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Chapter 333 Danxia Mount

For a minute, the three pract.i.tioners in Jindan Realm with high position argued for Yang Chunbo in front of many disciples. It seemed that they could not stop within an hour.

The stewards of Waimen Branch and the disciples from various peaks were all envious or jealous. Unsurprisingly, Yang Chunbo would be the most outstanding one among those children. For at least ten years, Yang Chunbo would get the highest level of cultivation in the sect.

He might spend no more than ten years to become a cultivator in Zhuji Realm after quickly pa.s.sing Lanqi Realm from a mortal!

“People have different fates…”

The steward in charge of testing spiritual root sighed and then beckoned to Su Li, who was standing in the next position, to let her come to be tested.

Su Li took back her sight from Yang Chunbo and composed herself, walking towards the testing stone. She was so surprised that Yang Chunbo was a genius in cultivation.

However, Su Li took everything for granted when she recalled that Yang Chunbo could find the parts of Reincarnation Mirror in Tiehe River which was half-dry.

It seemed that Yang Chunbo was lucky in cultivation.

As she was wondering, the steward had asked her to put her little hand on the testing stone. Upon the contact, a cold pneuma immediately penetrated into her body from her palm, traversing continuously in the meridians and the pubic region to find the spiritual root that could resonate with it.

Su Li closed her eyes slightly, splitting her spiritual power into a thread, and then splitting it into one tenth of the thickness. She hesitated for a moment, and then removed one tenth from it to meet with that pneuma.

The steward stared at the testing stone. When he saw it having no response, he was about to impatiently rush Su Li to the failed side.


The testing stone burst out of a bit of red halo. Although it was not a complete spiritual root, it obviously had exceeded 60% of spiritual root and reached 70% of it from the brightness.

The quality of the children with immortal latency this year seemed to be shockingly high!

The steward was stunned. Although he didn’t understand why the testing stone was in slow response, he still showed flattery and sent Su Li to the three mount heads.

This little girl was more gifted than Jin Ying and ranked second among these children with immortal latency. She would definitely be accepted by one of the heads.

“Good! I didn’t expect that there could be four good children with more than 50% of spiritual root among them, and this kid…”

Looking at the four innocent children, Li Guang was so happy for the sect. Over these years, his senior sister apprentice in charge of the sect was really painstaking for strengthening the sect and even her cultivation was affected. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be…

Thinking of this, Li Guang was a bit sad. Although the sadness soon dissipated, Su Li still noticed it.

“It seemed that Huajian Sect was really in trouble.”

She lowered her head and stood beside Jin Ying, wondering something.

Showing 70% of spiritual root was completely an accident.

She did not want to be noticed by any pract.i.tioner in Jindan Realm until her combat capability could reach the level of that in her previous life.

But things were unsatisfactory.

After reincarnation, she knew the power of the body of evil ghost, but she had no idea about how powerful it was. She only wanted to show 50% or less of spiritual root, but she hadn’t expected that the spiritual power which had been reduced to 1% still made the testing stone show 70% of resonation.

It should be known that when she was the holy girl of Yuxu Sect, she was the most talented one with 120% of heaven-typed spiritual root. However, if she with the cultivation in the third hurdle of Lianqi Realm reduced the spiritual power to 1% to resonate with the testing stone, perhaps even 20% of spiritual root would not be showed.

Was her talent for cultivation seven times than that of her last life?

Thinking of this, Su Li frowned, because with seven times of heaven-typed spiritual root, she would reach at most the level of the top talent with inborn physique of cultivation in the cultivation circle.

However, the inborn physique of cultivation would not be regarded as a thorn by natural law. If the body of evil ghost was at the same level as the inborn physique of cultivation, then she would lose too much.

Jin Ying, standing beside Su Li, curiously looked at her whose face was a bit dull, and worried that this sister was not very easy to get along with.

Soon, the sun was setting.

The spiritual root test, which lasted for a day, also came to an end and none of them could show more than 50% of spiritual root after Su Li.

The controversy among the three mount heads finally came to an end after hearing the specific arrangements of the headmaster.

Yang Chunbo finally joined Li Guang’s Fujian Mount, while Su Li and Jin Ying belonged to the disciples of w.a.n.g Yu in Danxia Mount, and Jin Wei, the worst talent among the four, became a disciple of Yuan Shu.

Li Guang and w.a.n.g Yu were very satisfied with this result. On the contrary, Yuan Shu was so gloomy. As a result, Jin Wei, who was behind him, tensed up, but his heart was filled with madness and hatred!

This should not be like this!

He thought that he was the first genius in Jincheng Dynasty!

There must be something wrong. Why should the poor boy and the two mean maids be able to enter Neimen Branch to practice, while he joined the worst Waimen Mount!

The great drop made Jin Cheng feel extremely depressed, so he hated the three and even the whole sect!

“Headmaster was too eccentric, and I must seek a statement about this matter!”

Yuan Shu snorted and flew away, even not taking Jin Wei. Finally, the old man in black took him away from the testing site.

“Let’s go back, too.”

Watching the indignant back disappear, w.a.n.g Yu looked serious, holding Su Li and Jin Ying with her hands respectively, and then she flew away with a smile.

“Master, Sister Su… Su Yue and I lived in the same village.”

Yang Chunbo said so reluctantly after seeing Su Li disappear into the sky. Li Guang couldn’t help laughing, and touched Yang Chunbo’s forehead kindly.

“Poor boy, when you reach Zhuji Realm, you can control the flying sword to Danxia Mount whenever you want. Practice it hard!”

Yang Chunbo’s eyes lit up suddenly. He was full of motivation, and secretly thought to himself, “Sister Su Li, I must become the pract.i.tioner in Zhuji Realm as my master said, so that I can keep protecting you!”

Li Guang was old and clever, so he could know what Yang Chunbo was thinking, and he nodded causally.

Yang Chunbo was a good boy faithful to friends, so he wouldn’t be an ungrateful person as long as he cultivated him well. But Su Yue… had only 70% of spiritual root. Despite their fierce compet.i.tion, she with such a physique could not even join the sect a few hundred years ago.

Without a complete spiritual root, her life was already doomed, and it was impossible for her to break Zhuji Realm and reach Jindan Realm, while Yang Chunbo would definitely be an immortal in Jindan Realm if where was no accident.

By that time, after Yang Chunbo met the gifted girls who were his peers…

Li Guang shook his head causally. Of course, he wouldn’t tell Yang Chunbo about these things in that it would only arouse the new disciple’s disgust. Later, when Yang Chunbo noticed the gap between Su Yue and him, he would give him a little advice, and that would be enough.

After Su Li and Jin Ying were taken into Danxia Mount by w.a.n.g Yu, they were settled down by the manager, and each of them received a set of standard s.h.i.+rt skirts for the fourth-generation disciples of Qinghua Mount.

The fourth-generation disciples were the general term for disciples who was in Yunti Realm and had not yet reached Lianqi Realm.

Bluntly speaking, the tenth hurdle of Yunti Realm was the preparation stage for unsealing the pubic region cyclone to strengthen power, and also the limit that could be reached by the handyman disciples without spiritual root.

Of course, taking Su Li and Jin Ying as the fourth-generation disciples was only temporary, just like this small room in front of them was a temporary living room.

Su Li stood in the doorway for a moment, looked around the lifeless room and pushed into it.

The layout in the house was not exquisite, but it was clean and belonged to her alone. The manager who sent her here said that only disciples who reached the fifth hurdle of Lianqi Realm would have their own rooms.

If they could reach Zhuji Realm and become one of the inherited disciples, they would move to a separate courtyard and recruit two handyman disciples as servants, and then their cultivation would not be disturbed by ordinary things.

“So, it’s convenient for me to resume my cultivation.”

Sitting on the edge of the bed and touching the soft mattress, Su Li thought of this. She lost something but also gained something.

Putting aside her distractions, Su Li got up and opened the parcel on the table, which contained two spare clothes and a token.

Su Li’s expression slightly changed for the gold fabrics in the secular world… Although the precious pale pink silk fabrics had no protective effect, it would be worth about hundreds of gold in the secular world.

The token was also not simple, which was made of special green spiritual wood. It contained a one-time protective tactical matrix and therefore it was of great value.

It seemed that w.a.n.g Yu had sincerely planned to train her and Jin Ying carefully.

Su Li was full of deliberation. She had tried her best to contract the spiritual power in her body when she was brought to Danxia Mount by w.a.n.g Yu, and because of the natural concealment of the body of evil ghost, w.a.n.g Yu didn’t discover any abnormality.

“Nothing can be seen by people in Jindan Realm. It seemed that I would be safe if those in Yuanying Realm in Huajian Sect didn’t come out…”

With a little peace in mind, Su Li changed into a pale pink disciple’s dress, hung the token, pushed the door and went out.

At the same time, a person happened to come out from the next room, and it was Jin Ying who also had changed clothes.

Seeing Su Li, Jin Ying became calmer, as if she had found the backbone, so she quickly stepped over. She felt it was improper when she did it, so she stopped and stammered after a long time,

“Su… Su Yue, shall we… we go to the book pavilion together? I… am a little scared.”

After Jin Ying finished speaking, she felt a little embarra.s.sed for she was obviously one year older than Su Li… She looked up and thought that Su Li would laugh at her, but Su Li didn’t change her expression at all. She just nodded and said indifferently, “Let’s go together.”

Jin Ying was so happy and stepped forward to pull Su Li’s arm.

Su Li frowned and finally shook her head causally, allowing her to do so.

The book pavilion was in the palace groups near the top of the mountain and was a few miles away from the residence of Su Li and Jin Ying’s. Jin Ying shrunk beside Su Li and looked at many disciples in different clothes who pa.s.sed by as well as the tall pavilions that she had never seen before.

Finally, her vision returned to Su Li, who always had the same expression. Although she felt that Su Li was born with an indifferent personality, she still felt safe. It seemed that as long as she stood with Su Li, nothing terrible would happen.

About an hour later, the two finally arrive at the book pavilion. Jin Ying gasped. Although Su Li did not feel tired, she did the same because it was necessary to pretend.

After pa.s.sing the inspection of the disciple guarding the pavilion, when the two were about to enter in, suddenly, a fierce gust of wind blew out behind.


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