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Chapter 89 – Save A Beauty

Ye Chen entered Liu Yue’s office, Liu Yue was currently reading the pile of files that were on the table.

“Husband, finally you come too, Hurry up and come see this, does everything fit what you want?” Seeing Ye Chen come Liu Yue immediately told him to come closer and see the results of his work.

Ye Chen approached and sat next to Liu Yue, Ye Chen looked at the file that Liu Yue had submitted to him, he began to see the entire contents of the existing file.

Ye Chen: “Everything’s fine, then where should I sign it? “.

“Here” Liu Yue took out another paper and handed it to Ye Chen, Liu Yue also gave a pen to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen immediately signed the permission to set up a company.

“Yue, If there is nothing else then I will go” Ye Chen still had an appointment with Zhao Yayan, so he had to be fast.

Liu Yue stood up from her seat and walked in front of Ye Chen, Liu Yue then went up to Ye Che and hugged Ye Chen’s neck “Why are you in a hurry do you not want to stay with me any longer? “Liu Yue became even more courageous in teasing Ye Chen.

“I want to, the problem is that Yanyan is waiting for me” Although Ye Chen wanted to stay longer, Zhao Yanyan was waiting for him.

“Oh, I see, husband, you still haven’t appointed your company’s CEO, today I opened a job interview for candidates for CEO, you should personally interview them” Liu Yue told Ye Chen to interview the candidates for registration who had registered.

Because Ye Chen couldn’t possibly carry out company duties alone, he needed Ceo to handle all the existing affairs.

“Yue what if you do it, I’m not very good at interviewing matters” Ye Chen tried to seek help from Liu Yue.

“I can indeed interview them, but I don’t know what criteria are for your company’s CEO.” Liu Yue didn’t know what kind of CEO Ye Chen wanted.

“It’s up to you, the most important thing is that they can carry out the company’s duties well and honestly” Ye Chen is not too demanding in this aspect, and besides as long as they can be honest and hardworking, the company will definitely develop quickly.

“Well, I understand, where are you going with Yanyan’s younger sister? “Liu Yue immediately interrogated Ye Chen, if Ye Chen intends to go have fun then Liu Yue also wants to come with them, she does not want to be left alone.

That’s Zhao Yanyan teaching me, going to the music instrument course, there will be a star Feng Xue” Ye Chen told Liu Yue what he and Zhao Yanyan would do.

Liu Yue: “Oh Feng Xue,I often listen to the song, I did not think Yanyan’s younger sister idolized her, so you will go to a musical instrument site? “.

Ye Chen “Yue you know where that place is?”

“Of course you know it’s only 15 blocks from this company, you can even see it from up here” Liu Yue then pointed out the window.

Liu Yue Pointed towards the Building with 10 Floors, the distance from here is approximately 2 Km.

Alright I will take care of everything here, but I have one condition for you. “Liu Yue has Terms for Ye Chen.

“What is that ?” Ye Chen asked.

“Tonight I want you to accompany me to go to a party, there will definitely be a lot of great people present, I want you to mingle a little with them, so that your company in the future has a broad consultation” It turns out that the requirements of Liu Yue are very easy to do.

“Alright” Ye Chen immediately promised Liu Yue.

Liu Yue then descended from Ye Chen’s body and smoothed his clothes.

“Oh yeah, Yue can you find 3 VVIP tickets for Feng Xue concert, I want the three of us to go there to watch together” Ye Chen asked Liu Yue to find a VVIP ticket.

“Hemmm, VVIP concert tickets? I’ll try as much as possible to get it. “Liu Yue was a little hesitant when she said it, to get a VVIP ticket is quite difficult.

Ye Chen then left Liu Yue’s office and descended downstairs.

“Someone save me” Ye Chen heard someone asking for help from a small alley.

Ye Chen immediately went to see who was asking for help, arrived at the small alley, Ye Chen saw that there were 3 men cornering a woman.

This woman was dressed quite strangely, by wearing big with a large woman’s beach hat, Ye Chen had difficulty seeing this woman’s face, which was definitely this woman.

“Hey beautiful woman, let’s play with us, we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied playing with the three of us,” one of the troublemakers spoke with a sordid face to this woman.

“I, do not want to go with you, someone please save me, beautiful woman who is being cornered by the three intruders. This is screaming for help.

“Hahaha, scream at will, anyway no one will come here” to the three men approaching Beautiful women, even their hands are itching to touch this beautiful woman.

The beautiful woman continued to retreat, unfortunately behind was a wall so she could not escape.

“Are you not ashamed in broad daylight trying to grasp this beauty?” Ye Chen patted one of the shoulder of this intruder.

“Go mind your own business” the three men annoying angry because there are people who try to interfere with their pleasure.

Ye Chen strengthened his grip on the shoulders of the evil man and threw him back until he entered the trash can.

Seeing his partner thrown, the two other intruders rushed towards Ye Chen, wanting to beat him with the weapons they could find.

Ye Chen was lazy to deal with these intruders, Ye Chen waved his hand and the two evil men were flown up and into the garbage cans too.

Ye Chen then approached the beauty who was currently frightened, “hey miss, you better leave this place now, too, it’s not safe to stay here.

After saying that Ye Chen turned around and left this narrow alley.

The beautiful woman followed Ye Chen and left this narrow alley.


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