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Chapter 843: The Death Level Task

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“Besides, the Divine Sea is only useful to the warriors below the Dao Master level. Powerful Dao Masters can gain almost nothing there, even if they have been practicing in there for several years,” the scarlet-robed elder said.

“Oh?” Jian Wushuang nodded secretly, but immediately asked with curiosity, “Right, so the Divine Sea is really special, but who made it?”

“Its creator is our mysterious National Master,” the elder replied. “He not only invented the Divine Sea but also the blood eagle armor.”

“National Master?” Jian Wushuang was surprised.

He had just arrived in the Tang of the East, so he knew little about it. He only knew of its founder Tang Emperor and the four other emperors of the golden age. He had not heard of this mysterious National Master character before.

“It is said that National Master, with his extraordinary origin, has incredible skills and high status in the Tang of the East. Even the current ruler Empress Leng is particularly respectful to him,” the elder said.

Upon hearing this, Jian Wushuang frowned.

Not only did he create the Blood-eagle Armor and the Divine Sea, this National Master even earned the respect of Empress Leng?

Where did this National Master come from?

“Well, I’ve given you your third special treatment. Now, I’ll take you to your residence. You can go by yourselves to the Eagle Hall where you can undertake and submit tasks.”

After the elder led Jian Wushuang and Asura each to their own living quarters, he waved and left.

Three days pa.s.sed.

In these three days, Jian Wushuang had had a new understanding of life inside the Blood Eagle Guard lair.

The Blood Eagle Guard had a strict hierarchy, with very little crossover.

Many Blood Eagle Guards had the same repet.i.tive life for months on end: taking a task, completing it, and handing it in.

Of course, after completing the task, they would obtain the corresponding points which they exchanged for treasures in the Treasure Vault to improve their strength.

In addition, the points for completing the task would continue to acc.u.mulate. When their points reached the threshold, the Blood Eagle Guards would get a promotion.

For example, once a One-clawed Blood Eagle Guard had completed enough tasks, and his points reached the level of a Two-clawed Blood Eagle Guard, he would naturally become a Two-clawed Blood Eagle Guard.

The higher the level, the greater authority a Blood Eagle Guard had. Then they would have higher-level tasks and encounter more powerful experts.

“I’m only a One-clawed Blood Eagle Guard, the lowest rank. According to my current status, the highest level of tasks that I can reach is a ‘death level’ task with limited opponents!”

“If I want to meet Leng Rushuang as soon as possible, I have to climb as fast as I can!”

“The higher I reach, the greater chance I have.”

Jian Wushuang clenched his hands. He had made up his mind.

“Let’s start!”

That same day, Jian Wushuang went to the Eagle Hall to undertake a task.

The first task he received was a “Death Level” task.

The Eagle Hall was huge.

There were many tables in the hall. Many Blood Eagle Guards were sitting in b.l.o.o.d.y eagle armor, gathered in twos or threes, casually chatting and drinking.

Jian Wushuang sat in a corner, drinking alone.

“Blood Mountain.”

Asura walked over, sat down in front of him and then picked up a wine cup.

“I heard that you’ve taken a task today?” Asura looked at Jian Wushuang.

“Yeah, I did.” Jian Wushuang nodded.

“What level?” asked Asura.

“Death Level,” Jian Wushuang replied in a flat toneless voice.

Pfft! Asura spat out the wine he had just drunk.

“Blood Mountain, what did you say? You took Death Level task?” Asura ignored his own gaffe, and stared at Jian Wushuang.

“Yes.” Jian Wushuang nodded again.

“Are you going to look for someone to help you?” asked Asura.

Many tasks in the Eagle Hall could not be completed alone. It was necessary for several or even more Blood Eagle Guards to work together.

Jian Wushuang said coldly, “No, I’ll deal with it alone.”

“This…” Asura looked at this boy in shock.

He would carry out the Death Level task alone?

The tasks issued by the Eagle Hall were divided into five levels: General Level, Difficulty Level, Death Level, Catastrophe Level, and h.e.l.l Level!

The highest level task a One-clawed Blood Eagle Guard could undertake was a Death Level task. But in most cases, the Death Level task was carried out by a Two-clawed Blood Eagle Guard and several One-clawed Blood Eagle Guards.

To complete the Death Level mission alone? Only extremely confident Two-clawed Blood Eagle Guards dared to do so.

Jian Wushuang was a One-clawed Blood Eagle Guard and still a fresh recruit.

“The newcomer, I heard that he has only just made a breakthrough to the Eternal Realm in the Divine Sea, and he has taken on Death Level task. He is really courting death!”

“A Death Level task? Tsk, to complete this level of task, he needs the Step Six strength at least. Even a Two-clawed Blood Eagle Guard wouldn’t dare take it.”

“When he joined the Blood Eagle Guard, he was only a Divine Realm expert, and should have had Step Four battle strength. It’s amazing indeed. After one-month cultivation in the Divine Sea, his strength has risen sharply, and he made the breakthrough to the Eternal Realm. I guess he must already have reached Step Five or even Peak Step Five by now, but he is still not qualified to finish a Death Level task alone.”

“Haha, he is so confident. What can you do?”

“Hmph, confident? I think it’s stupid!”

Many Blood Eagle Guards glanced at Jian Wushuang from time to time with all kinds of emotions in their eyes.

Some laughed at him, some gloated over his insanity, some only sighed with complicated feelings.

But no matter what these people thought of it, Jian Wushuang had already taken on this Death Level task.

“Blood Mountain, do you need my help?” Asura threw him a solemn glance.

Although Asura was not very close friends with Jian Wushuang, they joined the Blood Eagle Guards together, so he would try his best to help him if he needed it.

“No, it’s OK.”

Jian Wushuang looked gratefully at Asura, and said nothing else. After drinking a few cups of wine, Jian Wushuang set off.


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