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Chapter 1500 – Infiltrate The Immortal Sky Empire

When he got home, Ye Chen immediately went to interrogate Number Two.

Ye Chen tried to get Number Two to talk about the secrets that Code Breaker, unfortunately this guy didn’t want to tell Ye Chen a bit of information.

Number Two was quite stubborn, he didn’t want to tell Ye Chen what he knew.

“You are quite stubborn, it seems I have no choice but to do this by force” Since the other party didn’t want to tell about the information, Ye Chen had no choice but to do this by force.

Ye Chen used the method taught by Huang Ying, Ye Chen used the method used by Huang Ying to find memory information when he first met Ye Chen.

Ye Chen placed his finger on Number Two’s forehead, after which Ye Chen closed his eyes.

Ye Chen entered Number Two’s mind, Ye Chen searched for some kind of information in Number Two’s memories.

Number Two no having chance against Ye Chen, he has no chance against what Ye Chen did.

” this?” Ye Chen found a very interesting thing, he discovered a plan that the Code Breaker organization had.

Ye Chen kept looking deeper, he found all the members who had been recruited by the Code Breaker organization.

“Very good, I got what I wanted” Ye Chen had managed to get what he wanted, now he didn’t need Number Two.

Number Two’s actual name is Hou Yungfe, he is a member of a n.o.ble Clan, Hou Yungfe has long been banished and now joins the Code Breaker to get what he wants.

Most members of Code Breaker organization are people who were dumped by the world because of injustice, they join the Code Breaker organization to take revenge for what happened to them.

Ye Chen might feel sorry for what these people went through, but what they were doing right now was very wrong and cost countless people.

The plans of the Code Breaker organization are very neat and hidden, if I don’t get information from this person, I probably won’t understand what they’re planning.

Ye Chen now knew the direction and purpose of the enemy, so Ye Chen could come up with a plan to defeat the Code Breaker organization.

Ye Chen went to see Mu Xueying, Li Jingyi, Yan Fei and Huang Ying who were in the living room, the four of them were currently sitting neatly and waiting to hear from Ye Chen.

Among the four women living here, Huang Ying was the calmest, she didn’t seem too concerned about this matter, to Huang Ying this was a small matter, she believed Ye Chen could solve this matter quickly and easily.

Ye Chen entered the room, he met the four women who were in the room.

“husband, how are you?” Li Jingyi was the first to ask Ye Chen, he wanted to know the information that Ye Chen got.

“I’ve got what information from that person, it turns out that the Code Breaker organization has completely controlled the Immortal Sky Empire, they even used one of the princes to be made into puppets so they could control the Immortal Sky Empire” Ye Chen explained a little about what the people wanted. people from the Code Breaker organization, they already completely control the Immortal Sky Empire.

“Then what about father, did he not put up a fight?” Li Jingyi asked Ye Chen, Li Jingyi wanted to know the fate of Li Kun, is he okay or not.

“That problem, he is currently being held in prison and can’t do anything, his cultivation was crippled by a man named Li Gun” Ye Chen told Li Kun’s fate, currently Li Kun was detained and incapacitated by a man named Li Gun.

“So he’s in trouble” Li Jingyi was worried when she listened to what Ye Chen said, from what Ye Chen said, it seemed that Lu Kun was in serious trouble.

Even though Li Jingyi didn’t really like Li Kun much, Li Jingyi couldn’t ignore this matter, Li Kun was still blood related to Li Jingyi, so Li Jingyi probably wouldn’t be able to ignore this matter.

“Jingyi, how are we going to help him?” Ye Chen asked Li Jingyi, Ye Chen wanted to know Li Jingyi’s opinion.

Ye Chen actually didn’t want to let Li Jingyi get involved in this matter, however Li Jingyi wanted to live a safe and peaceful life, Ye Chen just wanted to know the answer from Li Jingyi.

“Husband, for this time we go and help them, I can’t just stand by and watch the Immortal Sky Empire crumble in this way, I have to defeat my greedy uncle” Li Jingyi made up her mind, she would help in resolving this matter.

“If you really insist on coming, then I won’t stop you.” Seeing Li Jingyi joining in, Ye Chen couldn’t possibly stop her from going.

“Then who will guard this city when we leave?” Yan Fei asked everyone, if they went to Immortal Sky Empire, who would guard this place from enemy attacks.

Yan Fei believed that if the enemy would attack again, they would definitely attack this place again, their goal was to destroy the Nine Immortals Peak Sect.

“You guys don’t have to worry about that matter, I will take care of this place” Huang Ying volunteered herself, she would protect this city while Ye Chen and the others were away.

With Huang Ying’s abilities, it shouldn’t be difficult for her to protect the city while Ye Chen and the others were away.

“Very good, then you will leave this matter to you, please take care of this place and you sister ” Ye Chen asked Huang Ying to take care of the other sister.

“Okay, I definitely won’t let you down.” Huang Ying wouldn’t let Ye Chen down, she would do her best to protect Ye Chen’s women around this place.

“Jingyi, Fei, Xueying, let’s go right now, we shouldn’t waste any more time” Ye Chen took his three wives to leave right now, they shouldn’t waste any more time.

Ye Chen Li Jingyi, Yan Fei and Mu Xueying left, the three of them immediately headed to Immortal Sky Empire.

The three of them were flying at an extremely fast speed, it shouldn’t take the three of them long to reach their destination considering the speed they were using was extremely fast.

After several hours of traveling, finally Ye Chen Li Jingyi, Yan Fei and Mu Xueying arrived at Immortal Sky Empire.

“Okay, we’re here.” Ye Chen told Li Jingyi, Yan Fei and Mu Xueying to stop, they were now a bit far away from Immortal Sky Empire.

The Immortal Sky Empire is currently full of guards, a lot of heavyweight weapons have been prepared on top of the fort.

The Immortal Sky Empire was completely overrun by the enemy, so now the Immortal Sky Empire was under the control of the Code Breaker organization.

“The security here is the strictest I’ve ever seen.” Ye Chen saw that the guards here were very strict, tens of thousands of guards were on standby to guard the entrance so that no intruders could enter.

Ye Chen didn’t find any openings that could be used to enter, all places were very tightly guarded.

Plus the current Ye Chen together with Li Jingyi, Yan Fei and Mu Xueying, it would definitely be very difficult to enter while carrying them.

“Husband, come with me, I have a secret door that can lead us inside without being noticed..” Yan Fei invited everyone to use the secret door that the Golden King Auction House had, so they could enter without being caught.


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