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Chapter 387 – Battle

“Doesn’t it look very chaotic down there?” Seeing the chaos on the battlefield, Seng Huwe finally spoke up.

Seng Huwe did not expect that the result would be like this, even though previously he had firmly believed that the Seventh Sword Sect would win easily.

Because according to him, the personnel and strength possessed by the Seventh Sword Sect were far greater and greater than the Frozen Ice Sect.

unexpectedly the result would turn 180 degrees, Seventh Sword Sect really looked like it was losing against the Frozen Ice Sect.

“Hahaha, doesn’t this look even more exciting and interesting, if the Seventh Sword Sect wins so easily then it will be really boring.” Ren Lie seemed to be enjoying this quite a bit.

He likes to see battles that are hard to guess who is the winner, it will be very fun to watch.

“Well Elder Ren might be right if the battle ends so easily then it will look very boring, Hahaha” Seng Huwe laughed too.

The two elders from the Gates of Eternity Sect laughed when they saw the Seventh Sword Sect suffer defeat like this.

For the two elders from the Gates of Eternity Sect what happened to the Seventh Sword Sect was none of their business, they only wanted to see the interesting spectacle of the battle between the Seventh Sword Sect vs Froze Ice Sect.

Different from Seng Huwe and Ren Lie, at this moment Jian Teng’s face was quite dark, he did not expect that the situation would turn out like this.

Even though he firmly believed that the Seventh Sword Sect could win victory very easily, it was unexpected that the outcome of the battle would be like this.

This was beyond Jian Teng’s initial estimation. “You idiot, hurry up and use that thing to beat those b.i.t.c.hes.” Jian Teng cursed at Jian Ding who was so stupid.

why didn’t Jian Ding and Jian Lubo use the pills from the start, if they both used those pills from the start, the Seventh Sword Sect should have won easily.

Jian Teng wanted to get off this profound ark and hit the heads of the two stupid old men below, even though Jian Teng was kind enough to help and ensure the victory of the Seventh Sword Sect.

It was unexpected that these two stupid old men would instead use difficult methods to win against the Frozen Ice Sect.

In the eyes of the people of the Gates of Eternity Sect, it was certain that Jian Teng’s reputation had plummeted greatly.

Whereas from the start Jian Teng wanted to use the Seventh Sword Sect to increase his reputation and get the benefits of Hong Won.

He did not think that right now the Seventh Sword Sect was completely filled with useless trash people like this.

As Jian Teng cursed Jian Ding’s stupidity, at that moment Jian Ding took out a red pill from the pouch and started swallowing it.

Jian Teng who saw this was quite happy, finally Jian Ding used the pill he had given him.

“Hemp, isn’t that the red dragon pill? It’s quite interesting.” Ren Lie saw what Jian Ding was doing, never expecting that Jian Ding would take such a valuable pill.

“Jian Teng, you are kind enough to give someone like that red Dragon Pill that you have.” Seng Huwe said to Jian Teng.

Seng Huwe didn’t expect that Jian Teng would give Jian Ding the red Dragon Pill.

The red dragon pill was a pill that had the effect of increasing the strength of several times temporarily, it was a Pill that was at Tier 6 so it could be said that it was quite rare for a cultivator in the mortal world.

Because of this, Seng Huwe could guess that the red Dragon Pill must have been given by Jian Teng to Jian Ding.

“Elder Seng, I gave this pill as a gift for my visit, I never thought he would use it at a time like this.” Jian Teng tried to find excuses to Seng Huwe.

“Hahahaha, you are good enough to give a pill like that to a person from the Seventh Sword Sect, after he takes the pill, the strength that that person has should soar to the level of eighth level of the Emperor Realm.” Ren Lie began to suspect that after consuming the Dragon Pill. In red, Jian Ding’s strength would increase to the level of a cultivator at the eighth level of the Emperor Realm.

Jian Teng only nodded at Elder Ren Lie, he also expected that if Jian Ding’s strength would increase quite a bit, at least Jian Ding would have the strength equal to cultivators at the eighth level of Emperor Realm.

“What’s this, why are you all so noisy” When Jian Teng, Seng Huwe and Ren Lie were arguing about the battle between Seventh Sword Sect vs Frozen Ice Sect, Hong Won suddenly came towards them.

When Hong Won came towards them, the people from the Gates of Eternity Sect immediately paid their respects to Hong Won.

As the son of the leader of the Gates of Eternity Sect, Hong Won’s status was much higher than Seng Huwe and Ren Lie, it was for this reason that Seng Huwe and Ren Lie had great respect for Hong Won.

Neither Seng Huwe nor Ren Lie dared to offend Hong Won.

“Young Master Hong Won, we’re looking at a pretty good show, you can see it down for yourself.” Jian Teng told Hong Won what they were doing right now.

Hong Won was curious about what these people were watching, he decided to see what was going on down there.

Hong Won went to the edge of the golden profound ark, he immediately looked down.

When Hong Won looked down, he saw a battle between a gang of boys and girls wearing veils.

Hong Won was quite surprised when he saw the beautiful women below, he looked very excited when he saw this.

“Jian Teng, so these are the women you were talking about earlier? , they look good. “Hong Won tapped Jian Teng’s shoulder, Hong Won was quite happy when he saw the beautiful woman from Frozen Ice Sect.

“Young Master Hong, Thank you for the compliment.” Jian Teng was quite happy that Hong Won liked this.

Return to the battle of Mu Lanyin and Jian Ding

Mu Lanyin saw Jian Ding take something out of the bag and put it straight into his mouth.

After Jian Ding ate the Pill, a huge force started to explode out from within Jian Ding’s body.

A red aura resembling a dragon form that was incredibly strong began to envelop Jian Ding’s body.

This red aura was extremely strong, the ground around the Frozen Ice Sect began to tremble and a crack appeared that was extremely long.

Jian Ding saw an extremely powerful red aura enveloping his body, this red aura made him feel very strong.

“b.i.t.c.h, I’ll kill you right away.” After taking the Red Dragon Pill, Jian Ding’s confidence returned, he was sure he could beat Mu Lanyin.

“Seven swords domain, Heavenly Sky Sword” Jian Ding opened a domain and used the Heavenly Sky Sword technique simultaneously.

From within the ground appeared a towering red great sword, the Heavenly Sky Sword technique also turned red.

It seemed that the red dragon pill that Jian Ding had consumed had changed the color of the Domain and Heavenly Sky Sword technique.

As the Domain Seven swords appeared around Mu Lanyin, an enormous pressure pressed down on Mu Lanyin’s body.

This time the pressure Mu Lanyin felt was much stronger than Jian Lubo’s Domain.

Mu Lanyin even felt that she was being crushed by an invisible mountain.


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