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Sixty Seven

When Xiao Li was standing in the corridor, the care taker that Li Shi Qing had specifically hired to take care of him quickly rushed over to hand a pair of slippers to him.

“Mr. Xiao, can you take me into consideration for a moment? Even if you suddenly run off like that, at the least don’t go out barefoot,” said the middle-aged woman with her hair rolled up into a bun rather helplessly, “Mr. Li will blame me if you do this.” 

“Sorry, Wu Jie.” Xiao Li put on the slippers and warmly said, “I was in a rush this time. It won’t happen again.”

“Do not forget that you are a patient. Although the bullet did not hurt any nerves and no residues remained in your flesh, there’s still a hole here — ah, Mr. Li.” Wu Jie called out as she lifted her head.

Li Shi Qing nodded his head and walked toward him, but once he glanced down and noticed the bloodstain on Xiao Li’s chest, his brows immediately twisted together into a frown, “I’ll send you down.”

With that said, he moved to walk ahead, however, Xiao Li remained rooted in place and whispered, “Qing Ye, I want to stay here and ask you clearly what’s going on.”

Li Shi Qing turned around and did not say anything for a moment while Xiao Li stubbornly looked at him without uttering anything either.

Looking between the two of them, Wu Jie simply took a step back and said, “I’ll go down first to prepare Mr. Xiao’s medication.”

When her figure disappeared into the elevator at the end of the corridor, Xiao Li finally spoke again, “Qing Ye, you said you wouldn’t hurt him.”

Remaining silent, Li Shi Qing continued to stare straight at Xiao Li with eyes brewing with an impeding storm.

Xiao Li did not retreat as he returned the gaze and continued to say, “You said you would ensure his —”

Before the word ‘safety’ had a chance to come out, Li Shi Qing had already pushed Xiao Li against the wall. With his wound inadvertently struck, Xiao Li painfully sucked in a breath of cold air, but before he could even say anything, Li Shi held his chin and kissed him.

Xiao Li frowned and struggled to push him away but it was all in vain. Li Shi Qing had one hand holding his chin while the other hand ruthlessly pressed into the area around his wound causing the intense pain to run up Xiao Li’s arm to the point that it started to involuntarily tremble. Even then, he still clenched his teeth, adamantly refusing Li Shi Qing’s kiss.

A few moments later, Li Shi Qing finally removed his hand from Xiao Li’s wound and released his lips, but it was instead replaced with stares that sought to judge his appearance.

With his face a deathly white, Xiao Li leaned on the wall and waited for the pain to subside. All the while, his black eyes firmly stared back at the man in front of him.

Li Shi Qing gently caressed the scar on his face, “There’s no need for you to worry. I asked him here for something else.”

After hearing those words, Xiao Li appeared even more unsettled, “For what?”

Li Shi Qing was silent for a moment before exerting more force on his finger against Xiao Li’s cheek. Then, he slowly said, “Hasn’t a week gone by already?”

“Yes,” said Xiao Li in a low voice.

“Since you were injured, I didn’t touch you. But, that does not mean the agreement is invalid.” There was a hint of coldness in Li Shi Qing’s voice as he spoke, “Leave the gang and don’t get involve with anything that happens anymore.”

Xiao Li frowned, “Qing Ye, I don’t want to get involve with the gang’s business. But, you can’t promise me you won’t touch Qi Xiu Yuan, then capture and bring him here like this. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. You promised me so you must keep your words.”

“Do you think I want him to come here? If I could, he would never appear in front of you again. Ever.” Li Shi Qing clenched his teeth and look at him before he leaned in and said, “Don’t forget, I only promised not to hurt him. He’s quite well right now. Besides, you’ve been hiding a lot of things about this person’s personal affairs from me.”

“I have nothing to hide.”

Li Shi Qing sneered, “Don’t tell me you know nothing about his relationship with Sun Ze Yu.”

Startled, Xiao Li turned his face away, “I really don’t know.”

Seeing him with that appearance, Li Shi Qing simply snorted, “Are you trying to tell me that not only did you reply on yourself to rescue Han Jia but also stopped Luo Dong from continuing to chase after you? Do you think I will believe this?”

As a rather puzzled expression crept up Xiao Li’s face, Li Shi Qing continued on to say, “When you went crazy and brought drugs to the neighboring provinces, Sun Ze Yu and Qi Xiu Yuan sat down together and drank tea for only half an hour before promising to help out. Then, he wanted me to let you leave the gang…did think I wouldn’t be able to find out—” he stopped, yet Xiao Li only stared at him with an appearance of someone who was having difficulty digesting the information.

Xiao Li has only heard Qi Xiu mentioned Sun Ze Yu once. At that time, he was covered in cuts and bruises as he revealed his parent’s secret, and how he wanted to escape with him. As it turns out, that was not the first time Qi Xiu Yuan had him in mind as he burdened himself by talking with his parent’s murder.

Exactly, how many times has he done business with him?

Li Shi Qing looked at Xiao Li’s face before he slightly frowned and said, “In short, I have to figure out why Sun Ze Yu listens to him.”

He took a step back but Xiao Li firmly grasped his wrist, while looking at him with a pair of sharp and cold eyes, “You’re still saying you won’t hurt him?”

“If he cooperates, of course, I will not hurt him. Xiao Li, you should be supporting me.” Li Shi Qing’s brows tightened even more, “Since Liu Zi Cheng and Yan Ming were destroyed, the gang has been wounded. Before, Fan Peng and Liu Zi Cheng had the best relationship, but now, I can see that he has become more and more disobedient. Feng Qiang cannot live up to my expectations…troubles are always occurring on his territory. Now, we have Sun Ze Yu in the mix, creating problems. From the look of it, we are a big threat to him … … Xiao Li, for half my life, I’ve been engaged in the gang which allowed me to be where I am today. I cannot simply let it go because of the internal and external problems. Right now, the heaven has given me a good opportunity so that I can exploit Sun Ze Yu and force him to do my bidding. If you were me, what would you do?”

Xiao Li looked at him but did not say anything even as if something flashed across his eyes.

“Do not blame me. There is nothing more important than the gang for me.” Li Shi Qing’s voice was soft as he spoke, “If you really want to protect that guy, then just hope he obediently hand over everything he knows about Sun Ze Yu. That way, he will not get hurt and I won’t make you angry. Both side will be completely satisfied, isn’t that a good thing?”

“If he doesn’t hand it over…are you telling me, you will not hurt him?” Xiao Li asked.

Li Shi Qing looked at Xiao Li and slightly smiled, “In order for him to not get hurt, I will think of every possible ways to make him obediently hand it over.”

“After he hands it over? Will you let him go—”

In seconds, Xiao Li was shoved against the wall by Li Shi Qing again. He grunted in pain as sweats formed on his forehead.

“If I promised not to hurt him, he will not be hurt. Xiao Li, I explained because you asked. But do not think you can climb on my head. “Once again, Li Shi Qing leaned in close to him and said in a low and gloomy tone, “I do not like that you ran here to ask me about another man. If you insist, I’ll take you in and let him see who exactly you belong to. You’re may be wounded,” he raised his hand to hold Xiao Li’s chin and pushed a finger into his mouth, “but your mouth can still be use.”

Xiao Li closed his eyes and heard Li Shi Qing breathe into ear before his voice slowed down, “You know my temper yet you still ask for trouble. Look at yourself, do you think I don’t feel bad?”

When Li Shi Qing pulled his finger out, Xiao Li opened his eyes only to see him lick his own wet finger while staring at his lips.

Xiao Li to avoid Li Shi Qing’s gaze, but then he heard him slowly say, “If you’re still worried, you can follow me in.”

As he watched Xiao Li stared down at him, Li Shi Qing laughed, “I suddenly noticed that, in this matter, our goals are for once the same. That is, for that guy to obediently hand over what he knows about Sun Ze Yu.” He sighed and said, “If you’re by my side, perhaps he will behave a bit more.”

Xiao Li thought about it for a moment before replying, “Okay.”

Li Shi Qing faintly smiled and looked at the pit of Xiao Li’s stomach that was bleeding more than before. He sighed again and b.u.t.toned his shirt up for him while said, “We have to resolve this in the shortest time possible. Then, I’ll take you to get your wound fixed up.”

Without saying anything, Xiao Li let him b.u.t.ton his shirt, and then followed him into the room.


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