought in this place.

“The teacher who fought here, Bao Man, after taking a token Bao Man became very strong like a G.o.d, for whom the people who fought Bao Man this student did not know.

Because Ye Chen Luo Bing threatened to keep this matter a secret from the higher ups.

“Ah too bad, I’m very curious who the great master is” hearing Luo Bing Yan Fu’s answer a little disappointed.

“Luo Bing, then where is the token you said earlier,” because you can’t find out the person who fought with Bao Man Ao Wan, where the token made Bao Man very strong.

“My elders don’t know” Luo Bing did not know where the token was, Luo Bing guessed that the token was in Ye Chen’s hands.

Next time Luo Bing will ask Ye Chen about this problem.

“Let’s discuss the problem next time, first let’s solve the problem here first, make sure no ordinary people know about this incident” Ji Te gave instructions to Ao Wan and Yan Fu.

Ao Wan and Yan Fu both nodded.

After giving orders Ji Te went to bring Bao Man’s body to be traced, Ao Wan also had to go give orders to his subordinates.

Now only Luo Bing and Yan Fu are left.

“Binger is now just the two of us, you must know the people fighting here” Yan Fu suddenly said that to Luo Bing.

“Master, me. . . . “What confused Luo Bing has to say, it’s very difficult to hide something from this master.

“I have been with you since childhood, I know how you behave every day, so I know you were lying, you will not be able to hide this from me, now tell me who that person is,” Yan Fu Asked Luo Bing.

In the face of Yan Fu Luo Bing’s dominance was very depressed, Luo Bing sighed and hugged Yan Fu’s adult body “teacher, that person is very cruel, he threatened me, he said if I dare talk about him he will do bad things to me” Luo Bing complained to his teacher .

If Ye Chen was here he would definitely be very surprised to see the usually arrogant female police officer turn out like this.

“Already” tell the teacher who it is “Yan Fu asked Luo Bing.

Luo Bing explained Ye Chen’s details to Yan Fu.

“What do you say that person is still a teenager” Hear what is said by Luo Bing Yan Fu Almost do not believe, a teenager has this great power who will believe.

Yan Fu herself to reach this stage requires several decades, and even that good resources and talent is a genius.

“Binger, you are watching over that person, maybe he came from a large faction” the only explanation that was owned by Yan Fu Ye Chen was from a large faction.

Yan Fu also knew that as great as the power of a large faction, a large faction would not normally interfere in mortal people because of that, they were rarely seen in the mortal world.

Luo Bing nodded at Yan Fu.

“Let’s go” Yan Fu Invites Luo Bing to go after Ao Wan.

For the time being, Yan Fu will keep Ye Chen a secret, he will make Luo Bing watch over Ye Chen and see what a person named Ye Chen looks like.

Ye Chen was currently flying back in the Villa, Ye Chen was very exhausted he wanted to immediately rest in the Villa with his wife.

When Ye Chen arrived at Zhao Yanyan Villa, Liu Yue and Fu Lanling welcomed Ye Chen.

All the women were happy that Ye Chen was fine, Ye Chen embraced the three women back to the room to sleep together.


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