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Chapter 527 – Escape From Reporter

In a corner of this restaurant, Yu Ting looked at Ye Chen and Feng Xue who were trying to escape from the reporters’ chase. Yu Ting was very happy when she saw Ye Chen being chased by many reporters in this city.

The person who had told the reporters was Yu Ting, Yu Ting told reporters that currently the most popular female star Feng Xue was in this city and was dating with a boy.

The reporters who received news from Yu Ting immediately went to the location, when these reporters went to their location they did find Feng Xue with a man he did not know, moreover the restaurant that the two chose was a restaurant that was often used by couples for dating.

“Ye Chen, now let’s see how you will get out of this situation, soon you will be sought after by Feng Xue’s fans, hahahaha” Yu Ting laughed happily when she thought that Ye Chen was the one that Feng Xue’s fans were looking for.

which is sure to be a very interesting spectacle, considering that there are so many fans of Feng Xue, maybe all the people in this city will be looking for Ye Chen’s existence.

Yu Ting felt that she was very smart, she borrowed the power of others to deal with Ye Chen.




Ye Chen and Feng Xue are currently trying to run away from the reporters who continue to chase the two of them.

These reporters didn’t want to give up, they kept running to catch up with Ye Chen and Feng Xue.

Feng Xue had just recovered from her illness, if she had to keep running and exhausted, maybe Feng Xue’s illness would come back, Ye Chen didn’t want that to happen.

“d.a.m.n, they are so annoying”, Ye Chen felt that these reporters were very annoying, Ye Chen was forced to use the strength he had to forcefully drive these reporters away.

when Ye Chen wanted to use his own power to drive these reporters away, suddenly a strong enough force blew away all the reporters who were currently chasing Ye Chen.

These reporters were flown in all directions by this power.

“Master, do I need to get rid of these annoying people.” Nanhua Caiyi descended from the sky, she asked Ye Chen, is he allowed to eliminate the reporters who dare to interfere with the date Ye Chen and Feng Xue.

“You don’t have to kill them.” Ye Chen didn’t allow Nanhua Caiyi to kill these people.

If Nanhua Caiyi killed these people it would be very troublesome for Ye Chen.

Nanhua Caiyi was a little disappointed that Ye Chen didn’t allow herself to eliminate these annoying reporters.

“Caiyi, you take care of them, don’t let them chase us” Ye Chen gave orders to Nanhua Caiyi to take care of these people not to return to chasing him and Feng Xue.

“Okay, I understand”, Nanhua Caiyi understood, he would prevent the reporters from chasing Ye Chen.

“Good, then I’ll take Feng Xue away”, Ye Chen would take Feng Xue away to a safe place.

Feng Xue doesn’t understand what just happened, why are the reporters flying around everywhere, this makes Feng Xue a little afraid.

“Let’s go”, Ye Chen carried Feng Xue’s body like a princess, he took Feng Xue away to a place far away from these annoying reporters.

Feng Xue felt very happy when she was carried like a princess by Ye Chen, it was every woman’s dream to be carried like a princess by the man they liked.

Ye Chen ran very fast, in an instant Ye Chen had run quite far from where the reporters were.

After feeling that this place was quite far away, Ye Chen lowered Feng Xue’s body.

“Ye Chen sorry, because the reporter earlier we didn’t eat.” Feng Xue apologized to Ye Chen for the unpleasant thing that just happened.

Whereas before they both wanted to enjoy a meal together, it was unexpected that the reporters came and disturbed both of them.

“You don’t need to apologize, it’s not your fault.” Ye Chen prevented Feng Xue from apologizing, from the start it wasn’t Feng Xue’s fault.

Feng Xue was quite happy when she found out that Ye Chen was not angry with her.

“Why do those reporters know where we are, n.o.body should know about the two of us earlier.” Feng Xue felt very strange why the news station reporters found out that she and Ye Chen were eating together.

the reporters earlier couldn’t have known about this if there wasn’t anyone to tell them about Feng Xue and Ye Chen’s whereabouts.

“Maybe there are people who don’t like us and tell the media about this.” Ye Chen didn’t find it strange when the reporters had found out about Feng Xue’s whereabouts.

Feng Xue is the most popular female star in the country, even though she has withdrawn from the entertainment world she will still be in the public spotlight.

Ye Chen did not suspect Yu Ting at all, Ye Chen only estimated that this was done by people who didn’t like seeing Ye Chen and Feng Xue close like this.

“You may be right, if I know who the culprit is I will definitely make him pay for this.” If Feng Xue finds out who the person has done this, she will definitely make that person pay for interrupting the date she was on with Ye Chen. .

“Are we going back to school or going to find another place to eat? “, Ye Chen asked Feng Xue, does Feng Xue currently want to go back to school or does she want to find another place to eat.

“What if we both go to elder sister Yuya’s place, this is not far from where Yuya’s older sister lives, usually at this hour she just finished cooking food.” Feng Xue invited Ye Chen to go to Su Yuya’s house which is not far from here. .

Ye Chen realized that the two of them had gone far enough from the school that the two of them were near Su Yuya’s house.

Ye Chen hadn’t visited Su Yuya’s place in a long time since that night, he was too busy practicing until he almost forgot Su Yuya.

“Alright, let’s go there.” Ye Chen was fine with it, Su Yuya’s house wasn’t far from here after all.

“Good, let’s go.” Feng Xue put her arm around Ye Chen’s, she walked along with Ye Chen like a couple.

Ye Chen and Feng Xue went to Su Yuya’s house, when Ye Chen was going to Su Yuya’s house, he felt that a pair of eyes were watching him.

When Ye Chen was looking for her, he suddenly didn’t feel the presence of the person who was just watching him.

“Who was that just now” Ye Chen muttered to himself, it’s obvious that Ye Chen just felt someone watching him, when he searched for the source of that person’s gaze suddenly that person disappeared without a trace.

The person who previously watched Ye Chen must be extremely powerful, otherwise how could he have disappeared so fast.

Because of this Ye Chen started to be on high alert.




Meanwhile in the sky several tens of kilometers from where Ye Chen stood was a woman who was trying to hide herself very carefully, this woman tried not to be found out by Ye Chen.

“This man named Ye Chen is very amazing, he can even find my whereabouts very easily, I must immediately inform the Queen about this finding.” This woman intends to report the findings about Ye Chen to s.e.xy Queen , she has got the information she wants from Ye Chen.


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