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Chapter 373

373 Bear-san Returns to the Island (Day 4)

Author’s Note:

As I wrote in the preface a while ago, the settings of Kryna-Hark’s book have changed .

I apologize for the inconvenience it caused to my dear readers .

Shuri is sleeping on Gentz-san’s back and Fina is walking with Tirumina-san . Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear are walking with their children .

I talk to Noa who’s walking next to me .

[So where did Noa and your group go?] Yuna

[We went to the town . It’s nice to play in the sea, but seeing towns other than Crimonia is a learning experience, so I went out together with Misa and the others . ]

[Yes, it’s learning . And It’s fun . ] Misa

Misa agreed to Noa’s words .

[I was actually trying to find Yuna-san, but the director told me, . ] Noa

By the way, the director was there listening to our conversation . However, it seems that she kept where I went a secret .

[That’s why I decided to go and look around the town with Misa . It’s nice to play at the beach, but it’s also fun to see the town and then it seems that the orphaned children seem to be conscious of our presence . ] Noa

Noa sadly said so .

Hmmm, is that so?

I never felt that way . Nevertheless, I wonder if the commoners are uncomfortable with aristocrats .

But that may be unavoidable . Orphaned children who have trouble obtaining food and have had a hard time surviving without parents . On the other hand, Noa, who was born into an aristocratic family, has no trouble eating, lives in a warm house, and wearing beautiful clothes .

Moreover, she is the daughter of the lord and has the power .

They probably don’t know how to deal with someone like Noa, the daughter of a n.o.bleman and lord . The old Fina was like that . Noa isn’t the kind of kid who is intimidating . For those who do not know her, the words of an aristocrat and the lord’s daughter may be a terrifying decree .

[But the children who work at the store treat me normally . ] Noa

Well, since she goes to the store regularly, they will, of course, understand Noa’s personality .

[I really want everyone to treat me the same way, but it’s been difficult . ] Noa

[The kids in the shop were okay with you, so the other kids should be okay with you as well, of course, unless Noa says something . ] Yuna

[I won’t do it! …But I might have done it in the old days . I knew that I couldn’t just say my name in order to meet Fina and make friends with her normally . That’s right, so I refrain from asking as much as possible, but I will say it when I really want to . ] Noa

Are you really 10 years old?

I think it’s usually difficult to understand that much .

I want your sister to somewhat follow suit .

[I want to be like my sister . ] Noa

Apparently, Shia seems to be a good sister for Noa .

Well, Shia seems to be excellent at school .

And Noa seems to be growing every day .

That night, I finished bathing and eating, and when everyone fell asleep, I moved to the bear gate in Targui .

It was pitch black when I opened the door . There are no street lights and it’s being illuminated only by the light of the moon and the light of the stars .

I magically created light . The light that looks like a bear illuminated the surroundings .

[Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear, let’s get going . ] Yuna

The normal-sized Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear pa.s.sed through the bear gate and followed me .

After confirming that Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear pa.s.sed through the gate, I closed the bear gate . I installed it in a hurry at that time, but if I can take my time to install it, I would like to install it in a proper place .

I look towards the sakura tree . The sakura tree is not shining . If it was shining, the shining flowers might have been beautiful in the middle of the night . It’s a little disappointing . However, when that happens, the monsters will approach and it is the anticlimax of the flower viewing .

For the time being, I will go and collect the defeated Wyverns .

I don’t know how much a Wyvern is worth, but it’s a waste not to collect it because I also defeated it .

They must have been around here . Even if I open the bear map, the map was useless because Targui was moving . So, while looking around, I will look for the place where I fought against the Wyvern based on my memory .

But the atmosphere changes between day and night, so I’m not sure . Above all, the drawback is that you can’t see far ahead .

[Swaying Bear, Hugging Bear . Do you know where I defeated the Wyverns?] Yuna


I will also magically cast lights on Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear . the light with a bear’s face floats on both Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear .

Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear started walking . The b.a.l.l.s of bear light were moving together with them . Moreover, both of them were walking in the same direction . Apparently, they knew more than me .

As I silently followed them from behind, I saw a dead Wyvern .

Since there are no other monsters or animals on this island, it remained as it was when it was defeated . I safely recovered all Wyverns’ .

The rest were the Krakens . They were charred by the flames .

I have Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear to take me to the place where the Krakens are . They’re in a weird state, like a scorched mess .

Hmmm . It’s definitely unlikely to be used as a material . Back in the game, you can get the material no matter how you defeat it, but apparently, the reality is not the same .

Well, It’s my bad for attacking it with flames without thinking about it carefully .

I don’t want the Kraken looking like this to end up in the bear box . But, if I just leave it as it is, it might attract a monster . If you think about it, isn’t it better to throw it away in the sea?

[But I want the magic stones . What should I do?] Yuna

When I muttered so, Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear cried and rushed towards the corpses of the Krakens .

[Swaying Bear! Hugging Bear!] Yuna

When I called their names, Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear already reached the corpse of a Kraken .

Then, after a while, Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear returned while both of them holding magic stones in their mouths .

[…Thanks, both of you, but I’ll have to send you back at once . ] Yuna

The remains of the Kraken is sticking to the body of Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear . I quickly returned them and then summoned them again .

Yeah, the beautiful Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear are back . This is really convenient . Also, it’s good that there is no summons like them in the game . Depending on the game, the number of how many times I can summon them per day is fixed .

The rest of the Kraken remains is magically thrown into the sea .

The next destination I went to after recovering the Wyverns and the Krakens’ magic stones were the Kryna-Hark’s stone monolith . Now I don’t have Kryna-Hark’s book . It is correct to say that it disappeared . After reading the last page of Kryna-Hark’s book, I put it in the bear box . And when I tried to take it out, Kryna-Hark’s book had disappeared from the bear box .

I don’t know when it disappeared .

When I come to the stone monolith, I touch the stone monolith and poured magical power into it . Then, the stone monolith shines like the last time and a book appears .

Honestly, just what kind of mechanism did he put in it?

I will experiment .

And the result of the experiment . Here’s what I learned about Kryna-Hark’s book:

※ The book disappears after a certain distance from the stone monolith . Therefore, if it’s under that certain distance, it will not disappear even if you took it out in the sea . The stone monolith is at the top of the island, so the book disappears when I go back to the mainland .

※ When moving using the bear’s transfer gate . I can keep the book while the door is open . But when I close the door, the book disappears .

※ Even if I put it in the bear box, it disappears after a certain distance .

※ It is conceivable that the stone monolith and the book are connected by something like an invisible magical power and the book disappears after a certain distance .

※ The way the book disappears it becomes like small particles as if it were being breakdown into molecules . When I saw that phenomenon, I remembered my time in the game . There were weapons created by magical power . It was similar to how it disappeared .

※ Perhaps this book was created with my magical power . Therefore, a book will not appear without a certain amount of magical power . With that in mind, everything seems to fit in .

※ Well, it’s just within my imagination . However, it seems that Kryna-Hark, who makes things that can do such feat, was a great person .

Based on the above, it may be better to install the bear transfer gate near the stone monolith . I really like the front of the stone monolith . I’m planning to build a bear house, but if it’s near the coast, it may be visible to the boats approaching the island .

Therefore, I want to build a bear house on the inner side of the island .

However, it seems difficult to find a good place because it is dark . Should I come again at noon?

[Swaying Bear, Hugging Bear . Isn’t there an inconspicuous place near the stone monolith?] Yuna

I gave up and asked them . They may find it, like when they searched for the Wyverns .

However, Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear cried and shake their heads .

That’s true . They can’t tell me a place they’ve never been to . I walked towards the sakura tree . Then, I didn’t notice it in the daytime, but there was a path next to it .

Is there something here?

Following the path, I arrived at a slightly open place .


I threw the ball of magic light forward . Illuminated by the bear light, a collapsed house came into view .

Did anyone live there?

I think Kryna-Hark may have lived there .

It’s hard to see its location because it is surrounded by trees . But it’s clearing is wide enough that you can see the sky . The sun shines in this area during the daytime .

I will set up a bear house in this place . I took the bear house for travel from the bear box next to the ruined house .

The bear house in my inventory is running low . Next time, I have to make a batch of full-blown bear houses . Even if the exterior is easy to make, I have to buy the household items inside . Since I have to modify the bath and small parts, it is convenient to make them all at once .

Next time, when I make the bear house, I think I’ll make about 10 at a time . It may be good to make varieties of large, medium, and small .

I entered the newly installed bear house and returned to the bear house in Mereera .

It’s already late in the night so I’ll go to bed .

Author’s Note:

The travel arc about to end?

But there are a lot of things I still want to write .

※Sorry, I would like to work on the book version during Golden Week, so I would like to take a little break . I will notify you again when the posting during the holidays starts .


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