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Chapter 765 – Unexpected Betrayal (1)

“Of course I’m telling the truth, there’s no point in me lying to you about this matter” Ye Chen told Zhang s.h.i.+yun that he could not possibly lie.

Zhang s.h.i.+yun looked straight at Ye Chen, in this situation Ye Chen would not possibly lie to herself.

After all, why did Ye Chen lie to herself about a matter like this, there was no point in even Ye Chen lying in a matter like this.

“If you say it is true, it looks like there are a lot of traitors in this palace” Zhang s.h.i.+yun began to conclude that in this palace there must be a lot of traitors.

“Most likely it’s true, I feel strange when you don’t receive a message from Grandpa Wu, there must be someone who has taken and discarded the message before it reaches you.” Ye Chen also guessed what was happening here, it was likely that within this palace there were countless traitors who had joined the Shen Clan stronghold.

“Ye Chen, thank you for the information you provided, if the mastermind behind this attack is the Shen Clan, then I will definitely make them regret that they dare to rebel against me?” if it was true what Ye Chen had previously said to her, Zhang s.h.i.+yun would definitely make the Shen Clan suffer the consequences for daring to rebel against her.

Zhang s.h.i.+yun is the type of person who does not like betrayal, she hates the most against a traitor who has betrayed the trust that has been given wholeheartedly.

Zhang s.h.i.+yun had entrusted military power to the Shen Clan so much, it was unexpected that the Shen Clan would use the trust placed in Zhang s.h.i.+yun in this way.

The strength of the troops under the command of the Shen Clan was no weaker than the main force that the royal family had under the command of Zhang s.h.i.+yun.

With the loss of all the generals who belonged to Zhang s.h.i.+yun disappeared, the difference in troop strength between Zhang s.h.i.+yun’s and Shen Clan’s would be far away.

“I will go over all of this, Ye Chen, you should just wait here.” Zhang s.h.i.+yun was going to go over all this alone, she would soon finish her business with the Shen Clan.

After saying that to Ye Chen, Zhang s.h.i.+yun left this place.

she immediately went out to deal with it all alone.

Ye Chen was a little worried when he saw Zhang s.h.i.+yun who was too impulsive like this, it wasn’t good to let Zhang s.h.i.+yun be like this.

Out of fear that something untoward would happen, Ye Chen couldn’t help but follow Zhang s.h.i.+yun towards the exit.

He wanted to ascertain who was the real person who had attacked this palace, whether this was really the Shen Clan or not.

Ye Chen returned to wearing his clothes that were previously removed by Zhang s.h.i.+yun, Ye Chen with quick movements began to tidy up his clothes that were messy because of Zhang s.h.i.+yun’s actions.

After completely finished tidying his clothes, Ye Chen immediately caught up with Zhang s.h.i.+yun.

When Ye Chen managed to catch up with Zhang s.h.i.+yun, Ye Chen found that there was a very fierce battle here.

There were more or less hundreds of attackers who were currently wearing a robe and also a mask, these attackers looked very strong, the tens of thousands of soldiers in this palace were unable to fight against these hundreds of attackers.

“All of these people are so strong, is it possible that this is the ally that Shen Ao was talking about back then?” Seeing the strength of these attackers, Ye Chen could confirm that these attackers were strong and had a very high cultural base.

Even the weakest of these people was at the fifth stage of the Overlord Realm, this was an extremely strong enemy party, normal soldiers of the royal family would definitely not be able to fight against those people.

Zhang s.h.i.+yun looked at the battlefield, she saw a scene of ma.s.sacre that was so terrifying.

Royal soldiers were killed so easily by these people, Zhang s.h.i.+yun felt angry about this.

Zhang s.h.i.+yun had to act immediately or there would be more casualties.

Zhang s.h.i.+yun started to bring out her true power, when Zhang s.h.i.+yun took out her strength the area around here started to tremble.

Strong winds began to envelop this place, this wind was very strong like, it looked like a huricane storm was. .h.i.tting this place.

This was Ye Chen’s first time seeing Zhang s.h.i.+yun fighting, it could be seen that Zhang s.h.i.+yun cultivated a wind attribute technique.

“How dare you attack this Queen’s residence, are you not afraid of the wrath of this woman” Zhang s.h.i.+yun’s tone sounded very angry.

“We all are not afraid of you, everyone let ‘s kill this woman and finish everything quickly” the leader of the enemy ordered the people around him to kill Zhang s.h.i.+yun.

Hundreds of people immediately went towards Zhang s.h.i.+yun, hundreds of strong cultivators who had quite a high level of cultivation.

Even though Zhang s.h.i.+yun’s cultivation base was currently at the tenth level of the Overlord Realm, still Zhang s.h.i.+yun would not be able to win against this many cultivators.

In addition to Zhang s.h.i.+yun’s enemies there was a cultivator who was of the same level as Zhang s.h.i.+yun, so it was likely that Zhang s.h.i.+yun would be a bit of a struggle against all of these people.

“wind thorn s.h.i.+eld” Zhang s.h.i.+yun’s used a wind s.h.i.+eld that covered her body.

This wind s.h.i.+eld was no ordinary wind s.h.i.+eld, it was capable of injuring anything that touched it.

Because there were too many opponents, Zhang s.h.i.+yun didn’t dare to take a risk to fight without using a barrier.

If Zhang s.h.i.+yun did not use protection on her body, then her enemies would very easily attack the weak points he had.

After making a wind s.h.i.+eld on her body, Zhang s.h.i.+yun began to fight against all the enemies that surrounded her, Zhang s.h.i.+yun began to show her fighting skills.

As a Queen, Zhang s.h.i.+yun’s fighting skills should not be underestimated, one by one the attacking enemies began to be flown by Zhang s.h.i.+yun.

Currently Zhang s.h.i.+yun was still fighting barehanded, she still hadn’t taken out her weapon.

Even though she only used her bare hands, it was seen that the enemy Zhang s.h.i.+yun was fighting had a little trouble attacking Zhang s.h.i.+yun.

wind thorn s.h.i.+eld made by Zhang s.h.i.+yun made it difficult for them to attack Zhang s.h.i.+yun.

if they attacked recklessly, then it was certain that they would suffer the losses themselves.

“Why are you retreating, hurry up and attack this woman at the same time, if you attack simultaneously then the wind s.h.i.+eld will be easy to destroy” The leader of the party ordered the people to attack Zhang s.h.i.+yun together, so they could win against Zhang s.h.i.+yun.

Everyone nodded, they started attacking Zhang s.h.i.+yun at the same time.

These people began to use their attack techniques to attack Zhang s.h.i.+yun.

“Booom. , Booom. , Booom. , Booom. , Booom. , Booom. , Booom. , Booom. , Booom. , Booom. , Booom. , Booom. , Booom. , Booom. , “Zhang s.h.i.+yun was immediately showered with countless attacks.

The attacks used to attack Zhang s.h.i.+yun were completely varied, it seemed that these people were not from the same place.

“Crack.. .. ., Crack.. .. ., Crack.. .. ., “The onslaught of attacks carried out by the enemy was very strong, Zhang s.h.i.+yun’s Wind Thorn s.h.i.+eld seemed unable to withstand the onslaught of attacks in large numbers like this.

Seeing the wind thorn s.h.i.+eld that was shaking and about to break, Zhang s.h.i.+yun immediately retreated back to secure herself.

“Slash.. . ” When Zhang s.h.i.+yun retreated back towards the palace soldiers who were not far from her, suddenly several palace soldiers who were behind Zhang s.h.i.+yun slashed Zhang s.h.i.+yun’s back.

Zhang s.h.i.+yun really did not expect that someone would sneak up on her from behind.

“Ahh” Zhang s.h.i.+yun groaned in pain when he received this attack, it was clear that Zhang s.h.i.+yun’s back was badly injured when receiving this sneak attack.


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