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Chapter 762: The Ma.s.sacre

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“You three!” The three of them suddenly heard a voice from outside.

They immediately looked up.

“Demon G.o.ds?”

At first, when they caught sight of several Demon G.o.ds in front of them, they managed to remain calm.

After all, it was normal for human experts to encounter Demon G.o.ds in the Tianqi Mountains.

However, when they saw that there were Demon G.o.ds on both their left and right and even behind them, they began to panic.

“Oh my gos.h.!.+”

“Why are there so many Demon G.o.ds?”

With horrified expressions, the three scanned the Demon G.o.ds surrounding them.

The 12 Demon G.o.ds started charging at those three from every direction.


“We’re in trouble.”

“Run. Even one life matters.”

The leader of the three shouted. They knew very well that if it was a smaller group that they had encountered, they could probably make it out alive by staying calm and displaying their skills.

However, at that moment, they were facing 12 Demon G.o.ds at the same time.

They fell into their enemies’ ambush and had no way out.

So they knew it was less likely that they would survive this time.

“Kill them all!”

Following their leader, an Ancient G.o.d at the top of level two, the 12 Ancient G.o.ds came slas.h.i.+ng at those three.

The three of them tried their best to fight, but still, two of them were killed on the spot while the other one escaped heavily injured.

In another remote valley lay one of the a.s.sembly sites of Cloud Sea Asgard.

Two experts of the sect were gathered there, and suddenly, they spotted a tall figure nearby.

“Who’s there?”

They were alarmed as they looked toward the newcomer.

It turned out to be a bald man, who wore a blood-thirsty smile on his face. “It seems that I really have bad luck to find only two of you here.”

When they saw that man, those two changed their expressions.

“A Demon G.o.d?” one of them questioned in a low voice.

The bald man was no other than Gu Heng himself.

Without saying anything further, he dived at the two while transforming into a Silver-armored Ancient G.o.d.

His aura shot up high, and at the same time, he had a huge saber in his hand.

“During the last five days in the Tianqi Mountains, I’ve killed four outsiders, and soon, I’ll kill the two of you as well.” He quickly moved forward as he spoke.


The two experts had sensed Gu Heng’s formidable aura, but because they were facing just one Ancient G.o.d, they thought they could kill him in collaboration.

But, soon after, they found out they were wrong.

Gu Heng made his move.

It seemed to just be a casual strike, but it killed one of the experts and badly wounded the other one.

The surviving expert was frightened out of his wits and started running desperately.

However, his opponent was a Silver-armored Ancient G.o.d, more talented than many of his companions.

What was worse, this opponent had also learned some Secret Skills, including the Mind-controlling Secret Skill.

Therefore, the moment that Gu Heng displayed that skill, this poor guy immediately lost all his senses and was killed in a single strike.

Ma.s.sacres like this took place on many peaks of the Tianqi Mountains.

The a.s.sembly sites of Cloud Sea Asgard and the Boundless Demon Sect all suffered sudden attacks from the Ancient G.o.d Clan.

The two or three experts in each of the sites could barely fight against 12 clansmen at a time and could only run away in desperation.

Some of them even lost their lives after falling into an ambush.

Although those experts had mastered excellent skills, that offered them little help in fleeing from a well-prepared joint attack. Only a few of them, like Wu Dao, who had a Secret Skill to create 18 doppelgangers, could make it out alive.

No matter how fast they were, it was useless when every path was blocked.

The entire Tianqi Mountains fell into a widespread ma.s.sacre.

Many years ago, there was an expert from the Ancient G.o.d Palace who got a map with the a.s.sembly sites of their opponents marked on it. During that time, the Ancient G.o.d Clan hit the outsiders hard.

However, this time, the battle between the two sides was much fiercer.

After all, Jian Wushuang’s side was trying to battle two magnates at the same time.

With each magnate having more than 15 experts in the Eternal Zone, Jian Wushuang had over 30 Eternal Realm experts in his rival side, but to the whole Ancient G.o.d Clan, those people were nothing to fear.

Having been targeted, most of the experts from Cloud Sea Asgard and the Boundless Demon Sect were killed.

As time went on, the battle between the clansmen and the outsiders for the Baptismal Pools went on.

Nevertheless, it would come to an end very soon because the Eternal Zone would only remain open for a short 10 days.

Nine days pa.s.sed by in the blink of an eye, and this was the last day that the zone would be open.

And on that day, most of the experts of the sects would give up trying to seize the Baptismal Pools, go back to their a.s.sembly sites, and leave the zone together.

In the Tianqi Mountains, there was a place named Heavenly Stone Valley.

This valley was the last a.s.sembly site of the Ancient Sect.

Many Palace Masters were gathered there.

“Haha, you guys are so fast.”

With Palace Master Baiyu’s arrival, all the nine Eternal Realm experts of the sect had arrived.

Among them, except for Palace Master Destruction, Palace Master Mo Tao, and Palace Master Ming Xin looking bad due to an encounter with Yun Fan, the others all looked good.


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