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Chapter 85 – Car Accident

“husband, sorry for making you wait so long” finally Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue finished bathing.

Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue had changed clothes that were cleaner and more beautiful, because Liu Yue did not bring a change of clothes. Zhao Yanyan borrowed her property from Liu Yue.

Unfortunately Zhao Yanyan’s clothes were too small for Liu Yue to wear, so Liu Yue found it hard to move because this s.h.i.+rt was tight enough to wear, especially on the part of Liu Yue’s breast as if to burst out.

“You guys finally came back, why is it taking so long when you guys shower?” Ye Chen had been waiting here for more than 1 hour.

Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue immediately blushed as they remembered what happened when they showered.

“Why are your faces blus.h.i.+ng instead?” Ye Chen asked confused.

“Master, aren’t you going to school today?” Chu Yuechan came from nowhere and reminded Ye Chen to go to school.

Ye Chen: “Yanyan, let’s go or we’ll be late” Ye Chen invited Zhao Yanyan to go to school.

before they came here it was already 7 in the morning, while school started at 8 in the morning.

Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan came out of the fairy gate, while Liu Yue would stay and learn cultivation with Chu Yuechan here.

“Yanyan do you want to go by car?” This is a good opportunity to show off his new car to Zhao Yanyan.

“Do you really have a car?” Zhao Yanyan asked.

Ye Chen pulled the Sports Car out of the Fairy Gate storage room, a very good Sports car appeared in front of the two.

“Wow, husband, is this your car?” Zhao Yanyan likes Ye Chen’s cool sports car.

“Please come in” Ye Chen opened the door for Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan then got into the car, Ye Chen closed the door and entered the driver’s seat.

Ye Chen immediately stepped on the car accelerator and left the villa.

“Husband, look at this, the big female star Feng Xue today will come to the city.” Zhao Yanyan showed Ye Chen the latest news on her cellphone.

Ye Chen looked at the contents of the news on Zhao Yanyan’s cellphone, in this news Feng Xue was on a plane trip to this city, and in 3 days Feng Xue would hold a big concert in this city.

Ye Chen knew that Zhao Yanyan really idolized the big star Woman Feng Xue.

“Didn’t you say he will come next week why suddenly came today” Ye Chen questioned this.

“I don’t know maybe they will speed things up a bit from the initial schedule,” Zhao Yanyan said uncertainly.

“husband, husband, can you find me a VVIP ticket, I really want to watch in the front row with you” Zhao Yanyan Shook Ye Chen’s Arm and acted spoiled.

The car almost lost control because of this “why did you not ask Yue, with the connection she has, surely she can get it very easily, the three of us can go there together”.

“huh, you’re right, sister Yue can definitely get it easily” Zhao Yanyan couldn’t wait to ask Liu Yue later.

When on the journey many pedestrians looked at Ye Chen’s very striking car, there was a red light at the intersection so Ye Chen had to stop.

“Ding” lights turn Green, Ye Chen continued his journey

“Bang …!” Ye Chen’s car suddenly hit a hit from the side.

Ye Chen’s car was dragged several tens of meters from its original place

“d.a.m.n who dares to hit my car” Ye Chen cursed the person who crashed into his car

“Yanyan, are you alright? “Ye Chen immediately checked Zhao Yanyan’s condition.

“I’m fine, I’m just a little surprised” Zhao Yanyan wasn’t hurt, he was just a little surprised because of the collision just now.

Fortunately this car has a strong body, only the outside that may be badly damaged.

Ye Chen immediately got out of his car, the side of Ye Chen’s car was really badly damaged, Ye Chen then saw the car that had crashed into him, the car that crashed into Ye Cehn was a luxurious white Rolls Royce,

The driver didn’t dare get out of the car, but a young man got out of the pa.s.senger seat and approached Ye Chen.

“Hey, can’t you see how dare you dare to stand in my way, quickly get rid of your car” This young man’s car, which obviously clearly crashed into Ye Chen’s car, but instead he was chiding Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was very unhappy with this young man, he was the one who had damaged Ye Chen’s car, instead of apologizing but instead chiding Ye Chen.

“Hey dude, obviously you were the one who was wrong from the start, fortunately my wife is okay, now I ask you to apologize and compensation for the damage you have caused to my car” Ye Chen asked for compensation to this young man.

“huh, what are you saying? I should have asked you for compensation, you know that the cost of repairing my car is even tens of times more expensive than yours?” This young man proudly said.

“I don’t care, from the start you were the one who ran the red light, if you don’t want to set it on don’t blame me for being rude” Ye Chen could not stand this arrogant young man anymore.

“Hahaha, you dare? Don’t you know who I am? “From his tone, this young man is very confident from his background.

“Don’t know” Ye Chen didn’t know who this young man was and didn’t want to know, Yang Ye Chen wanted only an apology and compensation.


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