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Chapter 705: Go To Royal Palace

Ye Chen escorted Zhao Yanyan back to the Wu Clan manor, the two of them very quickly arrived at the entrance to the Wu Clan manor.

“Husband, just stop here for you to take me” Zhao Yanyan said to Ye Chen that if it is enough to stop here, Ye Chen will take her.

From here Zhao Yanyan was sure that he would be fine without Ye Chen.

“Okay, then I’ll go see Queen first.” Ye Chen started walking away from the entrance of the Wu Clan manor.

After confirming that Zhao Yanyan had arrived at the entrance to the Wu Clan manor, Ye Chen was able to go to the royal palace quite relieved.

“Husband, wait a moment” suddenly Zhao Yanyan stopped Ye Chen who wanted to go to the royal palace.

” What is wrong ? “Hearing Zhao Yanyan calling himself, Ye Chen immediately turned around and looked at Zhao Yanyan.

When Ye Chen turned around to look at Zhao Yanyan, he found that Zhao Yanyan was right in front of him.

Zhao Yanyan suddenly stood on tiptoe and started to kiss Ye Chen’s lips in front of her.

Ye Chen was completely unprepared for what Zhaohad done Yanyan to him.

Ye Chen didn’t expect that Zhao Yanyan would suddenly kiss himself like this.

Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan kissed for some time before Zhao Yanyan took the lips she had away from Ye Chen’s.

“Husbands fight hard, I will give you more rewards if you can get Queen” Zhao Yanyan told Ye Chen to fight harder to get Queen, she even promised Ye Chen a reward more than this if you can get Queen.

Ye Chen did not expect that Zhao Yanyan would say this, this girl is becoming bolder and bolder, Zhao Yanyan even started to dare to promise things like this to Ye Chen.

“What gift will you give if I can get Queen?”, With a wicked smile Ye Chen asked what Zhao Yanyan would give him.

“This is a secret, if you have gotten the Queen I will tell you” Zhaoface Yanyan’s blushed a little when she said this.

Hearing Zhao Yanyan’s answer , Ye Chen started to guess what Zhao Yanyan might give him, Ye Chen became very excited about this.

“Wife, you promised me, you can’t go back to your words just now, hehehe.” Ye Chen chuckled at Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen couldn’t wait to see what Zhao Yanyan would give him, if he succeeded in getting Queen.

Zhao Yanyan smiled at Ye Chen, she expected a lot from Ye Chen.

“Then what are you waiting for quickly leave right now” Zhao Yanyan drove Ye Chen to go to the royal palace as quickly as possible.

” Okay, I’ll go, bye, bye.” Ye Chen went to where the royal palace, he will go to meet Queen.

Since the royal palace hovered above the capital exactly, Ye Chen had to fly towards the royal palace that was above the sky.

Ye Chen very quickly arrived in front of the royal palace, if you look closely, the royal palace is bigger and more magnificent than Ye Chen thought.

Here Ye Chen saw that there were hundreds of guards guarding the outer walls that surrounded the area of this royal palace.

When Ye Chen came, several guards immediately went to question Ye Chen.

“What are you doing flying around this place, without any special permission are prohibited from flying around the royal palace” The guard approached Ye Chen and told Ye Chen if he is.

“I came here to meet Queen” Ye Chen was not angry when this guard warned him to stay away from the territory of the royal palace, he told the guard that he came here to see Queen.

Hearing what Ye Chen had just said, the guards who approached Ye Chen saw each other.

“You came to meet Queen, do you have anything as evidence” one of the guards asked Ye Chen about the evidence that he had an appointment with Queen.

Ye Chen took a paper that the courier sent by Queen to himself, he gave this paper to the guard in front of him.

The guards accepted the paper Ye Chen gave them, they started to look at the contents in the paper.

When the guards looked at the contents of the paper Ye Chen gave them, they found something truly extraordinary.

It was clear that there was a lipstick mark belonging to Queen on this paper, seeing this the guards immediately believed that Ye Chen was indeed invited by Queen to enter the palace.

“This is real, you can take it back.” The guard hurriedly gave back the letter that the Queen gave to Ye Chen, he didn’t dare to keep something like this.

Ye Chen received the paper back from the guard “So can I go inside?”, Ye Chen asked whether he could go inside or not.

“Of course you can come in.” The guard allowed Ye Chen entered the royal palace.

After seeing the letter from Queen just now, there was no way the guards would dare to stop Ye Chen, if they dared to stop or drive Ye Chen away, they and their families would be buried on the spot by Queen.

“Thank you very much, then I’ll go inside” Ye Chen thanked this friendly guard, the guard in the royal palace was kind enough to him.

After thanking Ye Chen, he immediately went to the inner part of the royal palace.

“Poor young man , it looks like he will get bad luck from being targeted by the Queen.” After Ye Chen’s departure, the guards finally whispered to each other.

They all felt sorry for Ye Chen, after seeing the contents of the letter just now the guards knew that Queen was targeting this handsome young man.

The guards knew what would happen to the man who was being targeted by Queen, they would definitely not have a good ending when being pursued by Queen.

“Shh, don’t be too harsh, do you want to lose your head?” One of the other guards reminded them not to discuss this matter or they will lose the head they have.

The problem about Queen is something that is quite sensitive, if it comes to them this matter reaches Queen’s ears, then they can definitely be executed for committing defamation for Queen.

Everyone in the palace already knows that the man who deals with Queen will definitely end badly, that’s why in this palace circle everyone tries to stay as far away from Queen as possible.

They didn’t want to get into trouble with the Queen who said Rumors was a Succubus who ate men without vomiting bones.

“He’s right, we better get back to work, that person’s problem is none of our business.” Another guard told people to go back to work.

There’s no use lamenting other people’s misfortunes like that, it’s better that they improve their own lives to be even better.

Ye Chen is currently in the royal palace, he doesn’t know that the guard he previously met was talking about himself wanting to meet Queen.

“Approximately where Queen is” Ye Chen began to wonder where Queen is currently.

“h.e.l.lo, are you young master Ye Chen?” While Ye Chen was thinking where Queen was, a young woman came and approached him.


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