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Chapter 239 – Kill Enemies With Two Movements

“Hahaha, how is it? , you can’t see me right, “Tu Zen seems to want to show off his strength in front of Ye Chen.

This was very funny a Eart Realm expert dared to show off his strength before Ye Chen who had reached the Overlord Realm realm.

This was a joke for Ye Chen, Ye Chen could see every move made by Tu Zen, for Ye Chen the speed of Tu Zen was relatively slower than his own, with this kind of speed it was very easy for Ye Chen to attack Tu Zen.

“First I will cut off one of your arms first” finally Tu Zen began to launch an attack at Ye Chen, with lightning speed, Tu Zen aimed at one of Ye Chen’s arms.

“p.r.i.c.k”, Tu Zen pierced Ye Chen’s arm using a lightning tombat, when the spear approached Ye Chen immediately used his palm to catch Tu Zen’s lightning spear.

“Ahh. . . . “Lin Rouxi shouted, this scene is very dangerous, she is very worried about Ye Chen’s salvation.

“Huh. . . ? “Tu Zen couldn’t believe it when he saw Ye Chen could see the direction of the spear he was launching, even though his speed was already very fast and difficult to see naked-eyed.

what made Tu Zen confused was how Ye Chen caught his spear which contained lightning, it was impossible for ordinary people to catch this lightning spear.

Tu Zen tried to pull his lightning spear, unfortunately his spear was held very tightly by Ye Chen’s hand.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d quickly release your hand from my spear” Tu Zen shouted to Ye Chen to immediately release his lightning spear.

San Seng who saw this immediately went to the side of Tu Zen to help him. Against Ye Chen, San Seng threw his iron fan towards Ye Chen.

This fan was not an arbitrary fan, all parts of the fan were made as sharp as possible to pierce the opponent’s body, with a strong wind drive the fan circled and shot towards Ye Chen.

San Seng’s fan was aimed right at Ye Chen’s neck, whoever was. .h.i.t by this fan would immediately lose their neck.

“Ye Chen, watch out !!! “Lin Rouxi told Ye Chen that there was a very sharp fan headed towards him.

Seeing the fan approaching towards him, Ye Chen raised his left hand which was free, Ye Chen used his two fingers to hold the opponent’s fan towards him.

“Clank” Ye Chen pinched San Seng’s iron fan, the iron fan stopped immediately after being pinched by Ye Chen’s finger.

Ye Chen’s two fingers were like a very strong iron brace.

San Seng Trying to control the fan that was in Ye Chen’s finger, the iron fan in Ye Chen’s finger wouldn’t move at all, this fan had been held by Ye Chen’s two very strong fingers.

“d.a.m.n it” San Seng cursed at his fan which was stuck between Ye Chen’s two fingers.

San Seng rushed towards Ye Chen, San Seng opened his palm preparing to hit Ye Chen, San Seng’s palm contained a very strong wind.

San Seng aimed this attack at Ye Chen.

On the other hand Tu Zen also did not remain silent, he used his lightning legs to kick Ye Chen’s chest.

Ye Chen saw the two attacks simultaneously aiming at him.

From inside Ye Chen’s body came a very strong aura pressure, this pressure immediately blew Tu Zen and San Seng far backward.

“Argh. . . . . “Tu Zen and San Seng were thrown tens of meters by Ye Chen’s aura pressure.

“Cough. . . . “Both of them immediately threw up a mouthful of blood, the aura released by Ye Chen just now was very great, The aura of Ye Chen’s pressure just now was like a comet that struck the bodies of Tu Zen and San Seng.

Ye Chen closed the iron fan and stuck the spear on the ground, he saw Tu Zen and San Seng with killing eyes.

“You two are looking for trouble to the wrong person, be prepared to accept the consequences of what you have done” Ye Chen would not release these two people who had tried to kill Lin Rouxi, these two people could not be forgiven.

Ye Chen took the spear from the ground, he used the nine shadow step to go towards San Seng, with the step nine shadow Ye Chen reached in front of San Seng.

San Seng and Tu Zen did not see how Ye Chen reached in front of San Seng, both of them were very surprised at the speed shown by Ye Chen, this was far faster than the lightning steps that Tu Zen had.

San Seng tried to stand up from the ground, “wait, us. . . . “When he wanted to speak the lightning spear pierced his chest, Ye Chen threw this spear right in San Seng’s chest.

Ye Chen’s pitch was very strong. San Seng’s body flew along with this spear towards the sky.

Tu Zen who saw this was shocked, San Seng was killed very easily by this person, Tu Zen was immediately afraid of Ye Chen, this person was far stronger than he predicted, “d.a.m.n I don’t want to die” Tu Zen uses lightning lightning steps to escape from Ye Chen.

With an extremely fast speed, in just a few seconds Tu Zen had run away a few hundred meters from where Ye Chen was standing, his instincts made him run as fast as he could.

Ye Chen couldn’t possibly let this person just leave, this person had to pay for what he had done before.

Ye Chen threw a fan towards Tu Zen who had gone far away from him, an iron fan with a very high speed following lagging with Tu Zen.

Tu Zen kept running as fast as he could, he didn’t have the chance to look back.

“Jlubbb. . ” involuntarily an object pierced his left chest, when Tu Zen saw in his left chest there was a large hole, blood began to seep out from this hole.

Tu Zen’s body began to lose strength and collapse on the ground, little by little the awareness of Tu Zen began to disappear, eventually Tu Zen died because his heart was crushed by the iron fan that Ye Chen had just thrown.

From a distance Ye Chen saw Tu Zen’s death, now everything was finished, everything was completed by Ye Chen in just two steps.

Ye Chen immediately returned to Lin Rouxi’s side. “Teacher, what are you. . . . Before Ye Chen finished his words, Lin Rouxi had embraced him.

Lin Rouxi cried as she buried her head in Ye Chen’s chest “I’m very worried about you” Lin Rouxi was very worried about Ye Chen’s condition, she had never worried about others like she did to Ye Chen, without knowing Lin Rouxi knew that she had really liked Ye Chen , if not how could she possibly be very worried about Ye Chen’s condition.

“Okay, Teacher everything is fine now you don’t need to worry anymore” Ye Chen stroked Lin Rouxi’s back to calm her down.

Lin Rouxi felt a very comfortable feeling while in Ye Chen’s arms.

“Teacher, let’s go to the dormitory where you live, maybe you can be more calm there.” Ye Chen intended to take Lin Rouxi back to the female dormitory where Lin Rouxi lived, Lin Rouxi might still be a bit shocked because he was almost killed by a lightning spear.


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