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Chapter 448 – Ye Chen Asked Ling Yin For Help

Ye Chen started to heal Zhao Yanyan and Su Mengxin.

Ye Chen gave Zhao Yanyan Bone growth pills, while for Su Mengxin Ye Chen gave an ointment that could quickly heal the bruise on Su Mengxin’s neck.

“Oh yeah where is Lulu, why haven’t I seen her before? , didn’t you say that Xiao Lulu was also attacked. “Ye Chen asked Xiao Lulu’s whereabouts to all the women here.

From earlier Ye Chen had not seen Xiao Lulu’s whereabouts, if Xiao Lulu was attacked by a mysterious person, then she should be injured right now.

The Ye Chen women looked at each other, they were all confused about how to answer Ye Chen’s current question.

“Ye Chen, actually Lulu was taken away by that mysterious person.” The woman who dared to tell Ye Chen this was Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan told Ye Chen that Xiao Lulu was taken away by a mysterious person who had attacked her.

” What ? “Ye Chen was both shocked and angry when he found out about this, he did not expect that apart from attacking the woman, this mysterious person also dared to take Xiao Lulu away.

Ye Chen definitely won’t forgive the person who has taken Xiao Lulu away.

“I will immediately go to find that person.” Ye Chen must immediately go find the person who took Xiao Lulu.

Ye Chen didn’t want anything bad to happen to Xiao Lulu, Xiao Lulu was an innocent, shy and timid girl, Ye Chen was afraid that Xiao Lulu would be traumatized again because of this.

“Ye Chen, wait a moment” Nangong Xiang stopped Ye Chen who wanted to go find the whereabouts of the person who had taken Xiao Lulu.

“Xiang, what’s wrong? , why did you stop me “asked Ye Chen to Nangong Xiang.

“Ye Chen calm down first, if you act like this then this matter will not be resolved” Nangong Xiang asked Ye Chen to be calmer in dealing with situations like this.

“Xiang can’t possibly be calm when Lulu is in the hands of a dangerous person.” How could Ye Chen be calm when faced with a situation like this.

Xiao Lulu’s safety was at stake here, so he had to quickly find the person who had taken Xiao Lulu away.

“Then do you know where the person who has brought Xiao Lulu now, even Lanling currently has not found the whereabouts of the person who brought Xiao Lulu” Nangong Xiang told Ye Chen that Fu Lanling until now has not found the whereabouts of the mysterious person who kidnapped her. Xiao Lulu.

From last night Fu Lanling had been looking for the person who took Xiao Lulu, she even searched outside this city to find the whereabouts of Xiao Lulu.

Fu Lanling guessed that the mysterious person who had taken Xiao Lulu had left this city.

That’s why Fu Lanling was looking for the whereabouts of the person who had taken Xiao Lulu outside of the city, Fu Lanling was also looking in other cities that were close to this city.

Ye Chen raised his eyebrows, what Nangong Xiang said was true too, at this time he did not know where the silver werewolf who kidnapped Xiao Lulu was.

If at this time Ye Chen moved without a clear aim and direction, then he would never find Xiao Lulu’s existence.

“Well you may have a point.” Ye Chen now understood what Nangong Xiang meant.

“Ye Chen, if I can give you advice, you should just try going to the western continent, if it is true that the person who brought Xiao Lulu was a silver werewolf, then it is very likely that this time that person took Xiao Lulu to the western continent.” suggested Ye Chen to go to the western continent.

“Why can you think that the person who brought Xiao Lulu is currently in the western continent?” Ye Chen asked Nangong Xiang.

“It’s very simple, if it’s what they are aiming for is you, they will definitely try to make you go to the western world, in the western continent they will find it easier to deal with you, if they deal with you here, then surely the Kunlun Holy Land will not stay. shut up and watch this thing. “Nangong Xiang told Ye Chen the a.n.a.lysis she had.

After hearing Nangong Xiang’s words, Ye Chen finally started to become enlightened, it was most likely that these people’s plans wanted to take Xiao Lulu as a hostage so that Ye Chen would go to the western continent.

“Xiang, do you know where the silver werewolf is? ” Ye Chen asked Nangong Xiang.

“Sorry Ye Chen, I don’t know where the werewolf territory is.” Nangong Xiang didn’t know about the territory of the Silver Werewolf.

If Nangong Xiang found out where the territory of the silver werewolf was, then she would have definitely told Ye Chen a long time ago.

Since she didn’t know where the territory of the silver werewolf was, Nangong Xiang didn’t say anything to Ye Chen.

Seeing that Nangong Xiang had absolutely no idea where the territory of the silver werewolves was, then Ye Chen had to find someone who could inform himself about this.

Ye Chen began to wonder who he should ask for help with this.

After thinking long enough, Ye Chen finally knew who to ask for help with this problem.

Ye Chen could ask Ling Yin for help, Ye Chen was sure that with Ling Yin’s killer network connection, Ling Yin would be able to find out of the Silver Werewolf’s territory easily.

Ye Chen immediately went upstairs to find his cell phone, he would contact Ling Yin and ask him for help.

All the women in the living room were confused about what Ye Chen was doing right now, they all wanted to know why Ye Chen suddenly went upstairs.

“It seems like he has found a way to settle this.” Among the women in the living room, Nangong Xiang could easily see that Ye Chen had found a way to find out the realm of the silver werewolves.

For now Nangong Xiang would let Ye Chen do what he could, if Ye Chen encountered a problem that was difficult to solve, then Nangong Xiang was ready to help Ye Chen solve it.

Ye Chen went upstairs, he immediately looked for his phone, after finding his cellphone, Ye Chen immediately made a video call to Ling Yin.

“Bipp. . “Video calls started to go to Ling Yin

“Ling Yin come pick up a video all from me” Ye Chen hopes that Ling Yin can receive video calls from him.

After about 30 seconds, finally Ling Yin received a call from Ye Chen.

“Ye Chen finally you remember to call me, I think you’ve forgotten me” Ling Yin looked sad when she said this

Ling Yin currently only wants to tease Ye Chen a little, it has been a long time since Ling Yin has seen and heard Ye Chen’s voice, so currently Ling Yin misses Ye Chen quite a bit.

“How could I forget you” Ye Chen immediately said to Ling Yin

Ling Yin was glad to hear that Ye Chen didn’t forget herself, Ling Yin felt a very sweet feeling in her heart.

“Ling Yin, I need your help.” Ye Chen did not mince words anymore, he currently needed Ling Yin’s help.

“What help do you need? “, Asked Ling Yin to Ye Chen.


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