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Chapter 1404: Important information of Frozen Blood Eater

“This is impossible” the receptionist was really surprised when she saw the number in her hand, she rubbed her eyes several times to make sure that what she saw wasn’t wrong.

After rubbing her eyes a few times, the Receptionist found that she wasn’t delirious, this had all come true.

The receptionist looked at Ye Chen, from his appearance alone Ye Chen was an ordinary person, how could he have so many contribution points in his body.

Ye Chen didn’t show any reaction, he didn’t show any reaction at all when he saw the receptionist was shocked.

“So can I buy something at this place?” Ye Chen asked the receptionist in front of him.

” Of. . .course.. . .” The receptionist seemed to stutter when talking to Ye Chen, she stuttered when talking to Ye Chen.

To be honest, while working at this place, he had never heard of someone who contributed as much as Ye Chen, Ye Chen was the first person to have contributed this many points.

The receptionist started to leave, he took all the best materials in the warehouse, with the wealth that Ye Chen currently had, Ye Chen did have the ability to buy all the resources to cultivate.

With this much contribution of points, what Ye Chen wanted could very easily be fulfilled.

A few moments later the receptionist came with a lot of items, he brought all the best items in the warehouse.

This of course took everyone by surprise, they had never seen someone pick up so many items at one time, plus the items purchased looked very expensive and quite difficult for normal students to obtain.

“This is everything you want, I have brought everything” The receptionist said that she had brought all the things in the warehouse, these were all the best resources in this place.

Ye Chen took a quick look, he could tell what the Receptionist had just picked up, indeed the items that came were quite good and rare, this could make one level up very quickly.

“Looks like this is enough to use for a while.” Ye Chen felt that all these items were enough to cultivate for his woman.

“I take them all” Ye Chen said that he would take them all.

“Thank you very much” The receptionist thanked her, she seemed very happy when she heard this.

The reason the Receptionist seemed happy was because she would get some bonuses from selling this to Ye Chen, that way she would live comfortably for a while.

Ye Chen finished the payment, after completing the payment for all the resources he bought, Ye Chen immediately returned to Jade Lotus Peak.

Ye Chen ignored the gazes of the core disciples who saw what Ye Chen had just done, the core disciples present didn’t believe that Ye Chen would buy everything at one time, they didn’t know how rich Ye Chen was to be able to buy them all.

“Yuechan, didn’t you say before that Ning’er was in charge inside the fairy gate” Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

” Yes, what is up ?” Chu Yuechan replied to Ye Chen.

“I want you to plant all these medicinal herbs and cultivate them” Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

“As for that matter, Ning’er has already started cultivating tons of plants, she’s grown so many plants in the medicinal garden that is inside the fairy gate storage, you just haven’t seen it” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

“Eh, really?” Ye Chen didn’t know that Chu Ning’er had already done that.

Ye Chen hadn’t seen the medicinal garden for a long time, so it wasn’t strange that he didn’t know much about the matter.

“Of course, he has already done that, now you better give her a gift, I think he wants some sweets” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

“Relax, the matter will be resolved.” Ye Chen was going to make some lollipops for Chu Ning’er, Chu Ning’er really really likes lollipops.

Ye Chen left the Sect, he went to the city to buy candy-making ingredients for Chu Ning’er.

Ye Chen went to the nearest town, White Cloud City, he wanted to visit Li Jingyi and tell him that he had become a core disciple.

After buying some ingredients for food, Ye Chen went straight to his house in White Cloud City.

“master, I finally found you” when Ye Chen was about to return to his residence, Ye Chen was stopped by a woman.

Ye Chen could immediately tell who the woman stopped him was, this woman was a Frozen Blood Eater or Ye Chen’s servant.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Chen immediately asked Frozen Blood Eater why she was looking for him.

“master, you really are so cold, how can you treat me like that” Frozen Blood Eater said to Ye Chen.

“I’m busy, why don’t you say what you want” Ye Chen told Frozen Blood Eater to say what she wanted.

“I came to report the request you wanted, I have found the person who wants to kill you” Frozen Blood Eater said that he had found the person who wanted to kill Ye Chen.

“Say it quickly” Ye Chen told Frozen Blood Eater to say who it was that wanted to kill him.

“Come with me and find a quiet place, this information is a little sensitive.” Frozen Blood Eater led Ye Chen to find a quiet place to discuss this matter.

Ye Chen nodded, both of them looking for a quiet place to talk about this matter.

“Here I found that there are two suspects, one is a powerful organization and the other is an individual.” Frozen Blood Eater had already found the person who tried to harm Ye Chen, he had already found a clue about it.

“Okay, just say it, who are they?” Ye Chen was more and more curious, he wanted to know the information that Frozen Blood Eater had just obtained.

“okay first is a person named Long Dou, he should be from the Song Family, he is one of the people who wanted to kill you because you messed up his plans” Frozen Blood Eater managed to find information about Long Dou wanting to kill Ye Chen, this information was very accurate and no longer need to be questioned.

“Oh, so that person” Ye Chen remember Long Dou, it turned out that that person was indeed an enemy under the covers, Ye Chen’s guess was right, he was indeed the mastermind behind the incident that occurred in the Song Family.

“next” Ye Chen wanted to know who else was after him.

“The second is a little troublesome, this is the Code Breaker organization, they are on the move and looking for information about you, even they are trying to target the people closest to you.” Frozen Blood Eater reported that the Code Breaker organization was after Ye Chen and people close to Ye Chen.

” what ! ! !” Ye Chen didn’t expect that he would listen to this kind of information, he became worried about Li Jingyi situation, Li Jingyi was currently living alone, it would be a problem if the Code Breaker organization was after her.

“I have to leave immediately” Ye Chen had to go immediately and confirm Li Jingyi condition, Ye Chen hoped that Li Jingyi would not leave the house, if Li Jingyi left the house, it would be difficult for Ye Chen to protect Li Jingyi safety.

Ye Chen immediately left, he rushed to return to his home.


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