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Chapter 699 – Courier From The Royal Family

Chapter 699: courier from the royal family

While Ye Chen and Nanhua Caiyi were doing an indoor exercise, Nangong Xiang had now gone to a remote place within the Wu Clan manor.

Currently Nangong Xiang was thinking about what she had previously done together with Ye Chen, she did not expect that she would do something like that together with Ye Chen.

Even though Nangong Xiang was a very well educated woman, such a thing would never be done by Nangong Xiang.

“Huft” Nangong Xiang started to sigh of hers, it seems that after meeting Ye Chen, she gradually began to change, now Nangong Xiang is no longer the Nangong Xiang that she used to be.

In the past, Nangong Xiang had never thought about this kind of problem. According to her, the problem of love affairs is a meaningless problem.

In the past Nangong Xiang got married just because she was forced into her life, she didn’t understand anything about love matters, even after being betrayed by Sun Quan , Nangong Xiang began to hate men to the point that she was quite disgusted when she saw them.

However, when she met Ye Chen, suddenly the outlook she had changed, she found a male figure who she thought was so kind that he gave herself a very precious pill that made her face completely heal.

This was something that made Nangong Xiang regard Ye Chen as a kind-hearted man, no man had ever been this kind to Nangong Xiang like Ye Chen.

“That feeling was really extraordinary, is that really that great feeling you get from having a relations.h.i.+p between a boy and a girl? “Nangong Xiang’s body is still feeling the feeling she felt when she was touched by Ye Chen.

Nangong Xiang still did not expect that such a thing would be so pleasant to her that she would let out a soft groan like before.

Nangong Xiang did not believe that she would make a sound like that, Nangong Xiang began to remember the night when she saw Ye Chen and Liu Yue do that, that night Nangong Xiang wondered why Liu Yue let out a groan like that when having a relations.h.i.+p with Ye Chen .

Now she understood why Liu Yue would let out a groan like that while doing a Dual Cultivation Session with Ye Chen.

Even just a little touch of Ye Chen was very pleasant for Nangong Xiang, she did not know what it would be like to do what Liu Yue did that night.

Nangong Xiang had been with the Ye Chen women in the Villa for quite a long time, she had often heard from women that doing Dual Cultivation together with Ye Chen was the most beautiful thing they had ever experienced in this life.

Nangong Xiang herself had never done something like that together with Ye Chen, she also wanted to feel the feeling of doing a Dual Cultivation together with Ye Chen.

Nangong Xiang still felt a slight tingling feeling in that part, especially in the part of her two cherry buds that Ye Chen had previously played.

What she previously did together with Ye Chen could not yet be called a Dual Cultivation relations.h.i.+p, it was just a light touch that was nothing more than doing an original Dual Cultivation.

before it was close, she had almost completely become Ye Chen’s woman, but at an important moment Nanhua Caiyi suddenly came and interfered with what she was doing together with Ye Chen.

If only Nanhua Caiyi had not come, it might be possible that now Nangong Xiang would have done something like together with Ye Chen.

“I better go back to my room.” Nangong Xiang is currently a little messed up, it is better for her to sleep and rest and recover her body and mind which are a little tired because of the fun she just got from Ye Chen.

As time pa.s.sed in the Wu Clan manor, today you can hear a little moaning from Ye Chen’s room.

Luckily most of the people from the Wu Clan were currently in the royal palace, otherwise it was possible that everyone from the Wu Clan would listen to what Ye Chen and Nanhua Caiyi were doing.

After going through a long battle, finally tomorrow has arrived Ye Chen and Nanhua Caiyi finally ended the long battle that the two of them had fought for approximately 12 hours.

Ye Chen was a person who still had consciousness after the long battle that was fought with Nanhua Caiyi.

Ye Chen saw the sleeping Nanhua Caiyi curled up place beside himself.

Nanhua Caiyi’s current appearance is very bad, you can see that Nanhua Caiyi’s b.u.t.tocks are slightly red, this is due to the slap made by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen actually punished Nanhua Caiyi with a little more weight, it was feared that today Nanhua Caiyi would not be able to get out of bed because her bottom was swollen by Ye Chen’s act.

Yesterday the battle the two of them had was too intense, Nanhua Caiyi was overwhelmed by Ye Chen’s extremely powerful strength.

If it weren’t for Nanhua Caiyi’s cultivation high enough, perhaps Nanhua Caiyi would have been killed by Ye Chen’s younger brother who was downstairs.

“Master, that’s amazing.” Nanhua Caiyi started delirious, it seemed that in her dreams Nanhua Caiyi was currently dreaming that she was fighting Ye Chen.

Ye Chen saw the condition of Nanhua Caiyi, this woman really has an innate trait to be misused by him, this is evident that Nanhua Caiyi likes being misused by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen took the blanket and started covering Nanhua Caiyi’s s.e.xy body.

It’s not good to let Nanhua Caiyi’s body be seen by someone who deliberately entered this room, with Nanhua Caiyi’s current body, the man who saw it would definitely be excited immediately, this woman has the charm to stimulate the man who saw her.

After covering Nanhua Caiyi’s body, Ye Chen got up from the bed, he began to stretch his body, Ye Chen felt that this morning his body was very fresh.

It seemed like doing a Dual Cultivation session with Nanhua Caiyi made Ye Chen’s body feel refreshed.

After stretching his body a little, Ye Chen started to come out of this room, he wanted to find the whereabouts of Nangong Xiang and Zhao Yanyan.

Especially Ye Chen wanted to find Nangong Xiang who had run away from him yesterday, he wanted to talk privately with Nangong Xiang.

When Ye Chen just walked out of the room he had, he saw Wu Ping running towards him.

Wu Ping’s face now looked panicked as she headed towards Ye Chen.

Wu Ping stopped right in front of Ye Chen, “Ye Chen is bad.” Wu Ping said that something urgent had happened.

“Grandpa Wu, what happened please explain so I understand what happened? “, Ye Chen asked Wu Ping what really happened.

“There is a messenger from the royal family who wants to see you” Wu Ping said to Ye Chen if there is a messenger from the royal family who wants to meet Ye Chen.

” What does that person want from me? “, Ye Chen asked Wu Ping what the messenger wanted him to be.

“I don’t know that, but for sure it’s not a good thing.” Wu Ping felt a bad feeling when.

” Grandfather Wu, then let’s see ” Ye Chen invited Wu Ping to go and see the envoys sent by the royal family for him.

Ye Chen wanted to know what the royal family wanted to suddenly send an envoy like this.


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