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Chapter 835 – Zhao Yanyan Break Through

Time quickly pa.s.sed, after sleeping for a while Ye Chen finally woke up.

When Ye Chen woke up, he found that he was hugging a woman.

The woman Ye Chen was hugging was Ye Xiu, Ye Xiu is currently sleeping quite peacefully, it can be seen that Ye Xiu is very tired because of the long battle that the two of them had previously done last night.

Ye Chen was a little confused by what happened at this time, he started to remember what happened last night.

After remembering for a while, Ye Chen finally remembered what happened last night, it was clear that last night he did this together with Ye Xiu.

“I really did it with Little Xiu?” Ye Chen said to himself in disbelief, Ye Chen thought last night was a dream, unexpectedly that last night was not a dream.

Ye Chen did Dual Cultivation together with Ye Xiu who was currently in his arms.

Ye Chen smiled when he found out that last night was not a dream, it meant that now Ye Xiu was completely his.

Ye Chen finally got a Beautiful Milf like Ye Xiu, this is a very good thing for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen began to hug Ye Xiu tighter, he began to stretch out his hands towards Ye Xiu’s fox ears.

When Ye Chen grabbed Ye Xiu’s fox ears, Ye Xiu started to wake up, she felt someone holding the sensitive part he had.

When Ye Xiu opened her eyes, she found that the person who was playing with her ears was Ye Chen.

“Master, don’t play that thing again” Ye Xiu complained to Ye Chen who played with her ear.

Ye Xiu felt a strange feeling every time Ye Chen did this to her.

“This is so cute.” Ye Chen liked to play with these fox ears, he felt happy doing this.

Ye Xiu snuggled even more in Ye Chen’s embrace, feeling comfortable when she was in Ye Chen’s embrace.

“How long do you want to sleep like that” When Ye Chen and Ye Xiu were making out on the bed, a woman said to Ye Chen and Ye Xiu.

Ye Chen and Ye Xiu immediately turned their heads to see which woman was talking to the two of them, when the two of them looked at the source of the voice, Ye Chen and Ye Xiu found that the owner of this voice was Chu Yuechan.

“Yuechan, what’s wrong?” Ye Chen asked what Chu Yuechan had to do with himself.

“You two hurry up and wake up, Yanyan has successfully Break Through to the Divine Nascent Realm, you better go see her.” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that Zhao Yanyan had successfully Break Through to the Divine Nascent Realm.

“Really, then I want to see it.” Hearing Chu Yuechan’s words, Ye Chen couldn’t wait to see Zhao Yanyan who had Break Through to the Divine Nascent Realm level.

“Little Xiu do you want to come?” Ye Chen asked Ye Xiu if she wanted to come to meet Zhao Yanyan.

“Master, maybe I won’t come with you, I’m still very tired.” Ye Xiu told Ye Chen that she wouldn’t be able to come together with Ye Chen to meet Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Xiu was still very tired, plus Ye Xiu’s two legs still felt soft due to the long battle she had together with Ye Chen last night.

” Okay, then rest in peace here” Ye Chen told Ye Xiu to rest in this place while he went to see Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Xiu nodded, she would rest in this place for a while and recover.

“Let’s go” Ye Chen invited Chu Yuechan to go see Zhao Yanyan, he wanted to see where Zhao Yanyan was right now.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to where Yanyan is.” Chu Yuechan happily escorted Ye Chen to the place where Zhao Yanyan was.

Ye Chen and Chu Yuechan left the Dual Cultivation Room, the two of them headed to the place where Zhao Yanyan was.

Ye Xiu saw Ye Chen and Chu Yuechan leaving, she decided to return to rest for a while.

Because Ye Chen’s treatment last night was extremely harsh, Ye Xiu’s lower body was still very swollen, it might take a little while for Ye Xiu to recover to normal.

After leaving the Dual Cultivation Room, Ye Chen and Chu Yuechan immediately rushed to where Zhao Yanyan was, it just so happened that at this time Zhao Yanyan was trying out her new power along with Xue Suyin.

Up in the sky, Ye Chen saw the battle that Zhao Yanyan and Xue Suyin were doing, both of them exchanging several blows in the air.

In this exchange, Ye Chen can see that Zhao Yanyan is getting a very good advantage, it is very likely that Zhao Yanyan is stronger than Xue Suyin.

“Hey Yuechan, what is the current level of Yanyan?” Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan about Zhao Yanyan’s current level.

“fufufu, guess what level Yanyan is at right now.” Chu Yuechan did not immediately answer Ye Chen, she instead told Ye Chen to guess what level Zhao Yanyan currently had.

“Has Yanyan stepped into the Divine Nascent Realm Early Realm?” Ye Chen started to guess Zhao Yanyan’s current level, he began to guess that Zhao Yanyan was at the 1,2 or 3rd level of the Divine Nascent Realm.

“Wrong” Chu Yuechan said that if Ye Chen’s answer was wrong, Zhao Yanyan was already at a higher level than that.

“Wrong ?, Then what is the current level of Yanyan?” Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan again about this important matter, he really became curious about the level that Zhao Yanyan had.

“You have to guess for yourself.” Chu Yuechan refused to tell Ye Chen Zhao Yanyan’s rank, she tried to act mysteriously in front of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was annoyed with Chu Yuechan who acted mysteriously in front of him, even though Ye Chen only wanted to know the level that Zhao Yanyan had, he didn’t expect Chu Yuechan to act mysteriously like this.

“husband” ,Zhao Yanyan and Xue Suyin’s called Ye Chen who had just arrived at this place.

When Zhao Yanyan and Xue Suyin saw Ye Chen around, the two of them immediately stopped their sparring practice and went to see Ye Chen and Chu Yuechan.

“Yanyan, it looks like you have finished break through, congrats.” Ye Chen congratulated Zhao Yanyan for break through to the Divine Nascent Realm level.

Now Zhao Yanyan was able to take revenge on Hong Man and the Gates of Eternity Sect who had made both her parents die so tragically.

Zhao Yanyan hugged Ye Chen in front of her, she trying to thank the Divine awakening pill that Ye Chen had previously given, thanks to the Divine Awakening Pill Zhao Yanyan was able to break through to the Divine Nascent Realm.

“Husband, thank you very much, if it wasn’t for you, maybe I still need more time to reach this realm. “Zhao Yanyan was very, very grateful to Ye Chen, thanks to Ye Chen that he was now at the Divine Nascent Realm level.

“You’re welcome, oh yeah, Yanyan, what level do you have now?” Ye Chen asked what realm Zhao Yanyan had right now.

Having failed to get information from Chu Yuechan, Ye Chen decided to ask Zhao Yanyan directly.

“Husband, why don’t you try to guess it.” Just like Chu Yuechan, Zhao Yanyan also started to act mysteriously about the level she possessed.

“-_-“, Ye Chen is so helpless, why is everyone acting mysterious like this, even though he just wants to know what level Zhao Yanyan is currently at.


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